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Blind Camera Shoot-out: Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone XS Max

In this 3-way camera shoot-out, we’re gonna be putting the Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and iPhone XS Max up against each other — but with a twist.

This is a blind comparison where you guys, our readers, will vote on which photo you like best. And since this is a blind comparison, you will only see the photos themselves, but you won’t know which one was taken by which phone. This comparison method is interesting because we are letting the phones’ photos speak for themselves. No specs, no discussion about software, just pure output quality.

We have a good number of scenarios to really see how these phones fare in different types of photography. So without any further ado, check out the photos and vote!

Check this out –> Huawei Mate 20 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Comparison Review

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Joey is YugaTech's Video Production Manager. He constantly puts effort towards his aspirations to be a filmmaker and journalist... when he's not riding his bike, playing games on his PC, watching anime, cooking, and petting his dogs.

19 Responses

  1. Avatar for earthbrave earthbrave says:

    biling bili nako ng fon magvovote pa hindi naman nakatulong sa pagchoose kun ano fon ang bibilhin ko..

  2. Avatar for Grace Brinas Grace Brinas says:

    Click bait lng ata ito coz No result given after I voted.

  3. Avatar for tut tut says:

    where is the results? :/

  4. Avatar for Jack Jack says:

    Still no results?

  5. Avatar for ALEC ALEC says:

    Where is my result, no funny. Felt like this was a click bait. Wtf man.

    • Avatar for Ras Ras says:

      This is useless. I should get my result so i know which one i like and most likely to buy. Why keep it to your self? Lol. While it is good to see which one is the ultimate choice of the voters, we should also get our individual result. We have difference preferences you know.

  6. Avatar for Trifjg Trifjg says:

    Bweset walang result. Atleast man lang paalam alin

  7. Avatar for richard richard says:

    When shall we know the results?

  8. Avatar for John John says:

    When will the results be posted? I am going to buy myself a phone and one decision factor is the camera performance. Been contemplating to buy one of the three (may be should have included Pixel 3 XL as well.)

  9. Avatar for Albert Albert says:

    Nice article, but with a few issues I think.
    1. Agree with other comments, mahirap mag reload everytime I press proceed, then vote, then repeat, tapos need pa open sa new tabs ung images.
    2. yung closeup shots different field of views. tapos iba iba yung focus. so if magkaiba subject, mahirap mag compare.
    3. Macro shots, I like letter C pero hindi ung dapat imamacro ang naka focus, so dapat ba talo na sya dun? pero image wise mas ok ung color rep and stuff?
    4. Night modes 2x zooms were blurry, so again. we can’t base it from the image lang. kasi di steady yung pagkakashot.
    5. sa number 7, option A’s image name is 7B, then option B’s image name is 7A. baka magkabaliktad
    6. field of view nung option A parang nag stay sa 2x zoom. compared sa B and C super lapit and blurry nya. option C naman hindi naka focus.

    Again, agree that this is interesting kasi blind test. pero sana everything will be stated, like nka mount sila lahat, same focal views dapat lahat and same yung finofocus nila hindi yung bsta snap lang. para medyo makita natin talaga na everything else are standard hindi mag mamatter yung zoom, yung shakiness ng kamay whilst taking the shot, or kung saan nka autofocus yung object if we wanted to vote on the output mismo lang. kasi pag blurred, bka talo na agad.

  10. Avatar for Mark Angelo Mina Mark Angelo Mina says:

    Hirap mag Vote pabalik balik sa taas

  11. Avatar for Concerned voter Concerned voter says:

    Dear Yugatech,

    Kailangan ba talagang pumunta sa top page everytime i-click ang “proceed” at “vote”? Di ba pwedeng magstay na lang dun sa part where the readers currently at?

  12. Avatar for Lhoui Lhoui says:

    Ang hirap mag vote. Lahat kailangan mag loading. ?

  13. Avatar for Madrona Madrona says:

    bakit yung filenames ng mga pictures hindi nagtutugma sa letters ng pagkapresent nila sa webpage? for example, sa webpage makikita mo siya as A choice, pero when you click the actual file, nag-eend siya sa B. nakakalito tuloy kung anong iboboto ko since nag-oopen ako 3 pictures at once in separate windows para mas masusi kong ma-compare and I assumed na yung ending letter ng file name corresponds to the letter in the webpage. pero yun nga, hindi pala.

  14. Avatar for hello hello says:

    bakit yung best in video daylight name ng phones ang choices? hehe spoiler alert

  15. Avatar for Jay Jay says:

    Hi Yugatech team,

    Pwede kayang mabago yung ‘setup’ everytime the page needs to have an image sample.
    Napansin ko lang na I need to click the image one at a time to see the whole thing. As a loyal reader of yugatech, mas maganda yung experience kung parang pa slideshow effect yung mga images. Some of the tech review sites do have this layout and I really enjoy it but since they are all foreign sites, i do always go back with you to see the latest updates kasi Pinoy.

    Yun lang matagal ko na to gusto isuggest. But I think this is the best time to do this kasi mejo nahassle ako sa pagvote dito sa page na to.

    Thank you.

    From your Loyal reader.

    • Avatar for universeou0 universeou0 says:

      right click then click open in new tab. for easier navi of tabs, press and hold ctrl then press # 2, 3, or 4

    • Avatar for Bogs Bogs says:

      Tama nga naman.. Mas madali kasi icompare yung mga pictures. Sana next time ganon na..

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