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Contest: O+ 8.12 Giveaway

We got a number of O+ 8.12 handsets here with us and we’re giving them away (one item each week). The first one starts today and ends Monday next week when we get back from our trip to New York. Check out the mechanics after the jump.

Here’s what you’ll be winning — a 4.5-inch Android phone with dual-SIM capabilities.

O+ 8.12 specs:
4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels, 245ppi
MediaTek MT6577 1.0GHz dual-core processor
PowerVR SGX531 GPU
4GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microsd card
Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby
HSDPA 7.2Mbps, HSUPA 5.76Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1
8MP rear autofocus camera, VGA secondary camera
720p video @ 30fps
1,850mAh Li-Po battery
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

You can check out our full review of the O+ 8.12 here.

So ok, here’s your chance to win one of these O+ 8.12 handsets really easily.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If this is not enough, we’re also giving away a Cherry Mobile Thunder here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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1,102 Responses

  1. braylle says:


  2. Boggs Aldanese says:

    Its dual-SIM capability!

  3. bryce says:

    The nicest feature I like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone is the 4.5-inch qHD display

  4. Justine Juan says:

    Thanks for the chance! :)

  5. Mikhail says:

    The price and quality!

  6. cris says:

    dual sim to e!

  7. Maria Fe Lanie Prego says:

    I like that it’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby! :) Hope I win :)

  8. Justine Juan says:

    The phone’s camera!

  9. WinstonM says:

    what is the nicest feature about the Oplus 8.12 base on the yugatech website is the 8mp of camera with the nice autofocus and also the air shuffle… hoping to get this phone

  10. Francis Falucho says:

    The best thing I like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone is its display and video playback. Its looks an awesome phone and I like it also because its a dual sim

  11. Michael DiGiahomo says:

    Fingers are crossed.

  12. The viewing goodness of a 4.5 screen would be the best feature of this phone~ :)

  13. ferdinand sayson says:

    8mp rear auto focus camera
    dual sim
    dual core processor

  14. Andrew says:

    This smartphone has the capability of a mid-ranger at an entry-level pricepoint. :)

  15. Gherald Dafrosa says:


  16. Adrian says:

    Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display. Even you left it in your pocket with coins the screen wouldn’t be damage at all :D

  17. Gee Ismael says:

    The nicest feature I like about O+ 8.12 is the “Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display” Lagi ko toh naririnig sa Sugod bahay ng Eat Bulaga “Scratch resistant” ^_^

  18. Manjo Zalamea says:

    dual sim!

  19. Ian says:

    4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels

  20. Romar Cabinta says:

    Dual Sim capability

  21. Mylene says:

    Its Dual-SIM capability

  22. Bryan says:

    The 1GB RAM. I can use all the apps that I wanted to play.

  23. I love its sleekest feauture and I love the idea that it is a dual-sim phone :)

  24. arvin says:

    One of the things I like is the 4.5″ qHD display.

  25. sherwood says:

    i love its dual sim capability.

  26. Mackey says:

    Can’t wait to win this phone and enjoy the loud and crisp audio experience which I like the best about this phone!

  27. Dave Lu Chiu says:

    1 gb ram! :)

  28. Aimee says:

    dual sim!! :)

  29. dada says:

    it has a very classy design..

  30. John Miranda says:

    I love O+8.12 8MP autofocus camera accompanied by a single LED flash. More Pictures More FUN to share in my social media account to my friends and to the world.

  31. Christopher Escarez says:

    Based on the given specs, I must say that O+ 8.12 will give you a great performance because of it’s 1.0 GHz dual core processor and its RAM and internal storage. That’s what I am looking for in a good android phone.

  32. Papi says:

    the best feature for me would be the 1GB ram and the mid-sized screen.

  33. Marc Damayo says:

    8MP rear autofocus camera

  34. Czedric says:

    I like the big screen, the camera and the dual sim capability! Wow! :)

  35. Rizza Licayan (@swee says:

    The DUAL sim feature :)))

  36. Patrick Gorospe says:

    8mp camera, dual core, 1850mah battery + the super affordable price!

  37. jiff says:

    i like the air shuffle, shatter-proof and scratch-proof display, dual sim capability.. ^_^

  38. al says:

    1 gb ram and the battery capacity

  39. Kilbaine says:

    air shuffle!

  40. Jenero de Guzman says:

    air shuffle!

  41. Lyle says:

    want one!

  42. Arra Odeza says:

    MediaTek MT6577 1.0GHz dual-core processor!! +8mp camera, dual core ==like it!

  43. It has good qHD display with good audio quality plus the shatter-proof and scratch-proof display.

  44. Dannie says:

    Dual Sim and large scree

  45. maricris abarabar says:

    i love the display and video palyback, also dual sim…

  46. france says:

    Thanks for sharing this giveaway really love it keep it up sir Abe.

  47. Paolo says:

    Thanks Yuga

  48. Perlita says:

    Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display

  49. Clint Odeza says:

    i like..
    MediaTek MT6577 1.0GHz dual-core processor
    PowerVR SGX531 GPU
    1GB RAM

  50. Radee says:

    wow!4 GB storage is cool!:)

  51. ben says:

    it’s running on Android.

  52. Emman Fortich says:

    it’s 720p video recording!

  53. Chobie says:

    Dual Sim and 1 Gig ram

  54. The nicest feature for me is the screen!

  55. Definitely loving the shatter-proof and scratch-proof display plus it’s sleek look/design!

  56. JeromeL. says:

    I love the 4.5″ screen.

  57. achibaler says:

    8MP rear autofocus camera, VGA secondary camera, very convincing.

  58. imchammy says:

    dual sim feature!


    I love the 8MP rear autofocus camera

  60. Mark Pablo says:

    I like the fact that it has 1 GB RAM.

  61. JC Caro says:

    I would personally love the fast CPU, scratch resistant screen, and Air Shuffle

  62. Joshua Hate says:

    good specs . but a bit pricee …

  63. Andy says:

    Dual-Sim functionality and fast processor.

  64. jeff says:

    air shuffle

  65. Jeffrey Acuzar says:

    wow great. i hope i win.

  66. Germie says:

    The cam features, the os, and the memory capacity! awesome :)

  67. Lemz says:

    1GB RAM and Dual Core processor for great user experience! :)

  68. KCDM says:

    Great design and appearance,, reminds me of my SE Xperia Ray,, just bigger,,, :-)

  69. Don Garcia says:

    the 8mp camera is definitely cool! because I love to take pictures! together with it’s MediaTek MT6577 1.0GHz dual-core processor for fast photo sharing! :D

  70. I like that it’s already in Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

  71. Chino says:

    Dual-sim feature!

  72. chris paulin says:

    I like the dual sim

  73. Darren philip says:

    The sleek form. 1gb ram. 8MP cam. <3

  74. shiela_me says:

    it can record hd videos. that what i like the most


    I like O+ because of its air shuffle technology, 8 mega pixel camera, 1GB Ram, 1GHz Dual Core processor running ICS w/ planned Jelly Bean upgraded. This is a perfect phone for me….

  76. ryan says:

    Dual Sim, Dual standby feature!!!

  77. Leo Constantino says:

    What’s the nicest feature you like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone?

    4GB internal storage :-)

  78. Chard says:

    nice looking phone

  79. nueljose says:

    definitely the 8mp camera. the dual sim feature is a plus!

  80. kristine pelayo says:

    Hope to win :)

  81. iamsantelmo says:

    The scratch resistant screen and Air Shuffle.

  82. Lovely Joy Merced says:

    I love the 4.5 inch screen, the bigger the better!

  83. Paul says:

    The qHd screen and the Dual sim! feature

  84. Erwin V says:

    I really like the daul sim/dual standby feature.

  85. Glenn Michael says:

    I want one!

  86. Jed says:

    Its 8MP camera :)

  87. Rene Gatdula says:

    Air Shuffle w/c allows me to browse your picture, play music etc..

  88. Ray says:

    Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display

  89. Ronald says:

    Hope hope hope to win

  90. Alexander Genvarev says:

    4.5-inch qHD display, 1.0GHz dual-core processor,
    Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby,8MP rear autofocus camera,
    1,850mAh Li-Po battery

  91. Vincent Leynes says:

    I love the 4.5 screen and dual sim feature.

  92. Ronald says:

    Android ICS at an affordable price

  93. John says:

    nice phone, all features that can be found on high tier category phone, this is midrange beast,,, qHD,3G, 8MP,dual core, anu pa ba kailangan? build quality check!

  94. Susana Irenea Borja says:

    I really like the battery capacity 1,850mAh Li-Po. :)

  95. fjordz says:

    I like the shuffle technology feature of the phone.

  96. Daniel F says:

    I like the 8MP camera plus the dual sim feature!

  97. ryan says:

    Big screen + dual-sim + affordable price = winner :)

  98. Jeff says:

    Sounds a great deal. Dual SIM plus it has a big screen, not bad.

  99. Say says:

    4GB internal storage,Android ICS and its 4.5 screen

  100. Dovi Amor Sabong says:

    I love its camera! :)

  101. jolet paulo dela cru says:

    ang ganda ng specs neto!! dbest

  102. Mikke says:

    i like the dual sim, dual core, 8 megapixel auto focus qHD display @ 960×540 pixels

  103. Louis says:

    What I liked the most is its scratch-resistant display. cheers to clear viewing! :)

  104. I like about O+ 8.12 is that, it is (O)mniscient, (P)rovides all that I need, (L)ightweight, (U)nique, and (S)huffle thru air.

  105. Melit says:

    Air-shuffle technology.:)

  106. The 4.5 inch screen with a qHD resolution with an 8-megapixel camera! Good buy indeed!

  107. Glenn says:

    US technology

  108. vince says:

    heavy duty screen

  109. Ronald Suria says:

    4GB internal storage + dual SIM + 8MP camera.

  110. Becky Richied says:

    I like that it has a big screen, I am more partial to the bigger sizes when it comes to phones rather than small small items.

  111. Riyalyn gatdula says:

    8MP rear autofocus camera, VGA secondary camera and Dual sim! Awesome :)

  112. Anon says:

    The screen is better than most affordable droids. Also it’s quite durable and the build is above average.

  113. alden quilao says:

    The dual sim. xD

  114. Dandy Fernandez says:

    what i liked about it is having a Dual-SIM

  115. Jc says:

    big screen, dual sim and 8mp camera!

  116. Melbs says:

    A perfect size phone with an 8MP camera!

  117. mjworkz says:

    i like the 1Ghz Dual Core CPU ^_^

  118. Christian Ampoloquio says:

    What i like about O+ is the Air shuffle capabilities, 3G/HSPA, and the 8MP camera features.

  119. Satchmo says:

    At first glance, it is better looking than most Android phones out there.

  120. Enzo says:

    what i like about this phone is that it has a 1gb RAM compared to other dual-sim phones with only 512mb of RAM. it will be smoother and have a stable android OS of either an ice cream sandwich and/or jellybean :)

  121. jervis Ching says:


  122. Affordability of this phone with decent specifications.

  123. Joselma Rom Gumapac says:

    affordable android phone with complete combo of great specifications..

  124. bryan_0906 says:

    What I love about this phone is the shatter proof and scratch proof display, as well as the camera for pocket size gadget with HQ photos.

  125. Edzel John Raposas says:

    What i really like about this phone is the air shuffle, the 8MP Camera with 720p Recording, a 1 GB of Ram that is 2x higher compared to the other dual-sim smartphones, and also the OS, the Android ICS, you can customized whatever you wanna do.. :)

  126. Nelson L. Honrada says:

    Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display and Dual SIM capability!

  127. joseph lavarias says:

    a very nice android phone and to think that it is also a dual sim phone!

  128. Benchmark says:

    I like the screen size and it’s wifi! :D

  129. teresa hundana says:

    Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby and the 8MP camera :)

  130. Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display and Dual SIM capability

  131. anne lei says:

    i like these features: battery life and affordability

  132. Christian Calma says:

    What I love the most about O+ 8.12 smartphone is its totality. You couldn’t ask for more.

  133. Its affordability and also its 8mp camera. :)

  134. Sounds a great deal. Dual SIM plus

  135. Jeffrey John Imutan says:

    8Mp Camera

  136. Crystal Cruz says:


  137. Kathleen Reyes says:

    what I love most about O+ 8.12 is its RAM which is 1GB also it is dual-core. I’m sure every application opened in this phone will run smoothly.

  138. Faye says:

    just what I need :)

  139. faye says:

    dual sim! perfect :)

  140. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    would want it for the scratch resistant glass & the battery

  141. Step Espinoza says:

    For once, I wanna win a raffle contest!

  142. Christopher Calma says:

    The totality of the phone just suits the features that I want on a smartphone.

  143. Anthony says:

    dual sim, android phone and affordable

  144. Jo Tuason says:

    The large screen. Big finger friendly!

  145. seimon gaitos says:

    dual standby sim!

  146. jajajajason says:

    gimme gimme

  147. Brein says:

    QHD display and dual core processor of course

  148. Valen says:

    i like its 4.5 inch qHD screen display plus its 1GB ram. and also, its 8mp camera :D

  149. _stark says:

    Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display

  150. Totobits says:

    8MEGAPIXELS! Great for blogging! :D

  151. Biggs says:

    1 GB RAM, baby!!!

  152. Jaki says:

    The 8mp Camera!

  153. Jocelyn says:

    8MP camera plus 1GB Ram.

  154. jeff says:

    8mp autofocus and DUAL SIM Nice!

  155. vanze says:

    sana ako lol

  156. james tadle says:

    scratch and shatter proof power ! :)

  157. saber210 says:

    8MP rear autofocus camera, VGA secondary camera!!

  158. JT says:

    Android with Dual-SIM capability :)

  159. Pipo says:

    8mp camera for decent pics for sharing

  160. Migs says:

    Like the tough screen.

  161. Ed says:

    dual-core processor!

  162. qwertyqaz says:

    245 ppi, 1G RAM, 8MP camera….this Android dual sim gives more options to traditional choices of phone consumers

  163. What’s the nicest feature you like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone?

    Being an avid ‘snapper’ whore, I like that it has 8MP to begin with for a camera feature. Also that is dual core, last an internal storage of 4GB is pretty sweet.

  164. harayers says:

    dual sim plus 1Gb RAM

  165. Giannreli Vega says:

    Dual-sim functionality.

  166. leslie plasabas says:

    What’s the nicest feature you like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone?

    Android with Dual-SIM capability!

  167. Eloesita Valderama says:

    Actually i’m a music lover i love listening music to my cellfone so definitely i like the audio and sound quality of O+ 8.12 smartphone…

  168. Eleu Bolinao says:

    What I like about the O+ 8.12 is it’s not-gigantic size and having it’s qHD display. Also as a music lover, audio sounds is a must be a good quality. The shatter and scratch proof, yes! Mostly that speedy perf and having a good battery life.

  169. Jan Michael Ancheta says:

    scratchproof and tough screen

  170. Darenn Rodriguez says:

    Dual sim..big screen..1GB RAM..BOOM!

  171. robertsarte says:

    What I like about this phone is its HD Display, audio and camera quality and the scratch-proof feature!

  172. I like O+ 8.12 size and it’s High Def display. Sound is perfect for music, apps and etc lovers like me.

  173. Patrick Dequina says:

    What I like about the O+ 8.12 Android Handset is that it has a decent camera quality and Dual Sim Capabilities. nice :-)

  174. mhigs says:

    scratchproof, the design and the memory!

  175. Michael says:

    I really like the 1GB RAM and the size of the display. It’s perfect for multitasking and everyday use.

  176. Jill Santos says:

    I love that it has a big display but not too bulky on my hands! ;)

  177. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby

  178. Aida says:

    Decent battery life
    Speedy performance

  179. rhannie says:

    Big screen that’s qHD display with dual sim capability plus a 8MP camera is definitely bang in the buck. Dual Core + 1 Gig RAM, What more can you ask for?

  180. Angelica Chua says:

    4GB internal storage is enough! Plus it’s 8MP camera makes it more amazing!!

  181. Queenie Joy Te says:

    What I like most about this phone is its 8 MP camera!! If I win, I’m finally gonna have a decent camera phone! :)

  182. Jennifer Aguirre says:

    What I like most is its 4.5-inch qHD display, its not so overwhelming. I would surely enjoy playing more game apps here!

  183. Bryan Karl says:

    The 1G RAM and most of all, if I win, this will be my first Android phone! :D

  184. Niño Jomalesa says:

    – 4.5-inch qHD display
    – 4GB internal storage
    – 3G/HSPA
    – 8MP rear autofocus camera
    – 1GB RAM

  185. Jerry C. Collao says:

    I like most about this phone is its 8 MP camera and its big screen!

  186. 4GB memory and 1GB ram, powerVR GPU and dual core processor, 4.5 qhd screen and a 1850 mah bat. cap. , .. enough for me to play games yieh! :D

  187. george arrieta says:

    Dual SIM and BIG ROM!

  188. Adrian says:

    I wanna win this phone! :D

  189. Ace Mendoza says:

    I <3 the 4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels, 245ppi.Thumbs Up!!

  190. ariane dela cruz says:

    i like it because it is a 4.5-inch Android phone with dual-SIM capabilities and has 8MP camera.

  191. ian says:

    dual SIM, HD display. and what else can you ask for? Its all here on this O+ 8.12 phone!!!

  192. flynbabe says:

    I like its dual-sim cap! 1GB ram… wow, that must be fast. Cool!

  193. audie romero says:

    What I love about O+ 8.12 is its dual sim capability, the 8mp shooter and its operating system.

  194. John Cepe says:

    dual sim and 1gig RAM! yeah O+ nice phone

  195. sherry ann gole cruz says:

    dual sim and scratch proof!

  196. @staN_69 says:

    O+ 8.12, I love the design, features and the air shuffle :D

  197. Sep Espiritu says:

    1gb ram, 8mp camera, actually all its features is great

  198. Neil says:

    Air shuffle and 8mp cam :)

  199. Marie Chris says:

    i love the air shuffle feature of O+.

  200. rhoj says:

    The features are great. 8mp cam, dual sim capability, dual core processor plus 1gb RAM…

  201. lawrencemark says:

    the screen and the ram. not bad for a midrange phone :)

  202. Noir says:

    I like the screen size and the RAM :D

  203. Laine says:

    8MP rear autofocus camera, VGA secondary camera

  204. vic rodriguez says:

    i like its dual sim, 1 gb ram and gorgeous screen

  205. Francis says:

    I like this phone because of its nice specs and because i can get it for free :D

  206. kannuchi says:

    Air Shuffle FTW!!

  207. AddKate says:

    I like the screen and it being an Android phone! :D

  208. Wendell Tan says:

    dual sim!!!

  209. Ricky Repol says:

    Very affordable!

  210. jong says:

    Nice review!

  211. majo says:

    a sweet treat for graduates. dual core, 8mp camera, and qHD display is to much for a mid-range. O+ \m/

  212. Sarah Almonte says:

    Air shuffle plus it’s super scratch proof, pistachio nuts are no match for this baby (saw it on youtube). :)

  213. Riz says:

    dual sim!!!

  214. Renzo says:

    1gb ram, 8mpx camera, and the 4.5in screen! :)

  215. Michelle says:

    I love that it has 1Gb Ram for a dual sim … i like the air shuffle feature

  216. erjan paul says:

    i like its dual sim capability and scratch proof!!

  217. neil says:

    Dual sim :D

  218. w3062 says:

    i like its 1GB ram and its 8MP shooter :D

  219. otep says:

    This cool phone deserve to be in good hand like me. :D

  220. Nick Pahati says:

    Good camera performance in bright conditions and Decent battery life

  221. Jed says:

    The 1Ghz dualcore processor and the 1gb ram combination \m/

  222. Kristine Rodriguez says:

    this phone was so awesome! :)
    i love to have this :)

  223. The 4GB internal storage truly rocks!

  224. drew says:

    What I like about this phone is it has 1GB of ram, 1,850mAh battery and a tough glass.

  225. Luigi Paz says:

    Dual Sim!

  226. Justine says:

    It’s cool that it has 1GB of ram and the qHD 4.5 inch screen is really impressive. (8

  227. WHA says:

    dual sim, scratch resistant

  228. Nhoel says:

    well, hoping again =)

  229. Erik Felipe says:

    i want the 1GB RAM. :)

  230. Rhett Barrios says:

    Its a dual sim, with a 4.5 screen size and with 8mp camera

  231. Benly says:

    1gb RAM and expandable memory

  232. Kathryn Joyce Navalt says:

    I like that it is dual sim and 8mp camera!

  233. Anthony Torio says:

    dual sim

  234. ARVIE DELFIN says:

    DUAL SIM! FOR THE WIN!!! the 4.5 screeb size and the perfect 8 MP CAMERA!

  235. Jimbo says:

    Oooo! I want one! Dual Sim and a big screen!

  236. Job says:

    I like the 8mp camera. :)

  237. Rochelle Angeli says:

    I like the part that it is scratch-resistant not just that, it also carries an 8 miga pixel camera that turns me on!

  238. Mr. Curious says:

    the best giveaways come from the best site! More power Yugatech! you’re the best! =D

  239. richardbmedrano says:

    the camera, the Ram, the screen size and its dual sim i love the whole phone. the best android experience!

  240. Carlo says:

    The 1GB RAM makes this phone stand out from the local competition

  241. Norman Yamuyam says:

    Nice! Promising!

  242. Angelo Dequina says:

    Nice Give away! :)

  243. mariel mangubat says:

    4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels, 245ppi
    it’s cool

  244. Vern says:

    I like the scratch resistant display!

  245. carlo says:

    scratch resistant screen! yeah!

  246. Maria veluz says:

    Syempre its the dual sim feature and its style. Sleek and lakas maka techy

  247. red says:

    nice give away..O+ come to me

  248. iRonzkie! says:

    Wow!Nice phone.. sana manalo na ako nito this time.. tamang-tama wla ako phone ngayon kaya gusto ko ito una ko android smartphone.. mas maganda ito kysa sa ibang brand dyan…

  249. Jeremiah says:

    Dual sim with 1gb ram!nice

  250. Brent says:

    Dual Sim!

  251. Ceejay says:

    I want it! :”>

  252. Teng says:

    Cool! dual core 1ghz + 1G RAM

  253. Raymond says:

    Nice! Dual Sim

  254. charles says:

    Ice cream sandwich for free!!! i want one! :)

  255. Jean says:

    I love all the features of this phone!

  256. JasonAnthonyCanete says:

    THe Hard screen nag pinokpok din sa nuts! hahaha ang tibay!

  257. Rj Danan says:

    dual sim of course :)

  258. CJ Balagtas says:

    Audio and Camera quality! + Dual Sim! I want it! :)

  259. Jan Karen Ku says:

    dual sim

  260. Jhay says:

    8MP camera! best!

  261. BJ Mandia says:

    nicest thing about this is its dual sim capabilities..

  262. benedict says:

    very nice give away :-)

  263. Jo Narca says:

    Its Dual SIM…

  264. christian francisco says:

    my first android phone if ever….

  265. Francis says:

    hope i win this. my phone just broke in a vehicular accident :(

  266. Alexus says:

    the big-enough scratch-resistant screen!

  267. Jhayr Savellano says:

    Dual sim, Scratch resistant and 8MP camera..

  268. Mark Joey says:

    8MP rear autofocus camera,!

  269. superduperRIEN says:

    Speedy performance

  270. Tmarkbryan says:

    Big display!

  271. Good Specs + Toughness = O+ 8.12 making it one of the most reliable smartphone out there.

  272. Scratch resistant screen because I sometimes forgot to put my coins and my phone in separate pockets in my bag. No need to worry about ruining the face of a phone.

    Also, 4GB internal storage. Storing ebooks and one or two movie once in a while. :)

  273. What’s the nicest feature you like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone?

    qHD display 4.5 ^_^

  274. Marc Bautista says:

    What i like about this phone is it’s unique “AIR SHUFFLE TECHNOLOGY .. it sets it apart from it’s competitors .. besides that .. i like it’s 8Mpixel camera auto with focuspaired with a LED FLASH .. and it’s Dual Sim capabilities :D

  275. Emilie says:

    What’s the nicest feature you like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone?
    the 8MP camera.

  276. Louie Tan says:

    I want this

  277. Joyce Borjal says:

    I love the 8MP camera! :D

  278. Ric says:

    I want to try it :)

  279. Jigs says:

    Like the 8MP Read Camera =)

  280. I like the dual sim function and scratch resistant screen!!!

  281. jadeemon says:

    one cool phone…

  282. ramkyle says:

    i want to try US built phones..i want to see its display quality thu good gpu..lol…if i win i’ll start a yuga fans club here…lol..hehehe

  283. Paulo Bombarda says:

    For me the best feature of O+ 8.12 smartphone is the 8MP camera :)

  284. Glenn G says:

    8MP Camera! That’s sweet! :)

  285. john says:

    the 8 mp camera…

  286. Pauline says:

    the 4gb internal storage :)

  287. Henry Llanda II says:

    8mp camera

  288. Arj says:

    245 ppi FTW!!!

  289. Melanie Pangandoyon says:

    The Speedy performance

  290. What can you wish for more of this rapid performing phone plus its affordability that no one can match! :)

  291. RG says:

    dual sim and expandable storage are best features for this mid-level Android phone

  292. Jerry Culala says:

    Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display

  293. Ferron says:

    The nicest feature that I like about the O+ 8.12 is its dual-SIM capability coupled with a 1.0 ghz dual core processor and 1 GB RAM! Beats most of the mid-ranged smartphones out there in the market!

  294. Glenn Encinares says:

    I like the O+ 8.12 specs like dual-sim, 8MP camera, and the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, my phone doesn’t have android, and I like to own one ^_^.

  295. ace says:

    the whole phone

  296. kathryn yau says:

    Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display

  297. HAGEN BANG-ASAN says:

    Having a dual sim function in a mid-end phone is the best feature in the O+ 8.12 smartphone :)

  298. Joanna says:

    It’s shatter proof, scratch proof, has 8MP w/ autofocus, dual core processor and 1GB ram. A great mid-range phone.

  299. Oliver Yau says:

    It’s shatter proof, scratch proof, has 8MP w/ autofocus, dual core processor and 1GB ram.

  300. eliza yau says:

    dual sim and expandable storage are best features for Android phone

  301. Janina Reyes says:

    I like that it has a competitive RAM (1 GB) and dual sim function.

  302. Jayson Trinchera says:

    Dual Sim

  303. karen yau says:

    having scratchproof, dual sim and dual core processor

  304. What i like of most of the 0+ 8.12 is it’s 1gb ram. It can easily compete with other brands featuring nearly same specs since others carry 512mb’s.Add to that, a fast CPU like Mediatek Mt6577 cortex-A9, I’m sure if ever I win it, I’ll be jumping all around my bed. Last but not the least, I love It’s premium look, fits my style and manliness. Wish I’d win it Yugatech =)

  305. Darvin Mangampo says:

    1GB RAM + qHD + 1Ghzdualcore + 3G = awesomeness

  306. edson igloria says:

    Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display

  307. rina almero says:

    What I like about O+ is its dual sim capability and the affordable price!

  308. aysuperlabit says:

    i love its scratch-proof display and the air shuffle feature!

  309. I like the O+ 8.12 specs like dual-sim, 8MP camera, and the Android OS version

  310. Mary Ann Cueto says:

    What I like is.. it has a bigger display, camera settings and they say decent battery life!

  311. cecilmagsino says:

    I love the dual-sim capabilities as well as the qHD display and the MediaTek 1.0 GHz Dual-Core processor.

  312. jing says:

    air shuffle feature!

  313. Roel says:

    Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display and dual-sim

  314. Sancho Bacagan Jr says:

    the 4.5 inch is just right for me. not too small and not too big comparing to other new phones.

  315. christian says:

    What I like is…1gb ram, dual sim

  316. Marlone says:

    Wow! Cool phone. And it’s got a decent processor and a pair of nifty snappers too.

  317. Milca says:

    I like that it’s dual core and I would like to experience how fast MediaTek is :)

  318. Gerald Sosa says:

    I hope i will win :)

  319. Melvin Nacario says:

    …dual core with qHD screen?? this phone rocks!! :B

  320. Philsen Padilla says:

    I like the air shuffle feature and 8MP rear camera. I like also its dual core processor and high internal memory.

  321. Nikko says:

    The decent battery life is already a plus point to me, but cheers for air shuffle feature and shatter-proof and scratch-proof display.

  322. Carl L says:

    Internal storage, battery and camera! :D

  323. Divino says:

    The shatter-proof and scratch-proof display. wow

  324. jasonrey says:

    The dual-sim and 1GB RAM makes me drool for this phone.

  325. Air Shuffle and generous amount of RAM

  326. Sunshine Rose de Guz says:

    I love that it is dual core

  327. Julio says:

    Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display

  328. billy hung says:

    1 gb ram

  329. Jordyson says:

    Air shuffle and its dual core!

  330. Nora says:

    dual core plus dual sim!

  331. the thing i like about the O+ 8.12 is its Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display

  332. suigeneris says:

    For me it’s the air shuffle. It may be a novelty to some, but they were able to give their brand something which differentiate it from others.

  333. Marizza Domingo says:

    It’s dual-SIM, dual-standby feature.

  334. Blgr says:

    i really want to have an android fone :P

  335. dual core, dual sim plus dual camera! O+ 8.12 is double the functionality! love it!

  336. most android phones are very similar but what I like about this particular phone is that it has 1GB of RAM and a big battery go along with the big screen! ^_^

  337. _vtan says:

    4.5 inches screen! :)

  338. andrew manalili says:

    it has a great great screen by which i am talking about it being scratch resistant

  339. Dual sim and dual core. And camera is 8mp
    I love taking pictures!

  340. Air Shuffle is awesome! it’s one of the nicest features of O+ 8.12!

  341. dioren jess says:

    Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby

  342. Jedd M. says:

    Dual sim!

  343. Harvey TC says:

    Best feature for me is the sturdy scratch and shatter-proof display.

  344. Jason Ryan Celeste says:

    Definitely love the display. qHD!

  345. Quima says:

    Its being dual sim. Its such a great help.

  346. flor calanno says:

    air shuffle, is the awesome feature it have :)))

  347. Miguel N. says:

    Nice rugged display and ICS is a plus. :)

  348. Neri D. says:

    its dual-core processor + 8MP rear autofocus camera & VGA secondary camera

  349. Ejhay says:

    air shuffle,and everything about it!

  350. Katio says:

    awesome! :)

  351. RiAn says:

    1 GB RAM! :D

  352. jerry flores says:

    Is this the one on eat bulaga? I want one!

  353. Angelito says:

    Display quality and 1GB RAM.

  354. mikibabs says:

    i like the 1 gig memory and the shatterproof screen

  355. Rainer Yabut says:

    Good camera performance in bright conditions

  356. yuja says:

    1GB Ram, 4GB internal, GPU and dual core. wohooo

  357. Miguel Castri says:

    looks promising, reading the review now! 1gig RAM sets it apart from the rest of the 512mb cheapies

  358. vincent says:

    Dual sim and dual core. And camera is 8mp

  359. I like the 8MP cam since I like to take pics and have that convenience on my phone. Mostly for social media purposes so decent enough.

  360. myr says:

    dual sim and the 8MP camera!

  361. Marzie Lugtu says:

    Dual Sim and 8MP camera! <3

  362. ojay says:

    1gig memory!!

  363. cherie says:

    It’s dual sim and i love it!

  364. Vanessa Rose Palacio says:

    The nicest feature you like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone is WIFI-enabled! <3

  365. Chris Tan says:

    I like the qHD screen and 8mp camera of the O+ 8.12!

  366. goodha says:

    I like the 1gig RAM and wifi features

  367. Hanz says:

    Its qHD display!

  368. Pocholo Ocampo Molin says:

    1 gig memory and ips screen

  369. saxon says:

    i like the camera its 8mp

  370. 3 says:

    What makes O+ different is the value. You have all high specs like the camera at 8MP and internal functions challenging HTC One X, with 1/3 the price, what more can you ask for… I hope I get this one

  371. ethel says:

    the camera is 8 mp

  372. Francis says:

    i liked the scratch-proof and shatter-proof 4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels, 245ppi!

  373. Jose Jurado says:

    4.5-inch qHD display

  374. Raphixus says:

    4.5-inch q HD display

  375. ibet says:

    8 mp camera

  376. Michael Mindana says:

    I want it so badly

  377. Michael Mindana says:

    1gb rom

  378. Michael Mindana says:

    1gb memory

  379. christinson caoile says:

    1gb ram is nice

  380. Kec says:

    What i like about this phone is the 8mp camera and its qHD screen… i just want this phone so bad. hehehehe. gusto ko na palitan ang samsung galaxy y ko.

  381. Grumphus says:

    dual-sim phones with qHD are pretty scarce/almost non-existant. This combo is a great standout feature for the O+ 8.12

  382. Rex says:

    I like the 8mp snapper cos I never had one before! Goodluck to all! :) Thanks for this contest

  383. Marlon So says:

    Scratch and shatter proof, high quality IPS display

  384. louie says:

    what i love about Oplus 8.2 , is its dual sim capabilities and its stunning built quality. :)

  385. Michelle Marie says:

    4.5-inch qHD display, 4GB internal storage, up to 32GB microsd, Dual-SIM, WiFi, 8MP camera, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

  386. arfhel says:

    8mp camera!

  387. Joanne Interno says:

    gotta be the 1gb RAM! <3

  388. gucci says:

    would want this :)

  389. zasam says:

    1GB RAM is the best feature of the O+ 8.12

  390. jhepoyski says:

    Air Shuffle or the gesture controls

  391. mon says:


  392. jopip says:

    1 gig ram.

  393. techatbp says:

    you can also win nokia asha 206 if you click my name!

  394. limaechoomega says:

    1G ram and duial sim!

  395. limaechoomega says:

    1G ram and dual sim!

  396. JV S says:

    Dual SIM. Expandable storage.

  397. may says:

    1GB RAM and air shuffle

  398. rdjgonzales says:

    1 gb ram and dual sim are the best feature for me

  399. Eli Edrian Tan says:

    It’s the hardware! 1GB of RAM and 1GHz dual core? Lot’s of dual cores today but not a lot has the 1GB RAM :p

  400. quickbrownfox says:

    Dual SIM I guess. On a qHD phone.

  401. Guillermo Dela Cruz says:

    I like it’s 1 GB RAM and dual sim capability

  402. Vennylour Gesta says:

    what i liked about o+ is the air shuffle plus its an android phone!!1

  403. lee erik porcal says:

    I like the 1 gig ram and dual sim..

  404. Joseph says:

    dual sim and expandability is a big plus

  405. Dannika says:

    Dual Sim :)

  406. James says:

    I like the 8mp camera of this device!

  407. Z says:

    Nice 1 Gig for an affordable price.

  408. hendrick says:

    dual sim

  409. nathan mulleda says:

    dual sim for an affordable price rocks!

  410. dan algabre says:

    O+.M.G. It’s so nice of you sir Yuga!

  411. Bernabe Sirot says:

    1 GB RAM

  412. Allen says:

    1) 1 GB RAM
    2) 4.5inch screen (not too monstrous)
    3) 1,850mAH batt

  413. Migs says:

    1GB RAM and nice design

  414. rica says:

    1GB RAM and dual sim

  415. jonathan says:

    1GB RAM and nice screen

  416. Joy Angela Santos says:

    1GB RAM & 8MP camera

  417. diemhang says:

    1gb ram and 8mp camera

  418. Anjo Rafael says:

    I like the Dual-SIM and Dual-Standby Capability! :)

  419. Marco says:

    1 GB RAM and DUAL SIM

  420. roydel says:

    i like it having a dual core processor
    and 1 gb ram

    the 4.5 inch display is enough and not to big..

  421. Louie Delos Reyes says:

    I lovw the 1 GB RAM, Camera, and the display.

  422. royd says:

    dual core and 1 gb ram!
    4.5 inch display and dual sim!

  423. Mark Jayson says:

    The nicest feature of O+8.12 is the 8mp rear autofocus camera.

  424. glen says:

    i like the qHD display and its dual core processor

  425. Rondy says:

    Dual Core + 1gb RAM!!!

  426. Julie Tuazon says:

    1gb RAM!

  427. nikko says:

    i like the scratch/shatter-proof display

  428. Karissa Yu says:

    Almost everything!!!

    But the main features that got me are:
    1.) 1 GB ram
    2.) 8MP rear autofocus camera
    3.) 720p video @ 30fps
    4.) 1,850mAh Li-Po battery

    Awesome phone!!! \m/

  429. JC dela Cruz says:

    I like the qHD display and the dual core processor

  430. Polinda Usero says:

    1GB ram and it is dual sim, nice design too. <3

  431. melvin paglinawan says:

    scratch resistant screen and 1gb ram

  432. Michelle Hung says:

    1 GB RAM!

  433. Kate Raymundo says:

    Its dual core processor and dual sim featureeeeee =D

  434. Edel R. says:

    I like the dual sim, 4.5 inch display, 1GB ram and scratch resistant.

  435. Gretchen Daquio says:

    I like that it comes with a dual-core processor and it has good audio quality. I listen to music a lot and having a phone that can give me a fair and nice audio is happiness.

  436. josie says:

    1 GB Ram

  437. I Like the wifi and scratch resistant of 0+ 8.12.
    Lucky clover Leaf.

  438. parkaerin says:

    shuffle cam!

  439. Joerhel De Leon says:

    Good Quality Audio are much appreciated to any smartphones :)

  440. erwin says:

    excited for 0+

  441. Karen says:

    Good audio quality

  442. sheryll says:

    so cool!!!

  443. rodel urot says:

    4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels, 245ppi

  444. 4.5-inch qHD display with a MediaTek MT6577 1.0GHz dual-core processor paired with 1GB RAM is the nicest thing in this phone and with a 1,850mAh Li-Po battery this could last a day.

  445. Jeanno Alamag says:

    Its 4.5 inch qHD display.

  446. jesser says:

    fair phone

  447. its good audio quality. Perfect for making routines and choreographies duing training time. Pus, it has a decent battery life. It can compensate my coaching demands

  448. Dante Algabre says:

    shuffle cam

  449. Ronald says:

    The awesome camera features!!!

  450. macky regina maranan says:

    i love it because it’s dual sim and it is 8 megapixel

  451. ralph adversario says:

    its big screen BOOM !

  452. Alfy Almonte says:

    Awesome 1 GB RAM! :)

  453. John says:

    1 GIG RAM!!!

  454. Franc Loise Ido says:

    Definitely the 1 Gigabyte RAM!

  455. David Z says:

    Dual sim, 1 GB ram, 8MP camera, just 3 of arguably better and desired features over other Smartphones. Who wouldn’t want to win one like this? (I know I would!)

  456. mang andhoy says:

    its dual sim

  457. Ferdie dela Cruz says:

    Good audio quality and the air shuffle!

  458. lee says:

    the phone’s quality is good.

  459. sheena mae solmayor says:

    Dual sim, 1 GB ram, 8MP camera.. i swear i love it so much.

  460. Mike Nines says:

    It would be the MTK6577 with PowerVR SGX531 GPU.

  461. Alvin says:

    dual sim!

  462. J Mataac says:

    I like its being a dual sim phone. Plus the 4.5 in and its qHD display makes this a perfect commuter phone. Not too big to carry but not too small for multimedia.

  463. Macki says:

    This is a keeper! Definitely affordable and a good buy!

  464. Von Jason says:

    4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels, 245ppi.
    im longing for a bigger phone now.

  465. patty says:

    i want an android phone

  466. Jelo Manongsong says:

    the air shuffle

  467. JPBV says:

    Interesting, doesn’t look cheap as well

  468. karl says:

    One gig of RAM.//

  469. angeldrb says:

    I love its dual sim capability, the 8MP camera, and a decent battery life.

  470. Jaypie Ybut says:

    I want to have this.

  471. Juliet Cionelo says:

    Good camera performance in bright conditions, i love taking pix.

  472. Stephen Marin says:

    I like the qHD display and the awesome 1GB RAM that we rarely see in dual core Mediatek-centered procie smartphones. :-)

  473. sigfred says:

    great screen quality

  474. ROB says:

    I want the air shuffle feature!

  475. LXCR says:

    the brand itself stands out because of it`s after sale support.Current (cheap) smartphones in the market doesn`t get support such as updating the OS,etcw/c is the common problem in Android OS,FRAGMENTATION.W/ it`s trusted brand,we can assure that there are future updates of the phone`s OS

  476. nick abarabar says:

    dual sim, display and video palyback…

  477. Dual sim and nice camera. Thanks for the giveaway!

  478. Ivy Tolentino-Enriqu says:

    air shuffle! :)

  479. Grace Porcal says:

    I badly want this! :)

    MediaTek MT6577 1.0GHz dual-core processor/4GB internal storage/Dual-SIM
    So cool! :)

  480. von sabido says:

    Hope i win Thank You sir Yuga

  481. von sabido says:

    The Best feature is The Dual sim Capability and the 4.5 inch Screen.. Love it Thanks sir yuga

  482. Lito Dagodog says:

    the nice features are the following

    Dual Sim

  483. dual sim capability.
    a fairly good RAM.

  484. Monch Brioso says:

    I like it’s 4.5 inch screen and it being qHD, I like big screens. ;)

  485. RJ De Leon says:

    Not your run-of-the-mill cheap China knock-off. A most worthwhile giveaway. Would definitely love to win this. =)

  486. Jimmy Galang says:

    Good audio quality : i love listening to music.

  487. Michael Donn Francis says:

    Experience the AIR SHUFFLE feature from O+ 8.12 !!

  488. Jacob Juanillo says:

    The Design is elegant!The Display: Scratch and shatter proof, high quality IPS display.The most emphasized feature on O+ android phones is probably the Air Shuffle which lets users to just swipe above the screen a few cm up and the screen will react on it.

  489. gabby_jaz says:

    I love the air shuffle feature!

  490. Shinley says:

    air shuffle

  491. Chona Gomba says:

    I am fascinated with its Air Shuffle technology, so cool!

  492. jhonas015 says:

    dual sim

  493. joshua paul perry says:

    the dual sim and wifi

  494. Kyle says:

    Affordability and Quality

  495. Mae says:

    The best feature would have to be the 4GB internal storage. I won’t have to worry if I still have enough space for more apps!

  496. Roland Non says:

    dual sim and air shuffle features ftw!

  497. Mark G. says:

    …haist. .

    Kailan kaya ako magkakaroon ng Dual-Sim na Smartphone?? =))

  498. Richard says:

    dual core and sim + 1Gb ram :)

  499. giovanni verona jr. says:

    i really-really want that O+ 8.12.

  500. Maylyn says:

    Wow! Ganda phone nato.. Sana Manalo ako for my husband! :D

  501. regulus crisostomo says:

    i love the dual sim capability and the air shuffle ! :)

  502. Darcel Abad says:

    Affordable smartphone…

  503. chan says:

    ok naman ang specs niya + may novelty pang air shuffle :D

  504. Jessica Rigonan says:

    Coz it’s Air Shuffle

  505. John says:

    1 gb ram and HD screen!

  506. Theo Musni says:

    The dual sim, dual standby feature is very useful since not all of my contacts are under the same network provider. The 8MP rear camera is a great feature, too!

  507. John Paul Blanco says:

    air shuffle feature is a unique feature on this smartphone.

  508. Jay says:

    Dual sim + dual core Android phone

  509. Sarah Mae Villarma says:

    It’s DUAL SIM! :)

  510. JM Valino says:


  511. Belle Lopez says:

    It’s Android. More games and apps. Yey!

  512. Kevin Jan Goc-ong says:

    I like the 1 GB ram

  513. dmeprestado says:

    i love its air shuffle and well, the SCRATCH-PROOF display is surely bang for buck!

  514. Razel Malan says:

    The Best.

  515. Emmanuel Rigonan says:

    Dual Sim & Air Shuffle

  516. GL says:

    air shuffle, of course.

  517. RamilG says:

    Great screen, huge RAM and the Android ecosystem.

  518. Allan Reyes says:

    Air Shuffle

  519. Emy says:

    because it’s a dual sim android phone

  520. Danemyr says:

    the 4.5 HD is screen is just about right for a smartphone plus it comes with Android Ice Cream.:)

  521. Mao says:

    Hope this time I win!!!

  522. John Mark Barotilla says:


  523. Kent Limmuel Tan says:

    * Decent qHD display
    * Good audio quality
    * Good camera performance in bright conditions
    * Speedy performance
    * Decent battery life
    * Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display

    + Air Shuffle!

  524. Julianne says:

    The best would be its dual sim, dual standby feature. I don’t have to worry about carrying two phones for two different networks.

  525. Gian L. Pacaña says:

    Dual Sim/Dual Standby feature and the whopping 1,850mAh battery.

  526. Bea says:

    I like the 1 gb ram wd d dual core processor!

  527. AllenAguilar says:

    1 gb ram and HD screen.. kool!!! xD

  528. Joel Trinidad says:

    i like the
    8MP rear autofocus camera, VGA secondary camera
    720p video @ 30fps

  529. Slim with a high-resolution display.

  530. john says:

    It’s dual sim and has a good display.

  531. The bright screen quality! and Air Shuffle features! =D I’ll love it for sure!

  532. William says:

    Count me in. But what’s the mechanics?

  533. Edsar says:

    Air Shuffle

  534. Jie says:

    Wish ko ‘to

  535. Lea Andrea says:

    The Dual-SIM is the nicest feature! :)

  536. daniel says:

    the screen! 4.5 inch!

  537. Jixon Dioso says:

    awesome smartphone

    I WANT ^_^

  538. Gizette says:

    dual sim! :)

  539. Tsiremo says:

    Its 4GB internal storage
    up to 32GB via microsd card

  540. Allen Gail Lucanas says:

    What’s the nicest feature you like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone?

    Camera! :)

  541. Kim Simon says:

    1GB RAM!

  542. Sam says:

    Air Shuffle

  543. edriangelo paule says:

    i love the air shuffle and screen feature

  544. The 4.5-inch qHD display looks good! :)

  545. Stephanie Lee says:

    HD , camera and the processor :)

  546. Jeff says:

    Sana ako manalo, Need ko ng ganito para sa ebooks :)

  547. russell says:

    the nicest feature I like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich!!!

  548. jay says:

    1.0GHz dual-core processor

  549. Edmund says:

    blah blah blah!

  550. leika says:

    O+ 8.12 has 4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels, 245ppi

  551. levy says:

    and 8MP camera

  552. toni regala says:

    THE HD SCREEN AND THE 8MP rear autofocus camera, VGA camera ?????

  553. Aldwin Capin says:

    of course the 8MP camera :)

  554. Gerald says:

    8MP rear autofocus camera, VGA secondary camera The Best and its Air Shuffle Technology !

  555. Mirzi Sarte says:

    8MP Camera and Dual sim :)

  556. Connie regala says:

    the front and back cam / 3g!

  557. Rizza Joy Vista says:

    I admire the *8MP rear autofocus camera and VGA secondary camera :”) Therefore I conclude that I am camwhore! :>

  558. Fe M. says:

    The 8MP rear camera.

  559. tina regala says:

    3g, airshuffle & 8mp cam!

  560. Kany Vic perez says:

    8 MP rear autofocum cam :)

  561. Cj Escuadro says:

    The nicest feature would be the 8MP!! :)

  562. Marlene says:

    The 8mp rear camera and dual sim

  563. David Ferro says:

    dual sim

  564. Abigail Sy says:

    The 8 MP camera

  565. Neil says:

    definitely the 1Gb RAM

  566. janice marin says:

    The 8 megapixel camera and 1gb ram!??

  567. Gerrick Comia says:

    The nicest feature about this phone is its qHD display, 1 GB RAM and the camera! :D

  568. Horace says:

    My S2 is no longer top of the line. Laki pa nman bayad nun. At kahit ngyon. :)

  569. Jarvin T. says:

    Nicest Feature, you say? Well, how about it’s 1GB of RAM and it’s 8mp Camera? Partnered with OPlus’ UI. SWEET.

  570. arman says:

    anything dual sim is a PLUS..

  571. majarhou says:

    Akin ka na lang..

  572. Louie Len says:

    it’s the 8mp rear autofocus camera

  573. Jorayma Salvan says:

    astig ang 1G RAM at 4G internal memory! top that!

  574. chacha says:

    would want the 8 MP camera

  575. Ron says:

    1G Ram, 4G internal and top it off with a 4.5 qHD screen! I want one!

  576. Carlos says:

    The feature that strikes me most with the O+ 8.12 smartphone is its dual-SIM capability. I know it’s not at all groundbreaking, but I really fancy the feature of having both my different networks in a single phone, instead of always bringing two phones at once!

  577. jagger says:

    The Dual Sim Feature! So I wont be carrying two phones!

  578. anita says:

    I fined the Dual Sim Feature of an android phone as very helpful in avoiding bringing two phones!

  579. warren alulod says:

    The dual sim is the best and the 3g capability for fast browsing!

  580. Manuel So says:

    Scratch and shatter proof, high quality IPS display

  581. ma clara reyes says:

    what i want most is the dual sim capability,
    i dont have to bring two phones all the time.

  582. EJ says:

    American phone, good value!

  583. Nikka says:

    I like that it has a secondary camera. Not all android phones, even some expensive ones, have that. I love to take pictures of myself that’s why it’s the first thing I look for in a phone. :)

  584. joy alvaro says:

    dual sim and 3g.

  585. chrisair says:

    not only it was affordable and cheap this phone has an 8 MP camera and a dual sim which is unusual for a smartphone to have

  586. hz says:

    good and sturdy build as well as stylish.

  587. Ged says:

    1G RAM
    8 MP Cam :)

  588. Monnette says:

    I love the 8MP rear autofocus camera, VGA secondary camera.

  589. the memory…RAM and Storage.
    Dual sim and cheaper compared to other brands

  590. HK-47 says:

    I like that it has expandable storage. Unlike a lot of much more expensive phones and tables.

  591. Romeo says:

    The specs are enough for me.

  592. RHOZALLINO says:

    The nicest feature i like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone is the following:

    1. 1GHz Mediatek MT6577 Dual Core processor
    2. PowerVR SGX 531
    3. Dual SIM
    4. 8-megapixel autofocus rear camera with LED flash.
    5. Android 4.04 ICS upgradeable to 4.1 Jelly Bean

    i love it! :))

  593. Laila Husin says:

    I like the 720p video @ 30fps specs. It’s not TRUE high definition but high definition nonetheless.

  594. ver louie gautani says:

    1GB RAM
    4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels, 245ppi
    1.0GHz dual-core processor
    PowerVR SGX531 GPU
    8MP rear autofocus camera
    for Php11,995…Sulit na sulit :)))

  595. mj echavia says:

    i like its MediaTek MT6577 1.0GHz dual-core processor

  596. Ronalyn J. Colar says:

    what I really like about this o+8.12 Android cellphone is it dual sim capability and WIFI. It is beacuse with this feature I can easily connect to the peolple I love. ! :D

  597. 1 Ghz Dual core processor plus 1 Gb of ram. sulit n sulit for Php 11,995 san kpa? :)

  598. Bin says:

    microsd card slot!

  599. Cristina Angeles says:

    The front facing camera

  600. Alfy Almonte says:

    Big Screen! :)

  601. Efren F. Rico says:

    dual SIM capability!

  602. imelda elardo says:

    I like the features where my picture are taken with high quality performance.

  603. Junnel Montelibano says:

    Wow! :)

  604. Karen Lutao says:

    The 8MP camera! actually, every feature on O+ is so nice!

  605. Jan Richard Renes says:

    Dual core plus 1gig Ram! :)

  606. Erykha says:

    the display and the processor.. that’s two point factor i like about this phone.. :)

  607. Chezka says:

    All the features of O+ 8.12 smartphone is wow! I love it all i wanted it

  608. jco says:

    I like the dual SIM feature. Nothing beats a phone with 2 SIM functionality.

  609. Jods says:

    qHD Screen and Camera :D

  610. Nadine says:

    1gig ram and HD cam! :)

  611. Vastac says:

    qHD screen, dual sim and dual standby

  612. paul a. says:

    Love that its dual sim

  613. Debbie says:

    Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich the best!

  614. Edward J says:

    The 1GB ram!

  615. paul says:

    Being a Smartphone and Dual Sim

  616. Nhojmeister says:

    Can’t wait to finally have this! Come on Yuga, I’m the rightful owner! Hehehe

  617. Lanilyn Mackay says:

    The Big Screen processor and the display

  618. Fermin S. says:

    That 4.5″ screen with the 8MP rear shooter is more than enough to not just like it, but love it!

  619. mikel says:

    It’s dual sim! :)

  620. Ammiel says:

    I would love to have a phone with air shuffle

  621. nhel says:

    i love O+ forever .. i love the features of there phone … specially O+ 8.12 because it has a 1gb of ram so that i can install lots of apps in it … Reality to love it :)) O+ phones your the best!! :))

  622. TheJuanKarlo says:

    i love the 8MP rear camera of O+
    i want it i want it now :)

  623. r3JAM says:

    Dual core is the nicest of all the features!

  624. aira cortez says:

    dual sim + smartphone = all in one.

  625. popoy says:

    gimme one!

  626. Jose Antonio Taroy says:

    I want this phone! :)

  627. Timothy says:

    Please give me one! :D

  628. louie says:

    what a great phone. if i win this i will give to my mom as a gift. thanks YUGA!!

  629. Julian Agito says:

    The Dual Core processor!

  630. PJ Caranzo says:

    I love the 8MP rear camera of O+!

  631. jest says:

    i all the features… must buy this! :)

  632. Ayan says:

    me want Jelly Bean! :D

  633. Julie Gonzales says:

    dual sim + dual core smartphone

  634. K. Martin says:

    I love that I can expand its memory up to 32GB via microsd card! :)

  635. Best feature is probably the camera

  636. Eps says:

    What I like most is the Internal Storage and its RAM.

  637. Arthur Lanaria says:

    Dual sim as well as a powerful android phone. I can’t ask for more. :D

  638. John Vincent Pedrego says:

    With its HSDPA 7.2Mbps, HSUPA 5.76Mbps, it makes my downloads breezingly fast!

  639. bacud lerio says:

    8MP+ICS+dualCORE=awesome smartphone!!!!! ^_^

  640. komputerman says:

    O+ 8.12 is one of a kind

  641. Sarj says:

    I like its camera

  642. GREAT and Amazing PHONE! (???)

  643. Joana says:

    It’s a dual sim android phone!

  644. Gino says:

    I like how its performance is on par with other mid range phone.

  645. Ed Ong says:

    The nicest feature I like about O+ 8.12 smartphone is the fact that it has dual sim feature in a high end smartphone.

  646. Neil Alvin Dulay says:

    What i like with 0+ 8.12 is the dual-core processor, 8MP rear autofocus camera, and 32GB via microsd card

  647. Mac Pain says:

    Nice phone.. I’ll buy it next week because of its design, qHD display & 8MP camera.. And oh, its upgradable to Jelly Bean.. Nice!

  648. niña says:

    android and the camera

  649. MrsNoodleBoy says:

    The Dual-SIM feature on a 4.5-inch qHD display !

  650. Ivan Sangalang says:

    Yey! Ice cream!

  651. rmi says:

    dual core :)

  652. arvinparedes says:

    ill prob get one for mom too if i dont win this :D

  653. d4ryl3 says:

    The fact that it’s decent dual-sim mid-range smart phone.

  654. Kimm Isaguirre says:

    4gb internal storage! weee! and 8mp camera!

  655. Elinor Semira says:

    Good camera performance

  656. Elmyr Cruz says:

    Excited to know the air shuffle capabilities! :)

  657. Sheila Pan says:

    Ice cream! scratch resistant ..android camera..all of the features of 0+ 8.12

  658. The nicest feature phone I like is the Android with a clear and beautiful camera

  659. mjejejyh says:

    4GB internal storage,ICS and 8MP camera! yay! :)

  660. rho says:

    dual core and camera

  661. KAREN BERNARTE says:

    DUAL SIM!!!!!
    It’s 4.5 inch displayy..
    its air shuffle tech!!

  662. 8MP rear autofocus camera

  663. Bham says:

    Dual core and good camera performance.


    What’s the nicest feature you like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone?

    8MP rear autofocus camera, VGA secondary camera is all I need!

  665. jun titco says:

    being smartphone and 8mp camera

  666. leo rances garcia says:

    i like the its air shuffle techno;ogy.

  667. Melanie says:

    With it’s dual core + 1gb RAM + 4gb Internal Storage, maybe I will not gonna let it off in my hands. Seriously. ^_^

    I like the touch screen of O+, so this one is much much incredible.

  668. anthony borlado says:

    just what i need…

  669. Jonas Jamisola says:

    I liked that it has 1GB of RAM built-in, making the interface smooth and responsive.

  670. James Miso says:

    That 1GB ram, qHD display and the unit is upgradeable to Jellybean (which is a deciding factor these days :D)

  671. Bryan Chua says:

    would love to have that unit

  672. nsmorado says:

    with 1GB RAM, i can do multi-tasking… woot woot

  673. its AIR SHUFFLE SCREEN. HOW nice that O+ has unique quality of cellphones that everyone must have. TWO THUMBS UP YUGATECH <3

  674. kristine pangantihon says:

    the camera :)

  675. Yo Curt says:

    Very Good QHD Screen plus the 1gb Ram!

  676. Bryan Chua says:

    MediaTek MT6577 1.0GHz dual-core processor.

    would love to have that unit

  677. Stephanie Tiu says:

    android. bigger screen for dual sim.. with 1GB RAM! :)

  678. Agnes Dela Cruz says:

    The Air Shuffle feature.

  679. Richard Sanchez says:

    The 4.5 inch qHD display, dual-core and most importantly, the air shuffle technology! Can’t wait to try this new capability! :)

  680. alfred says:

    1gb RAM and 8MP shooter are nice touches! nice lookin’ phone to boot.

  681. dianne says:

    i want its dual-core processor and 8MP shooter

  682. Jason Chan says:

    Nice processor and graphics and the screen size is appropriate for a smartphone.

  683. Brixton Lao says:

    4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels, 245ppi

  684. Steve del Castillo says:

    the 8MP rear autofocus camera, VGA secondary camera!

  685. raul barrios says:

    What’s the nicest feature you like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone? CAMERA

  686. Ronald Lao says:

    The 8MP Autofocus Camera with LED Flash

  687. charles cortez says:

    air shuffle and 8mp autofocus camera

  688. Speedy performance and the 8MP Autofocus Camera with LED Flash.

  689. Air Shuffle Screen. It’s just amazing!

  690. Tomas Chua Jr says:

    hmmm…. ok

  691. arnel mercado says:

    everything about this phone is nice .. but what i do like the best is it’s air shuffle technology .. the only phone who has it!

  692. Guerde says:

    dual sim feature

  693. Bianca Cuera says:

    The 8MP autofocus camera and its 4GB internal storage :)

  694. Liberty Floro says:

    the Autofocus Camera with LED Flash and its dual-core processor

  695. Rengie Ann Bahia says:

    Love the air shuffle! :)

  696. digno castillo says:

    air shuffle technology :D

  697. Emmanuel Belo says:

    What I like about the O2 8.21 is the 8MP rear autofocus camera, dual sim capability and an android phone

  698. maricel bernarte says:

    8mp camera

  699. Jian Robedillo says:

    The budget-friendly price for a great Android smartphone with a good display an camera

  700. rhodora says:

    air shuffle technology rule!

  701. The 4.5 Qqhd display and 8mp camera!

  702. Candy Monstr says:

    Having 1GB ram outclasses other dual sim droids

  703. Andrian says:

    1gb if ram!

  704. lady lei mercado says:

    nice air shuffle technology!

  705. Myra Baldevarona says:

    its 4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels, 245ppi
    MediaTek MT6577 1.0GHz dual-core processor is the nicest features of O+ 8.12

  706. cheap price, pocket friendly, good quality!

  707. violeta bernarte says:

    8mp camera

  708. Gerald says:

    the Air shuffle technology is amazing!!!

  709. yan says:

    air shuffle definitely! >:D

  710. ron mia says:

    the sound. i like phones with great sounds for playing music :-)

  711. lady lu castillo says:

    air shuffle technology

  712. primon says:

    hands down – the 1 gb RAM

  713. levita says:

    air shuffle tech ^_^

  714. The nicest feature I like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone is the fact that its camera is 8MP and that it is SCRATCH-PROOF! A definite must-have for a careless techie gal like me :)

  715. Roy Tolentino says:


  716. lady lei mercado says:

    i love everything about 0+ 8.12 ^_^ specially it’s air shuffle technology … lab it!

  717. danz says:

    air shuffle and sleek design XD

  718. Rigor Impossible says:

    What I like about the O+ 8.12 is its Air Shuffle tech. Awesome.

  719. Caster Tabora says:

    Definitely the Air Shuffle Technology :)

  720. Ghendo says:

    hoping to win, a gift for my brother.. :)

  721. nmd2013 says:

    the 1GB RAM…

  722. adrian trovela says:

    Camera and battery

  723. Paeng Berba says:

    I love you

  724. JUNJUN says:

    8mp camera
    air shuffle
    sony experia look :D

  725. Zhainne says:

    Air shuffle technology !!!! :D

  726. Name: says:

    What I like about O+ 8.12 is the dual sim

  727. Franz Josef Basco says:

    1GB RAM! =))

  728. Shelemiah Castro says:

    I like its dual-sim capbility :)

  729. Eize says:

    I want to join!

  730. Eize says:

    4GB internal storage
    up to 32GB via microsd card

  731. Jayson Lomboy says:

    Cool! Nice review. I love that 4Gb internal storage! Plus! The Air-shuffle technology. I love that phone!

  732. kikokikokiks says:

    What I like about this phone are the following
    4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels, 245ppi
    1GB RAM
    Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby
    8MP rear autofocus camera,
    1,850mAh Li-Po battery

  733. Jhayr Savellano says:

    Air Shuffle, Dual Sim and the almost perfect Camera!

  734. it has dual sim, 1 gb ram, shuffle features ftw, wifi and it is Affordability and Quality!!

  735. june says:

    Air Shuffle!!!

  736. Christian Añasco says:

    i like that it has air shuffle!!!

  737. Eka Martinez says:

    The 1GB of RAM is great! Also it’s 8MP camera must capture really good quality photos. ;)

    I’m also quite interested in the O+ Air Shuffle technology. Seems fun to be able to use or navigate your phone using a wave of your hand. :D

  738. Neil says:

    Air Shuffle, Dual Sim and 8megapixel Camera! :)

  739. Nicole de Dios says:

    How competitive it is with Dual sim and 8MP rear autofocus camera!! :)

  740. james says:

    Air shuffle. :))

  741. Olga says:

    I love the 8MP rear autofocus camera and the air shuffle technology!

  742. Al says:

    air shuffle of course! :)

  743. I like this phone because of air shuffle. =)) <3

  744. Jappeth Ben says:

    I love everything about this phone! its more than it’s price…
    the scratch resistant glass, huge and super clear 4.5″ screen for ultimate media experience, dual core processor paired with a 1 Gig RAM makes it really snappy, almost free from lag. the 8 MP camera makes it capable to compete with other high end devices. And most specially, it’s dual sim capability makes it rise above it’s competitors. Amazing device all in all…

  745. dual sim & expandable storage

  746. Lynn liwanag says:

    First of all I love the fact that it has 1GB RAM and a 4GB internal storage with that I can install many different apps and games.
    Second, it has an 8 MP camera and a front facing camera. I love to take pictures and share it on instagram.
    Third, it is a dual sim phone which is an advantage to me because I use smart and globe.
    and lastly it is powered by 1.0GHz dual core processor.

  747. Seth says:

    Air Shuffle. 4.5-inch screen

  748. Ren Medina says:

    camera (CHECK na CHECK!)
    processor (CHECK!)
    OS (CHECK!)
    storage (CHECK!)
    dual sim (CHECK!)
    design (CHECK!)

    could I check all the features? NICEST GREATEST PHONE SUITABLE FOR ME! :)

  749. Loreson says:

    The Air Shuffle!

  750. Andrew T says:

    What I like about O+ 8.12 is the dual sim, the processor,the ram and now its free as a raffle draw hehehehe..

  751. Lynn Liwanag says:

    First of all I love the fact that it has 1GB RAM and a 4GB internal storage with that I can install many different apps and games.
    Second, it has an 8 MP camera and a front facing camera. I love to take pictures and share it on instagram.
    Third, it is a dual sim phone which is an advantage to me because I use smart and globe.
    fourth, I love the design it looks cool and elegant.
    fifth, I like that it has already built in air shuffle which add to the enjoyment of using the phone.
    and lastly it is powered by 1.0GHz dual core processor.

  752. migz says:


  753. charlie says:

    hay daming nagsosona.. hehehe


  754. Jp says:

    1 GB RAM and affordable price!

  755. patricia titco says:

    8mp camera

  756. Mary Grace Santiago says:

    Air Shuffle! =)

  757. JM Torres says:

    But if im going to choose one? it was the 1GB RAM so we can install more apps :)

  758. Affordable Android phones are kind of the trend nowadays. However what sets this apart from the competition is that it has a good amount of RAM installed. This will help the phone become more fluid and provides a possibility of having the JB update, which future proofs it in a sense.

  759. Paulo Osorio says:

    I love the specs of this phone bundled with its affordable price tag :-) I’ll definitely consider using the o+ 8.12 as my everyday gadget!

  760. Timothy Tan says:

    Its a new brand to offer good specs at an affordable price

  761. Marvin Mallari says:

    Great specs for cheap price!!! Ram, Camera, dual mediatek processor, gpu. these are good enough for affordable android phone and can fairly compliment my needs and tasks. hopefully i could have one so i can dump my single core phone!!!

  762. dobdsky says:

    1GB ram
    air shuffle

  763. flordeliz de castro says:

    Very nice features for a very fuctional phone

  764. JDV says:

    Its 4.5-inch screen and dual sim feature. :)

  765. JERRY says:

    I like its dual sim feature and 1GB ram aside from it being a android phone.

  766. aj roales says:

    what i like about the o+ 8.12 is its dual core processor.. so powerful and have good speed performance & for me it is the dopiest O+ phone..

  767. Joebert Go says:

    the O+ 8.12 is a nice smartphone with its specs which is even equal to those high-end phones with a higher price tag.


    Whats not to like with O+ 8.12 has to offer?

  769. Angel Bert Vargas says:

    air shuffle! liked it.

  770. anna marie says:

    I like that it has a 1GB RAM and a 4GB internal storage plus the android 4.0 ice cream sandwich OS. Those… plus the dual sim feature… at an affordable price!

  771. zoan says:

    I like its DUAL SIM feature!Just recently i realized that I needed to have two SIMs because in some areas here in Bukidnon, the networks don’t have signals, buti nalang magkakaiba sila ng lugar na walang signal:D

  772. Jeraldine Tolentino says:

    with ice cream sandwich OS and nice features and specs what else can i ask more nice one Yugatech!

  773. Nellede Jean says:

    Nice one! i hope i get lucky to get this on or the thunder CM Thunder

  774. Karlo says:

    Its 8MP rear camera, The 1850 mAh battery and its MediaTek processor make it the best phone for me. :)

  775. Joven Pareja says:

    the 8mp cam and its dual core processor..

  776. Josef Cagas says:

    Dual-sim with dual-core processor ang Ice Cream Sandwich OS! sweet!

  777. Mark Leo says:

    For a smart phone that has 1GB of RAM and that has 4GB of internal memory this is Sweet for a Graduation Gift. :)

  778. John says:

    1GB RAM, 8mp camera & the 4.5in qHD display.. so cooool :))

  779. Francis Gamban says:

    air shuffle

  780. dayanatuna says:

    Teeeehhhheeee ang lamig dito sa office lol

  781. Oscar Pineda says:

    dual-sim + ICS just the right combination!

  782. what I like with this smart phone is the dual sim capability, 8mp cam, and the looks of course, affordable yet powerful features.

  783. jeromeCpelayo says:

    i want the dual sim baby

  784. Dual-sim! Dual Core and 1Gb RAM!

  785. joi presbi says:

    i like the video quality.

  786. joi presbi says:

    i like the video quality of this O+ 8.12.

  787. Myze says:

    What I like about the O+ 8.12 is the 32GB additional storage option via microsd card

  788. Myze says:

    like the 32GB via microsd card of
    O+ 8.12

  789. Eian says:

    The features that i like are the Dual Core and 1Gb RAM and 8MP camera.

  790. romeo titco says:

    8mp camera

  791. tammy titco says:

    8mp camera and being smartphone

  792. Saree Serneo says:

    Among O+ 8.12’s amazing features,
    Its 1 GB RAM that is paired with a dual core processor is my favorite.

    Though I am also curious with the usable portion of its 4 GB internal memory.
    I also want to test the quality of its 8 MP camera. So I need to have one!
    LOL! :D

    Thank you Yugatech for another awesome review.

  793. ilaybalilay says:

    the memory’s a definite plus for me. :)

  794. Hideki says:

    aside from the specs, the screen material of course. :D

  795. Janet A. Liwanag says:

    I like the most is the 8mp camera and the dual sim/dual standby. Thank you Yuga Tech for this nice opportunity to have one. :-)

  796. Berto Putik says:

    Gusto ko talagang features nito ay ung Air Shuffle, at nais ko talagang masubukan, cool!

  797. albertdc says:

    I like the camera most of all.

  798. Lilia So says:

    Scratch and shatter proof, high quality IPS display

  799. Melanie Esponilla says:

    I love the 8MP AF camera with flash! I love to take random pictures!

  800. Julius S. says:


  801. Jerwin A says:

    for a flagship phone, 1gb ram is the edge of this handset, and of course the build of ICS ROM, O+ really optimizing the,default ICS ROM to preserved speed and conserved Battery as well. more of us didnt know this thing.. hope i win this contest :)

  802. RODEL S. MERCURIO says:

    What’s the nicest feature you like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone?

    Answer: I like all the features in 0+8.12 Smartphone.

  803. enrico tagle says:

    the built of the phone is great! :D

  804. Mary Joy Supetran says:

    its 8mp camera

  805. jhepoyski says:

    qHD display

  806. Alexis says:

    The camera :)

  807. joel says:

    really love this phone. especially the camera.

  808. charson says:

    nice phone

  809. karen anne rosario says:

    I love the quality of its 8 MP camera and the Air shuffle! Very unique!

  810. Emmalyn C. Salavaria says:


  811. Mitchie Talavera says:

    Air Shuffle, 8MP Camera and best of all, scratch proof.

  812. Lau Beruin says:

    Nicest feature? 8MP AF camera with flash plus its Air Shuffle!

  813. Bernard Balicao says:

    4.5-inch qHD display, Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby. This phone is terrific!

  814. Reynald says:

    wow i want this phone plsss

  815. Marilyn Gomez Gomabo says:

    O+ 8.12 powered by a 1GHz dual-core processor, comes with an 8-megapixel camera and a 1850mAh battery.Wow!!! super excited and cant wait to have this one!!!

  816. Alfy Almonte says:

    Air Shuffle is cute! :D

  817. Reyn says:

    I want its Air Shuffle feature.

  818. Laurence Valladolid says:

    I like the 8MP rear autofocus camera, VGA secondary camera, and the 1,850mAh Li-Po battery! I can use it longer than most android phones! The air shuffle feature is also equally awesome!

  819. christine batiller says:

    i like the fact that it has longer battery life.

  820. joe says:

    air shuffle is great device!

  821. Great Amazing Phone! I Love it So Much!

  822. Enriqueta Sta.Isabel says:

    I Like the Specs of O+ 8.12 — 1GB RAM + Dual Core Processor + Dual Sim … its a GREAT SMART PHONE! Amazing!

  823. Melvin Ermita says:

    The Specs of O+ 8.12 is great!

    specially the Dual Core Processor, 1GB Ram and the DUAL SIM feature…. and ALSO the 8MP Rear autofocus Cam!

    it is SO great!

  824. vic says:

    Dual SIM…Dual Core…enough said! :)

  825. Aly says:

    Everything about it seems promising for its price. i especially liked its no touch swipe feature. Of course, the dual core. i also liked its camera resoulution. nice :)

  826. Ruth Calsada says:

    what i mostly look for phones is its quality pictures because I love to capture those memorable momments.A long battery life is second and third is its audio quality especially when I listen to music and talk to my clients. And yes, it has all these three. Wish i can have one because it will surely fit my lifestyle :)

  827. jdGONEMAD says:

    sana manalo ako dito master yuga

  828. Arturo Tejero says:

    I Like the Specs of O+ 8.12 Dual Core,1GB RAM,IPS Screen + Scratch Resistant + Long Battery Life = AMAZING

  829. jernz41 says:

    Air shuffle is uniqur but might not be practical.

  830. Daniel Joel Rosario says:

    Daniel Joel Rosario

    i love the air shuffle tapos may 8mp cam pa! sweet

  831. Maharani Dorol says:

    I am a photo enthusiast so I love the 8MP camera of this device, and also the front cam too when I’m feeling kinda vain! :) I am also a fan of small smartphones so this is a very good device for someone like me. :)

  832. Daniel Rosario says:

    Daniel Rosario

    I like the *MP cam..no need to bring digicam palagi..tapos air shuffle..something new sa phone yun :) astig

  833. Mizpa Herbuela says:

    It has an 8MP rear autofocus camera and also I want its Air Shuffle feature. It’s great!

  834. aidan herrera says:

    air shuffle is a nice feature

  835. Sherdon Uy says:

    It has a unique feature which is Air Shuffle.

  836. Emil Ong says:

    One thing I liked about the O+ 8.12 is it’s a 8MP camera, great for capturing photos. I’m a Student photographer. Lovin’ the loudspeaker. and great for music, especially, the phone is unique indeed. :)

  837. Avon Kresta Nicosa says:

    I like its Shatter-proof, scratch-proof and decent display!

  838. it’s Air Shuffle Feature, Dual Core, Dual Sim,and is packed with ICS Android OS! :D

  839. chona gomba says:

    The Air shuffle technology coz it’s so cool!

  840. aldrin pang says:

    easy to use. the revolution of phones with air shuffle.

  841. Khellyshan says:

    everything about the phone is nice!

  842. Karl says:

    The nicest feature about this phone would be the dual sim capability.

  843. Nouel says:

    It’s all about the air shuffle that the O+ 8.12 have which is better than other smartphones in the market.

  844. fadzki says:

    1 GB ram and 8mp camera with flash..

  845. Neil John Ocampo says:

    It’s trademark of course, Air shuffle technology!!

  846. jesie says:

    1gigabyte ram + 8mp flash + DualCOre= RAK!

  847. Mark Obre says:

    of course, the air shuffle.

  848. Dual sim, 8mp camera, the GPU and the 1gb RAM. :)

  849. Julie Pena says:

    3G/HSPA Quad Band,Dual SIM,4.5-inch capacitive multi-touch screen (960 x 540),WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n,1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage,Up to 32GB expandable memory card,8-megapixel autofocus rear camera with LED flash,Android 4.04 ICS upgradeable to 4.1 Jelly Bean…AWESOME!!!

  850. lourdes says:

    dual sim feature

  851. marc says:

    the air shuffle

  852. Franz Erryl says:

    The Air Shuffle is just so cool I want this phone.

  853. Angelo says:

    Air shuffle and dual sim c;

  854. The phone’s DUAL-sim feature is the best for my sister. I am planning to give this as a graduation gift for my sister and she has two sim cards that she is using. :)

  855. marlyn says:

    air shuffle looks so cool.,,and the conveniece of being a dual sim phone…

  856. Edgar says:

    I like the camera and dual sim

  857. Khrish s. says:

    I really like this phone the first time I saw it in one of our noontime shows! :-)

  858. Edan says:

    What I like about the O+ 8.12 based on your review is the size of the phone since most people agree that a 4.5 inch phone is the perfect size for Filipinos, another thing that I like is that it is upgradable to 4.1 and of course the air shuffle feature

  859. Kimm says:

    Dual SIM, Dual-core and Air Shuffle!

  860. Al-Jerred Macala says:

    Air Shuffle and Dual-SIM capability

  861. Angelo Concepcion says:

    The Air shuffle! :)

  862. Lea says:

    Dual sim, 8mp camera, 1 gb RAM :)


  864. mvpalanca says:

    Air Shuffle!

  865. Lester Quindipan says:

    The nicest feature about O+ 8.12 is the air shuffle technology.

  866. shiela marie fillart says:

    air shuffle

  867. Darwin Abuyo says:

    air shuffle unique feature…

  868. Edjie Apines says:

    Air Shuffle :D

  869. Bonifacio Quindipan says:


  870. jcgo16 says:

    Good phone, but needs an OS Upgrade <3

  871. Elizabeth Quindipan says:

    air shuffle

  872. Enrik says:

    Air shuffle feature!

  873. aj barbaza says:

    nicest features are the dual sim and 1gb ram

  874. Lawrence Loyola says:

    Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display for a clumsy person like me!

  875. JV says:

    The nicest feature I like about the O+ 8.12 smartphone is the air shuffle!

  876. Joyce Gabriel says:

    it is the air shuffle feature …

  877. Dude says:

    what i like about this one from oplus is its wide 4.5 screen take note its already in a qhd display, a bang for the bunk with its 1800mah battery capacity!!! and have i mentioned that its running on android ICS 4.0 already!?!? crazyyy this phone is :)

  878. Kia says:

    Dual Sim capability!

  879. ron not the dj says:

    i like it coz it has air shuffle technology and 1 gb ram

  880. Kevin Masangcay says:

    Air shuffle

  881. Ma. Cecilia de la Co says:

    air shuffle

  882. Jerome says:

    Wish i had this phone to replace my samsung galaxy y

  883. Margelyn Sanchez says:


  884. keishia says:

    Move Without A Touch!

  885. Marites Tenorio says:


  886. Dems says:

    Air Shuffle technology :)

  887. Mariano Sanchez Jr. says:

    Air shuffle

  888. I think I really like it’s 8mp camera and it’s unique Air Shuffle feature!

  889. niel kangkangkoy says:

    air shuffle!!!

  890. Andro Umali says:

    Aside from Air Shuffle? the 1 gig of RAM! :D

  891. Marwin Sanchez says:

    wide screen and camera/video

  892. Bernard Dy says:

    Air Shuffle

  893. Elinida Dy says:

    Air Shuffle

  894. klarisse hornada says:

    my favorite thing about O+ is the fact that its scrath resistant and also has air shuffle. . coolio!

  895. mark lawrence says:

    the screen reso and the ram for the win!

  896. dayalapu says:

    Air shuffle and dual sim capability.

  897. Warren SJ says:

    Air shuffle.

  898. gian says:

    8 mega pixel camera

  899. Kriz says:

    Air Shuffle and RAM! <3