iPod prices dropped; iPod Photo, no more.

iPod prices dropped; iPod Photo, no more.

ipodsEarly today, Apple has announced that it has (again) reshuffled it’s entire line of iPods. The price of iPod Shuffle 1GB has been slashed by $20, iPod 60GB is down by $50 and the Special Edition 20GB U2 is now $329 ($20 less). I am sure that local prices will follow suit and official iPod stores around the metro will be holding another iPod sale (probably with BPI SIP).


Likewise, Apple has now dropped the word “Photo” altogether making the entire series with color screen and able to view photos. The iPod 30Gb is no more while the old 20GB has been upgraded to color at the same old price. The U2 version has now a color screen and able to view pictures. Related story from iPodLounge.

It’s kinda irritating now that Apple constantly upgrades the iPod generation so quickly. It keeps me wanna buy a new one (now craving for the 20 GB U2). My iPod Photo 40 GB is now 2 generations obsolete and I only bought it last March thru a BPI sale. I already changed iPods 3 times in the last 6 months!

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In the Philippines, old generation iPods have actually been on sale and cna be had between Php18,000 to Php20,000. I have also seen iPod nanos selling for about Php12,500 for the 2GB version and around Php15k for the 4GB version. The iPod video is also for sale at around Php19,5000. Check out your iPod dealers.

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24 Responses

  1. markku says:

    Naks, dami pera pambili ng ipod ah! ;) Hehe. I just hope their price adjustments do reflect positively here in Manila. Our iPods are just overpriced!

  2. yuga says:

    Kung puede nga alng i-swap eh. Buti na lang nabenta ko yung mga luma ko kaya ako nakabili ng bago. Yung iPod mo, anong generation?

  3. markku says:

    Yung gamit namin ng kapatid yung 2nd gen na mini, yung 6gb. Ok pa naman. But the colored iPods are surely nice.

  4. yuga says:

    I think kung naging colored lang dati yung iPod mini and able to view photos, it would end up as the best-seller.

  5. cesar says:

    kawawa nmn ng mga singer artist in the future pag ung ipod become cheaper..mawawala na ung cd..tapos ung mga songs can be downloaded over internet for free..i had 40gb ipod..pwede i stored ung lahat ng songs ng isang music store

  6. markku says:

    Cesar, don’t blame the iPod, or at least don’t pass the blame to it entirely. It’s also about people’s desire to respect the work and livelihood of others. Everyone ought to support the artists or music they enjoy and listen to. ;)

  7. yuga says:

    @ cesar

    Besides, these singers and records owners get a cut for every legit downloads from iTunes.

    Even before the iPod was made people were already downloading mp3s, so I don’t think there is a significant contribution there.

  8. michael says:

    saang store ba pwede makabili ng ipod mini? yung brand new?

  9. leah says:

    hey!were can you buy the ipods there in the phillipines?are they available in manila or in quezon city?about how much are they?tnx….

  10. Fabulous says:

    Oh please… this ipods are not gonna last there will be more ipods of the next generations will come, you’ll never know the other manufacturers will come out with something as much more than just an ipods, you know naman life is like a wheel it’s keep turning and turning … diba? Those ipods are gonna be tossed and there will be a new ones coming up!

  11. Fabulous says:

    Leah…. dito sa US $399.99 lang, check out the ebay kung wala kang makitang store who sells ipods, and there’s a lot of good deals @ ebay.

  12. Fabulous says:

    Michael check the ebay

  13. melanie says:

    mag kano po ba ung mini ipod d2 sa philippinas hirap po kasing maghanap eh! ung brand new.sang mall o anong mall ang meron ng ipod ganda nya kasing dalhink kahit san ka magpunta.

  14. mikpot says:

    Can anyone help me??? I have ipod nano but I cannot reset it.I tried everything but it doesn’t work. And I also can’t connect it to Itunes. It says No ipod connected. Any suggestions? Pls helppppp…. =(

  15. yorke says:

    does any one have a ipod for R1500 or less i am in desprite need of one.if you do contacy me on 082 902 5715

  16. REAL FILIPINO says:

    musta.gusto kong itanong kung magkano ang playstationportable(psp)dyan sa phil dahil dito sa spain nung bumili ako ay 199.00euro(1euro=68pesos)masyadong mahal yung new kaya secondhand na lang binili ko.ah yong apple ipod nano magkano dyan?thanks

  17. sana nmn ay bumaba ang ipod ksi ngusto k mag karoon ng ipod sa buhay ko mahilig ksi ako sa mga music?

  18. JAN says:

    cno nagbebenta ng ipod d2 ung may video?

  19. boop says:

    Wow,want an I-pod. OMG!
    Which of the versions do you think is the best? :)

  20. night berry sheshe says:

    helloo! :) :D :))

  21. butt i'm ugly says:

    you’ve got a lot of I-pods..I’ve got a video. Anyone want to trade? It’s still in good use!

    E-mail me : [email protected]

    Let me know if you wanna swap!

    It’s just 3 months old, and good as new! ;)
    If you don’t wanna swap, I’m selling it for $100.00

    Fair price?? :p

  22. chrissie the missie says:

    Hi! So many people asking where to buy an I-pod..check out SM Megamall’s Cyber Zone.

  23. lynlyn says:

    ang mahal pla ng iPod jn sa Pinas…mas mura d2 samin…sa CANADA!dont worry mga guys the price wil soon to drop.

  24. Ram Reddy says:

    Hi thanks lot for the neat and crisp information, having plans to buy Xiaomi Mi3. Regards Xiaomi Mi3

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