GIVEAWAY: Win this Sony Alpha A5000!

GIVEAWAY: Win this Sony Alpha A5000!

We’re doing a giveaway with Sony Philippines for this Alpha A5000 Mirrorless Camera! Joining is easy:

  • Create a blog post featuring the Alpha A5000’s features. Ex. “Why This is the Best Camera for People Who Love to Travel”
  • Send the link to [email protected] with the subject line “A5000 Giveaway” – only once.
  • UPDATE: Make sure the blog has your name as its author, and send in your valid ID as well for confirmation.

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To know more about the product, Sony encourages you to visit the Sony Philippines website or any of their Sony Centres to know more about the A5000.

Submission of entries run until March 27, 2017. Winners will be announced here at YugaTech. Stay tuned!

Update: April 11, 2017. Congrats to the winners!

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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75 Responses

  1. The Emancipation of Elusive Chanteuse says:

    Para lang pala sya sa mga bloggers. :(

  2. el gato says:

    blog = negative
    facebook = negative
    other social media = negative

    good luck sa mga bloggers at may social media!

    • EWPH says:

      kung me android phone ka, me gmail account ka, na me kasamang blogger account. pwede mo naman iset up yun para lang sa contest na to… kung talagang gusto mong sumali.

  3. ShinRenNu says:

    bwahhaha. Good luck with that contest,,,,

  4. Jojo says:

    Is there any other way to win this without needing to create a blog post or social media feedback? I don’t have any of these but I follow this blog, I would like to get into photography but only have an old iPhone4 to take pictures with :(

  5. toshi says:

    Para lang to sa mga magagaling mag iingles.

  6. Hello Yugatech

    I just want to ask if my entry went through? ????

    Sent an email with an id and the link of the article last Marh 9, 2017… ????

    Thank you!

  7. Ayn says:

    What’s the criteria for judging? Thank you!

  8. King says:

    Do i just have to tag yugatech?

  9. Kent nabong says:

    I’m a Sony lover, so please ????????????????????

  10. Kent nabong says:

    I’m a Sony lover, so please ????????????????????

  11. Omg! My dream camera *cries* ????????

  12. Mjaye says:

    Aww, sana sa instagram na lng tong contest na to ???????? I really want to have my own camera lalo na yang A5000 ????

  13. Bilzy says:

    Done making one! :)

  14. Junjun says:

    Blog entry sent :)

  15. Entry Sent as of March 25, 2017. All for Love ?

  16. Sent an entry. Hope I’ll win.

  17. Awesome. Another convincing reason to start a blog. I’ll send my entry later.

  18. Jason Luna says:

    Oooh! It’ll be a good option for an upgrade. Will definitely join the contest, hehe. Just in case. Good luck to everyone that’s joining.

  19. Wait. It says until March 27 right? So, entries sent during March 27 is still counted right?

  20. Sent my entry! Good luck. Although I sure wished they’d tell us how winners will be chosen, whether at random or under a set of criteria for judging.

  21. AMG says:

    So deadline is March 27, 2017 right? After that, when will you announce the winner? I just submitted my entry, fingers crossed! ^^

  22. Elaine says:

    Sent in my entry! :)

  23. Just sent mine ????????????

  24. I just sent my entry. I hope it got in! :)

  25. A good way to divert my shit feeling. Good luck to all of those who’ve submitted their entry. May the power of first-time bloggers prevail!!! ahahaha

  26. AMG says:

    Btw how many winners ang pipiliin?

  27. Lois Ramos says:

    I sent an entry days ago but I’m not sure if I need to comment to be included in the giveaway. So this is just to make sure that I do get included haha

    Good luck to all of us who entered! :)

  28. Geraldine Sibbaluca says:

    I sent my blog already. Hope that I win this time ???????? This is a great opportunity indeed!

  29. Entry sent! *Crossing fingers!* :)

  30. Shay says:

    Hope my entry went through. :)

  31. Rio Rojales says:

    Goodluck to us ????

  32. Rio Rojales says:

    Goodluck to us :)

  33. Raven says:

    Hi, I just posted my blog, I hope it was in in time. Please feel free to check out my new website I’m a new blog and just starting out.

  34. RandomStranger says:

    When will the winner be revealed?

  35. Anonymous says:

    Deadline of submission is March 27. So I hope you will be fair to those who submitted their entries before that date.

  36. I hope they’ll choose the winner based on content and not merely random ones.

  37. I hope they’ll choose the winner based on content. Good luck!

  38. Sean says:

    Hello! When will you announce the winner/s? And btw, how many winners will be chosen?

  39. jedimaster says:

    when is the date po kung sino mananalo?

  40. Guiller Rongavilla says:

    Sent mine on the 28th. Hope you announce the winner soon!

  41. aaa says:

    Hopefully they will post the winners soon!

  42. Blogger says:

    When are you going to announce the winner/s? <3

  43. i just hope that they’ll announce the winner”S” soon. But definitely don’t want it announced today, April 1, hahaha.

  44. Any update po about sa winners?

  45. Good morning! when will the winners be announced?

  46. i think they’ll announce it 10 days after the deadline. Maybe…

  47. You said “Winners will be announced here at YugaTech”. Winners, meaning plural, meaning hindi lang iisa yung pipiliin. Ilang winners po ba? Salamat po!

  48. This is soooooo killing me! i wish they’ll announce the winners soon.

  49. Camille says:

    Yugatech Team, it’s not that we are “atat” po hehehe please give us the exact date regarding the announcement of the winners. Thankyou po Godbless! :D

    • Someone says:

      preach it! Its better to wait knowing the date of the release than to wait without knowing it. Its so aggravating tbh. hahaha

  50. It’s as if we are being ignored. :(

  51. Blog says:

    I don’t know if this contest is still legit :((( a bit disappointed

  52. Utang na loob i-post niyo na po ang winners hahaha legit pa ba to?

  53. Angery says:

    I’m quite disappointed as to how they manage this competition. Its not that i am in a hurry to know who’s the winner but i wish they’d just notify us as to when will the winners be announced. I invested a hefty amount of effort to the blog that I’ve submitted so it would really disappoint me is this thing is a scam. There seemed to be a mod who replied to a comment saying that Sony will be picking the best blog out of the entries but it seemed that mod can’t be found anywhere when the atmosphere started to turn sour. If you could just give us the peace of mind we are searching for, like the date of release of the winners, then uproars about the contest not being legit might come to an end.

  54. Unidentified Creature says:

    Good day Sir! May I just ask if you still have the idea of announcing the winners of this blog making contest. We are truly disappointed on your team for not posting yet the winners or even the exact date of announcement of the winners. I sent you a message on facebook, but your page keeps on leaving it “seen”. You could’ve just told us that the contest was only a hoax or not legit in order for us not to join or get disappointed just like what we are now. We hope you to never post any contest regarding any giveaways that are not even true in tbe first place. Thankyou. Kaya po sana naming makapaghintay kaso hanggang kelan kung wala naman eksaktong date of announcement.

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