Technology drives Citizen Journalism

Technology drives Citizen Journalism

When I saw this hi-def video of the Serendra car explosion yesterday, I thought this is the future of citizen journalism — live or almost live video broadcast of incidents as they happen, taken by ordinary people.

Still images are no longer enough. People want live video — high definition video. Take for example these series of footages taken by one of the witnesses in yesterday’s incident at Serendra / Boni High Street.


Technology drives citizens journalism. We need more mobile phones with HD video recording, more portables devices like the Flip MinoHD to be more affordable, and convergent devices like the iPod Nano Video to be more connected over-the-air and a much faster/better 3G connections for live “by the minute” coverage.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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27 Responses

  1. patrickross says:

    I wonder why the files are still labelled “bombing”. People should be more responsible in posting stuff on the net.

  2. Angelo says:

    Funny that guards restrict people from taking videos of the incident. Bakit kaya?

  3. daddy joey says:

    @angelo: sop maybe? but i too don’t get the point. :)

  4. petken says:

    oo nga… dapat nga mavideo yan for documentations…

    Nagshihip na pala ang Amazon ng Flip UltraHD 120Mins. I ordered mine and it will arrive this week via DHL Priority Mail(2-4days). Ang mahal ng shipping at tax deposit pero sobrang bilis naman. Mas better ata pag mas marami kang items.

  5. yesterday?? I have no idea that this happened yesterday in Boni High street. The title of the video is kind of misleading; I thought the car just burned because of engine problems – but it seems like the title states that the car was “bombed”.
    Diba kung binomba yang kotseng yan edi dapat lasog-lasog na yan.
    Correct me if im wrong :D

  6. Kiko says:

    maybe kaya pinapagbawal e out of respect for the dead driver who is still in the car. i for one wouldnt want videos of my dead body on the internet for people to gawk at. :(

  7. Connie says:

    Patrickross: re “I wonder why the files are still labelled “bombing”. People should be more responsible in posting stuff on the net.”

    Because citizen journalism follows the example of mainstream media. Sensationalist. Would the person who took the video bother if the subject had been less gory and sensational?

  8. Maybe those taking videos are blocking pathways and walkways that are to be used by authorities and emergency respondents. And if a snatcher nabs one of those small recording devices, it’ll be more problem for the authories and everyone.

    I agree on the file name. Should be “explosion” instead of “bombing”

  9. jeffrey says:

    i agree to entitled it with ” explosion” with added prefix ” accidental” unless proven or facts are already der, maybe its a worth for a catchy statement ” terrorist bombing” hehehhe….

  10. Edgar says:

    Yes, the words are “reliable 3G connection” and “affordable devices”.

    What actually happened is all over the news by now. An explosion of a highly combustible material can hardly be described as a “bombing”. Uncomfortable as it may seem, journalism (if you can call it that) in this country is actually leaning towards sensationalism. As an example I mean, why do we have to listen to the shenanigans of these movie and other high profile personalities in the evening news? Are their activities really considered “news’? C’mon, I don’t give a hoot who were seen in Boracay last week, or the price of Kurdapia’s engagement ring.

  11. ianmedina says:

    @petken: why need to buy flip video online? eh meron ng flip video sa pinas. nakakita ako sa anson’s ng flip mino 60 mins for 6,995. I asked them kung kelan dadating ang ultra hd and mino hd 2nd gen, hopefully this month. Cisco are expanding for the flip video. Now it’s here in the Philippines

  12. daddy joey says:

    i got a jvc picsio hd cam but i just love my n82 :)

  13. chris says:

    misleading video title.

  14. petken says:

    @ianmedina ayoko ng mino SD lang yan ang mahal… Mas maganda yung features ng UltraHD tska mas mura parin kc 120Mins yun tska mababa kc ang palitan naun nasa mga 46 something lang yung nachacharge sa card ko per dollar. $149 lang yung UltraHD with 2 free accesories pa… marami akong inorder na items sa amazon so sinulit ko nmn yung shipping fee at tax deposit… tska iba ang feeling kapag nagbubukas ng package… naun ko lng nmn pinadirect delivery sa amazon kc para umabot sa xmas pero usually sa poboxph ako nagpapadeliver pag online purchases kc mura ang shipping as low as $30 yung isang box na pedeng maraming gadgets…

  15. It’s amazing that citizen Journalist (amateur) are often first respondents to situation like this because sometimes professional journalist are not around during the incidents. It’s a good thing that we carry smartphone all the time and we often have chances to cover the news in real time. However, as Sir Abe pointed out, it is even better if the coverage of news by Citizen Journalist will be in High Def. I think there is only one smartphone available this days wl capability of 720p HD recording feature (at least if not 1080p). It’s the Samsung i8910 Omnia HD. HD recording capability is my main reason of getting this phone. That’s why if Apple put HD recording capability to iphone (at least 720p), I will seriously consider to get an IPHONE (put on notice to everyone). LOL

    Oh, by the way there is a rumor that Samsung is planning to upgrade to 1080p for i8910 on Android platform wl at least 1ghz processor on their future release of omnia HD.

  16. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    though i think this only happens in upscale areas :)
    do we see this kind of journalism in other areas?

  17. Also the best citizen journalism would be something like for live news and something to record it, imagine that kind of evidence and unbiased journalism.

  18. marvin says:

    dapat talaga high-tech na gadgets natin. high tech na din kc yang mga bomber na yan.

  19. noelperlas says:

    It is true… not just during this instance but also during Ondoy. Facebook and videos gave us a clearer picture of what was happening outside our flooded areas.

  20. i couldn’t agree with you more.
    that’s all i can say.

  21. ianmedina says:

    @petken i have flip ultra hd. better get silicon case

  22. As Citizen Journalism seems like a god send for unbiased reports, and instant field reaction to the scene proper. Broadcast media still has a key role in this instant information world we live in.

    Like yan example na video. Misleading, at masyadong instant wala pa masyadong information kasi kakaganap pa lang. So, IMO ang magiging trabaho dapat ng Mass media ngayun ay i filter at i analyze yung mga ganitiong entires sa internet. So far, may edge ang ABS ngayun compared sa GMA. GMA medyo nag tetesting pa sa youscoop nila (althou yung mga cory wake at yung burrial ay step up compared sa ABS special).

  23. gambit says:

    Technology drives citizen journalism and I would say there is more to come.

  24. Therese Panganiban says:

    Every freedom comes with at least one responsibility. The challenge for all of us is how to make the rapid pace of technology work for, not against, promoting social justice and development. :-) Such an exciting time we live in!

  25. vince says:

    Just think, if one of the 57 ampatuanized persons was able to broadcast live video …

    Even better if the news networks had a UAV following the convoy.

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