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This is the symbolical jeepney’s successor, and it’s already in QC

A lot of people would consider the jeepney a symbol of Philippine culture, where it comes from the words “Jeep” & “Jitney”, materializing after World War II. Because of arising environmental concerns and because of technological advancements, we are now seeing the next big step in local transportation take place – something we’ve reported last January; it’s called the COMET e-jeepney, and it’s debuting in Quezon City.

COMET e-jeepney

  • Power: electricity / lithium ion batteries, not diesel
  • Top Speed: limited to 60km
  • Charging time: 5 hours using 22ov
  • Milage: 80 km on a full charge
  • Cost of fuel: Php400-500 (diesel-powered jeepneys will cost Php1,000-Php1,200 for the same distance)
  • Initial routes: SM North Edsa – LRT Katipunan (Mindanao Avenue, Congressional Road, Luzon Avenue & Katipunan)
  • Fare: Same fare as regulated, but you can only ride if you get a Php20 prepaid card called a GET pass (no need “makiabot ng bayad”)
  • Extras: TV, CCTV & WiFi

During our report last January, COMET was supposed to run through EDSA as early as March. Over the following years, it is expected that 15,000 new jeepneys will replace 30,000 existing jeepneys. With this, we will be able to limit vehicle speeds, rid the streets of smoke & be more efficient with our rides. It’s about time.

COMET e-jeepney 2

Photos from Get Philippines Facebook Page


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14 Responses

  1. Avatar for Karl Karl says:

    Top speed = 60 km? Since when did km become a unit of speed? Please don’t give me an excuse that it’s understood and self-explanatory. It’s plain wrong.

  2. Avatar for Zobel Zobel says:

    More like a symbol of Pinoy mediocrity and embarrassment.

  3. Avatar for Orange Orange says:

    Shouldn’t these have solar panels? So that they’re self-charging, similar to hybrid cars (charging while stuck in traffic)?

    • Avatar for Blue Blue says:

      That would be very costly.

    • Avatar for Jason Jason says:

      Siguro pwede, pero parang hindi siya masyadong feasible kasi hindi ganun kalaki ang kinakarga ng solar panel sa battery.

    • Avatar for meow meow says:

      and not as efficient as we thought it could be

    • Avatar for Alster Alster says:

      Mura lng solar panels. Lalo na siguro kung maramihan. Im not sure kung tama yung pagkakaalala ko. Magkakaroon ng planta ng solar manufacter somewhere in mindanao kaya lalong mumura. locally made n lng. http://www.olx.ph/index.php/view+classifieds/id/54881323/Solar+Panels+Systems+in+Mindanao+Cagayan+Bukidnon+GenSan+and+Davao?referralKeywords=solar+panels+mindanao&event=Search+Ranking,Position,1-1,1#advertisementDetails

    • Avatar for Ew Ew says:

      Di po talaga feasible ung solar panels lalo na sa moving vehicle for now.. it adds to weight. plus air resistance,, liliparin lang mga panels mo.. haha..

  4. Avatar for reader reader says:

    It’s about time. Although there are not a lot of countries that have gone through the commercial electric car route yet.

    Power cells with only 80km life per charge, I think is a challenge. We need to come up with more efficient power packs to make it commercially and environmentally viable.

    Even if you have spare battery packs that you can swap in, the environmental impact of having a lot of batteries to dispose will become a problem as well.

  5. Avatar for anonymous anonymous says:

    ang mahirap dito ay hindi instant ang pag refuel. hindi kagaya ng gas pag refuel go agad, ang charge kailangan pa 5 hrs

    matagal pa siguro to bago ma implement, alam niyo naman ang jeep paunahan sa pasahero, pag huli ka wala na

  6. Avatar for Gadgeteer Gadgeteer says:

    the jeepney, once thought to be a great Filipino ingenuity, now a great Filipino problem, all of you know what i mean and let’s not be hypocrites.
    if just put to order and discipline, we do not need skyways.

  7. Avatar for Rainbow Rat Rainbow Rat says:

    Hope this would be implemented on buses as well..

  8. Avatar for Milhouse Milhouse says:

    This is admirable. However, if the government is serious about its fight against air pollution then it should implement the CLEAN AIR ACT. There’s already a law to ensure clean air. The only thing necessary are guts and political will from those in the executive position (national and local) to implement the law.

  9. Avatar for renzguby renzguby says:

    yes… its about time… this will lessen the air pollution that makes the surroundings dirty and gray… and every one deserves fresh air… kasi ba naman mga sasakyan sa manila, (sobrang)konte lang ang papasa sa totoong smoke emission test… sabi, RA 9749 was passed in 1999 to protect the environment and human life from air pollution… pero parang fashion show lang yun sa house of congress… bulag, pipi at bingi pa rin ang tunay na pinoy… kaya nga there’s more fun in the philippines… http://www.mb.com.ph/lto-bataan-clamps-down-on-smoke-emission-test-centers/

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