Off to Cabatuan, Iloilo

Off to Cabatuan, Iloilo

Around the time this post is published, I should be aboard a plane to Iloilo City. We had a death in the family and the burial will be this afternoon. She’s the older sister of my grams (father side) but since she’s been with us since I can remember, we’ve treated her like our very own grandmother. Cabatuan is my father’s home town (20+km from Iloilo City) so we’re going straight there.

I will be staying there for a couple more days as well to visit my other grandmother (mother’s side) as she had a stoke a week back and is still confined in the hospital. That’s why all my cousins and brother went home earlier last week to take turns watching out for her at the hospital.


This will also be a chance for me to meet old friends, some of whom have already married (and which I failed to attend).

Again, anybody can reach me thru my mobile though emails might take a while longer than usual to get replies. :D (Is that anything new? :D )

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14 Responses

  1. Have a safe trip, Abe!

    P.S. “(and which I failed to attend)” ROTFL. ;-)

  2. Marc says:

    Condolence pre :(

  3. carlo says:

    Have a safe trip and my sincere condolence…

  4. anthony says:

    I thought you were going on another exotic trip. Ouch!

    Condolence bro.

    But happy reunion na rin.

    I remember whenever we have deaths in our relatives, the gathering also becomes a reunion.

  5. hoop says:

    My Condolences Abe on your loss..

  6. Elmo says:

    Condolence po kuya. Have a safe trip.

    I was in Pototan, Iloilo last week because I attended my grandfather’s burial. Had the chance to meet my relatives again during my stay there.

  7. Claire says:

    Have a safe trip and condolences sa imo, kababayan…

  8. Jaypee says:

    My condolences for your loss Abe. Hope your other grandmother will have a quick and full recovery. Have a safe trip & God bless! :)

  9. marpen says:

    ahmmmmmmm ti mayu eh mayung adlaw lang sa imo ahhhhhhhh kun gusto mo ko macontact email me [email protected]

  10. Jazzy says:

    commiseration to you and your family.

  11. eric says:

    condolences abe, have a safe trip…

  12. Diin gid sa Cabatuan ang mga Olandres? Sa Tigbauan Road or sa Gines Patag? Taga Cabatuan man ako ah…

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