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JBL Pulse 4 Hands-On

Recently, JBL Philippines brought in its latest member of the Pulse lineup of speakers, the Pulse 4. The successor to the Pulse 3, we took a quick look at this striking Bluetooth speaker. Check it out.

Similar to the previous JBL Pulse Bluetooth speakers, the Pulse 4 is also cylindrical in shape. It’s about 207mm tall, smaller than the previous Pulse 3 that measures at 223mm. JBL also decided to do away with the mesh covering half of the speaker. Instead, the Pulse 4 now has a full body, 360-degree Lightshow that’s incredibly attractive and eye-catching.

Caps cover both ends of the curved, smooth glass body of the speaker. One can find the Pulse 4’s controls on the upper cap, while the lower cap doesn’t have anything on it.

The power button and Bluetooth switch are grouped together on one side.

Placed on the other side are the Party Boost and Lightshow buttons. Party Boost allows the Pulse 4 to connect with other JBL speakers, syncing them all together. On the other hand, the Lightshow button allows users to change up the presets currently being displayed.

Also placed on the upper cap is the all-in-one play button, with the volume controls placed on either side of it. Pressing the play button once plays or pauses the music while pressing on it twice switches the music to the next track.

One part on the lower half of the Pulse 4’s body has the JBL logo.

While located on the opposite side of it the USB-C charging port and the battery/charging indicator, housed inside a module. The indicator’s light measure is filled up when the Pulse 4 is fully charged, and it gradually dims down as it loses charge.

The top of the upper cap has grilles designed with the JBL logo on it.

Down below, the grilles are designed with JBL’s exclamation logo.

For more options such as a personalized Lightshow and PartyBoost connection, the Pulse 4 may be linked with the JBL Connect app. The Connect app offers five Lightshow modes, and users may set Lightshow’s colors according to their preference. The speaker also has IPX7 water and dust resistance rating and can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. Unfortunately, unlike its predecessor, the Pulse 4 doesn’t offer an AUX port or a 3.5mm audio port. As such, devices can only connect to this speaker via Bluetooth.

Overall, the Pulse 4 is quite a premium Bluetooth speaker in looks, with its smooth glass-like body and its Lightshow that’s absolutely immersive and pleasing to look at. It’s quite heavy though, weighing at 1.26kg. While it’s not ideal to carry it everywhere, it’s a delight to display a speaker that can also double as a lava lamp.

JBL Pulse 4 specs
Bluetooth 4.2
Transreducer: 2.25 inch
Rated power: 20W RMS
Frequency response: 70Hz – 20kHz
Signal to noise ratio: >80dB
7,260mAh battery
Up to 12 hours of music playtime (depending on brightness and volume level)
96 x 96 x 207mm

The JBL Pulse 4 is priced at PHP 11,999 and can be purchased from JBL’s online store or through JBL branches nationwide.

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