GodFinger on the iPad

GodFinger on the iPad

GodFinger, as the name suggests, is an online social god game made for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. It’s like FarmVille, only this time you play as the god of an entire planet.

You are assigned a planet in an universe (you can invite friends as neighbor planets too) and shape it according to your will, using your fingers.

You control the sun, the clouds (two rain clouds and one thunder cloud) as well as the ability to shape the terrain of the planet (hills, valleys or ponds). People will start popping out as non-believers at first but you may convince them to become followers by granting their wishes — rain, sunlight, etc.


Of course, your powers rely on the amount of mana you have. The rate of generation depends on how many people praises you. Others can work on farms, barns and ponds to provide you gold which in turn allows you to build more structures for your people.

The game is pretty simple really and reminds me a lot of FarmVille, when I was still addicted to it. GodFinger was only recently made available on the iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad but I liked playing with it on the iPad because it offers a much better user experience.

Here’s a video teaser of GodFinger:

The app is available on the iTunes/App Store for free and if you’re already playing it, add me up (handle: yugatech) as a neighbor.

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12 Responses

  1. Magneto says:

    which is better this “godfinger” or “we rule”? both games were made by ngmoco

  2. manaka_junpei says:

    kaano pa kaya si God GUNDAM, GOD FINGER!!!SHINING FINGER!!!!, durog ang mukha….Mobile Fighters G-Gundam aka Gundam G

  3. cutemoboy says:

    theres no godfinger for ipodtouch in itunes

  4. Calvin says:

    parang mas-ok para saken yung we rule.

  5. Jad says:

    Pwede ba to sa PC? I’d love to try this on my hp tx2.

  6. Teknisyan says:

    Nice…. atleast it runs natively on your ipad, iphone, ipod touch.

    Not much of a gamers specially those that you see on social networking sites.

    But I’m waiting for the Super Street Fighter IV for PC, already finished the Street Fighter IV and its starts to get boring once you unlock all the characters.

  7. Jethro says:

    I am so excited to buy an iPad but quite hesitant to buy online. Who would like to be scammed especially that the amount is already very high for me because I am not yet of legal age and not yet working. I am also quite interested with us2ph but still not so confident and I must say that I am never confident buying anything online. Unfortunately here in our province I can’t find a single seller of iPad. Please, I would also like to find other stores or just some proofs about us2ph. I am really buying one this week.

  8. melardenio says:

    wow very nice game..yun nga lang i don’t have an IPAD…bad for me good for you..

  9. juan says:

    nice game! add me up… juanrd83… neighbor na kita yuga..hehehe.. kaso me mga glitches pa.. hope mafix agad!

  10. Marvin paul catalan says:

    Add me up!!! username: marvinpaul

  11. rodge says:

    hi, add nyo ko. rodgejr082009 thanks

  12. angelo says:

    magkano po ba mga games and application ng ipad? san po pwde mgpa download

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