O+ 8.12 Review

O+ 8.12 Review

Back in December, we gave you a primer of the 4.5-inch dual-SIM handset from O+. Now it’s time to look deeper into this handset and hopefully answer the question if the O+ 8.12 is worth its asking price.

Just so we’re on the same page, we highly suggest to skim through our short first impression of the smartphone here. Majority of our impressions about the design and build quality of the handset are already discussed there.

Display and Video playback

Even though smartphones with 5-inch and bigger displays are the trend nowadays, there are those who still prefer the more conservatively sized handsets. Thus, the 8.12’s 4.5-inch display should be a welcome feature to those who are not a fan of gargantuan phones. Its ample display is backed by a qHD screen resolution which aids the phone in providing decent display quality.

One of the gripes that we had with the phone is its poor video performance. There was a noticeable fraction-of-a-second delay on the clips that we were watching. At first we thought that it was a file related issue or that there were too many apps running on the background, so we tried restarting the phone and trying out other clips. But even after doing so, there’s still this annoying misstep on the video playback.

Audio and Call Quality

On the upside, we were pleased with the audio quality from this phone. The sound coming out of the loudspeaker was louder (and crisper in some regards) than most of the handsets of the same league. The sound was great too when we tried listening to our tunes with an earphone attached to it.

Call quality, on the other hand, is a different case as we experienced numerous choppy and dropped calls in places that seemed to have good reception. The reason why we thought that it’s the handset that’s causing this rather than a network-related issue is we tried other phones using the same SIM and we were able to establish a steady connection with it.

O+ 8.12 philippines


The O+ 8.12 comes with an 8MP autofocus camera accompanied by a single LED flash. The resulting images we got out of it isn’t exactly the best we saw from the lot, but is very usable for basic photography needs such as uploading to social media.

Shooting in well-lit condition is a breeze with the handset’s snapper. It was able to lock in on the subjects in no time and was able to provide satisfactory shooting experience. Though not as good as when shooting in places with ample light source, the camera was also able to provide a rather decent lowlight performance thanks to its LED flash. Sample images can be found here

Camera UI

In addition to its imaging arsenal, the camera app also provides a number of customizations and filters which allows users to be more creative with their shots.

Just like the stills, the videos we’ve recorded using the 8.12’s camera were also on the positive side. Some of the customizations that are present in the camera mode are also present in video mode, giving users more control over their clips.

OS, UI and Apps

OS-conscious users may be disappointed to know that this smartphone only runs on a slightly altered Android ICS out of the box. Although the handset is capable of running the latest version of Android, it’s uncertain whether O+ has plans of rolling out an update for the device.

Android ICS UI


Other than some minor tweaks, the overall feel of the OS is pretty much stock. In fact, the only two significant differences between 8.12’s UI and the other’s is the addition of the Music player shortcut in the lock screen (as seen above) and the Air Shuffle.

Speaking of Air Shuffle, let us point out some of the things we noticed about it. First, the feature only works inside the Gallery app (flicking through pictures), Music app (changing songs), Camera app (taking pictures) and FM Radio app. Air Shuffle is done by waving an object above the sensor near the front-facing camera and the direction of the object dictates which actions will the phone do. Should you be irritated by this “feature” you can switch it off by going to Settings > Accessibility.

Air Shuffle Settings

In all honesty, we’ve rarely used the Air Shuffle feature. In fact, the only time that we’ve used it is when our friends asked us how it works. Other than that, we used the handset like any other touch-enabled handset. We guess we just didn’t see the point of waving our hands on the sensor to change or go back to a previous track when we can always (and easily) do it with the device’s screen.

As far as the apps are concerned, we’re glad to say that we didn’t encounter too many problems in installing and running apps on the device. And for those of you who are wondering if apps can be installed on the memory card, yes it can. Moreover, you’ll be given an option to decide where you want your apps to be installed by going to Settings > Storage > Preferred Installation Location.


The performance we got from the O+ 8.12 is pretty much at par with the other mid-ranged handsets with the same engine we’ve reviewed in the past. It was snappy for the most part and was able to run games like Temple Run 2 quite smoothly. As mentioned earlier, the only source of frustration we had with the phone’s performance is when we used it to play video files as it tends to lag a bit.

O+ 8.12 benchmark

As far as the benchmark results are concerned though, the added RAM doesn’t seem to affect the score of the O+ 8.12 as its results are almost identical to that of the Star Mobile Crystal’s. It got a 6622 score from AnTuTu and 2713 from Quadrant. In terms of GPU, the handset scored 24.1fps on NenaMark, slightly higher than Crystal’s score (23.8fps).



On slight-to-moderate usage and without any data connection (WiFi or 3G) the 8.12 lasted for an entire day before we have to recharge its 1,800mAh battery pack. However, as soon as we enabled the data connectivity of the other SIM card, the mileage decreased by more than half. It’s still a commendable mileage, but nothing really over the top.

O+8.12 battery


After using the O+ 8.12 as a primary phone for nearly two months, we can definitely say that it has enough fire power to deliver an admirable performance to its user. It would’ve been better though if it didn’t have the issue with video playback, but it’s a slight and forgivable misstep that can easily be swept under the rug.

The real question here, however, is whether its Php11,995 price tag is reasonable for what you’re getting. We think it’s still on the pricey side, consider a lot of other dual-SIM competitor’s rarely go beyond the Php10k mark these days.

O+ 8.12 specs:
4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels, 245ppi
MediaTek MT6577 1.0GHz dual-core processor
PowerVR SGX531 GPU
4GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microsd card
Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby
HSDPA 7.2Mbps, HSUPA 5.76Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1
8MP rear autofocus camera, VGA secondary camera
720p video @ 30fps
1,850mAh Li-Po battery
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

What we liked about it:
* Decent qHD display
* Good audio quality
* Good camera performance in bright conditions
* Speedy performance
* Decent battery life
* Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display

What we didn’t like about it:
* Laggy HD video playback
* Slightly below average call quality
* No Jellybean out of the box
* Air-Shuffle seems gimmicky
* Still a bit pricey for its specs

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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29 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    Sir Ronnie, it’s scratch proof too. I think that should also go on the pros.

  2. ferdinand marte says:

    the price stinks!

  3. Adam says:

    Sir Ronnie, you forgot to mention that it’s scratch and shatter proof. :D

  4. ciseestuato says:

    Watch Spring Breakers Online HD Ensure the display lighter.emerge dark interiors could be enjoyable, but your game play can severely suffer. It makes things easier to observe so that your enemies will not help you before these people area a person.

  5. VE del Rosario says:

    The camera is pretty decent. I’m a shutterbug so I would love to own this phone.

  6. Dario Darvin says:

    good screen quality.

  7. Well, even without the air shuffle feature I can say that this is not bad at all. qHD display is the nicest feature for me since I love playing games and watching movies.

  8. The 8MP megashooter is impressive to its prize point. and decent ICS software!

  9. The display is good enough. :D

  10. t0t0y.m0la says:

    dual sim, dual standby, dual cam, dual-core… dual thumbs-up.. lol

  11. t0t0y.m0la says:

    dual sim, dual standby, dual cam, dual-core… dual thumbs-up.. lol

  12. john says:

    It’s dual sim and has a good display.

  13. JM says:

    nice feature will be its unique air shuffle feature..but in addition to that..it has a nice build and hey..1GB of RAM!

  14. Aleli AJ says:

    Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display.. i like!

  15. ver louie gautani says:

    1GB RAM
    4.5-inch qHD display @ 960×540 pixels, 245ppi
    1.0GHz dual-core processor
    PowerVR SGX531 GPU
    8MP rear autofocus camera
    for Php11,995…Sulit na sulit :)))

  16. kingdave_11 says:

    it has an air shuffle feature nice!

  17. PRQuezmarq says:

    will this O+ 8.12 work here in Saudi?

  18. Mark says:

    I liked the air shuffle feature

  19. Quervin Lloyd Buco says:

    I think the Air Shuffle features pretty cool with this phone, but I think the price is a little bit high compared to the locally-branded phones that offers the same specs.

  20. I like the air shuffle feature and the UI.

  21. Rhea says:

    the 8mp camera…

  22. Julie Pena says:

    Ang ganda ng camera nya,super linaw.. tapos air shuffle pa! soooooooooooo nice!

  23. Mayla Lagrimas says:

    I love taking pictures outside this is great having a good camera performance in bright conditions,Speedy performance,decent battery life,Shatter-proof and scratch-proof display.

  24. I think I’m going for this primarily for the scratch proof display and the good photo quality despite bright conditions!

  25. Godwin chukwu says:

    I like this pege

  26. Jason says:

    saan ba pedeng bilhin ang O+ products sa Iloilo?

  27. Ishe says:

    Hi. Im also using an O+ 8.12 for 5 months. My first concern is the low internal memory it offers. some of the reviews that ive red like this one, it has 1gb ram while mine only have 512 I dont know how can i change it. i hope you can help me with this concern because its ram is seriously hindering me to download apps that i want.

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