Features of the Vivo V15 Pro’s Rear Cameras

Vivo’s recently released smartphone, the Vivo V15 Pro, is currently making waves with impressive design, powerful specs, and other solid features. One of these features is its triple-rear camera arsenal, namely the 48MP + 8MP + 5MP shooters. Let’s check out a couple of the rear camera’s features and see what makes them stand out in the midrange section.

48MP Quad Pixel Sensor

The main star of the V15 Pro’s triple-camera setup is the 48MP Quad PIxel Sensor. When taking photos with the 48MP sensor, the 4-in-1 pixel technology kicks in, combining one large pixel with four pixels. It results in images that precise and detailed, even in low-light.


While the V15 Pro’s triple-rear setup already takes awesome photos, adding a filter to your photos will spice them up a little more. There’s no need to use a third-party app with the V15 Pro though, as its Camera already has its own set of filters. Open the Camera, focus on the subject you wish to take, and apply a filter to add an extra flair before taking a photo.

Ultra-wide angle

Can’t fit everything that you want to take a photo of in the frame? Good thing that the V15 Pro is equipped with an 8MP AI Super-Wide Angle camera. Capable of expanding up to 120 degrees, the V15 Pro allows users to take more magnificent scenic shots in their travels.


The V15 Pro also features a 5MP depth sensor that focuses on the subject on the foreground and applies a Bokeh effect over the background.

AI Body Shaping

Not only does the V15 Pro have an AI beauty mode, but it also features AI Body Shaping. The function is only available when using the rear cameras. Using the AI Body Shaping function, users can adjust their body shape as they wish to do so.

Super AI Night Mode

Night scenes are one of the hardest things to shoot, given the low-light surroundings. The V15 Pro has a feature called Super AI Night Mode, which takes multiple photos at different exposures. The AI combines those all together, resulting in beautiful night photos.

Jovi Image Recognizer

Vivo’s personal AI assistant, Jovi, also plays a role in the V15 Pro’s cameras through the Jovi Image Recognizer feature. This feature detects and recognizes objects and landmarks shown on display. To activate, go to Settings, then tap on the Jovi menu, and click on the Smart button. To use in the Camera app, simply press the Jovi icon on the left, point it at the object you want to be recognized, click away and within seconds, Jovi will show you results.

What do you think of the V15 Pro’s triple camera setup? Share it with us!

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