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Apple’s new patent suggests a new waterproof iPhone

The next version of the Apple iPhone may arrive with a waterproof feature, according to a patent filed by the Cupertino giant in the US.



According to the patent application, the company is actively researching ways to make its products resistant to moisture by outlining processes for “coating sensitive device components using advanced vapor deposition technology and protecting solder leads with silicone seals.”

This means that a special coating will be applied to high-voltage areas, and will be applied as thick as 10 microns. In the event that coats cannot come in handy on some parts such as board-to-board connectors, a silicone seal will be applied to prevent damage. If the patent will be approved, this would give Apple a chance to create a waterproofed version of the next iPhone without the compromise of altering its current design.

Other mobile companies such as Sony and Samsung both have the upper hand in creating waterproof smartphones, but they seal the ports as a common method rather than the method Apple is proposing. Would you like to have a waterproof iPhone in the near future?

{Apple Insider}

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8 Responses

  1. awts says:

    and the isheep will worship this innovation ” waterproof “

    • androidfanboy says:

      as expected. ang una talaga magcocomment mga android fanboy. the funny thing is, mas kabisado pa nga mga android fanboys products ng apple. which just shows how intimidated they are sa apple. :)))))))

    • vise versa says:

      statement of androidfanboy just add additional proof na bumibili lang siya ng apple gadgets dahil sa brand at hindi nya alam yung details ng phone nya, which shows how mediocre he is~ lol

    • carlotron9000 says:

      so in the end, both apple and android fans are the same. Guys face it, its just an effing phone.

  2. Mirror says:

    sige more pa na iphones para magmura na ang old models. i want to have my very first ifon, but gusto ko sana ung free lang sa plan 999.

  3. sabzero says:

    apple may be delayed in putting new technologies on their line ups but they do it better than anyone else. remember NFC has been in the android phones for a while? but it didn’t take off until apple introduced apple pay. so yeah, maybe android fanboys got them first but apple made it right for their customers. just sayin’

    • Third World says:

      Google Wallet has been in the US for years. I pay for my groceries with it, and so do tons of Samsung toting people here.

  4. carlotron9000 says:

    Why is it if your friend bought a new basketball shoes like lets say an overpriced Nike Jordan, we dont tell them theyre stupid or tell them just buy a Class A Jordan or any other shoe that is cheaper, actually what we say is ‘Ang Ganda nyan ha!’ but if someone bought a slightly overpriced phone people start losing their minds? Sheesh..

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