Globe's new GoBIG Plans at Globe At Home Streamfest

Globe’s new GoBIG Plans at Globe At Home Streamfest

Are you looking for an ISP and need lots of data at decent speeds? You might want to consider Globe’s new plans.

Globe launched their new GoBIG plans, which are focused on larger amounts of data allocation, at Globe At Home Streamfest, an event that kicked off in Cebu on July 1 and 2. Here in Manila, it was held at BHS Activity Center in BGC and UP Town Center from July 7 to July 9.


Globe GoBIG plans:
Plan 1299 – 300GB Data Allocation, 5Mbps
Plan 1599 – 400GB Data Allocation, 10Mbps
Plan 1899 – 500GB Data Allocation, 50Mbps

Globe GoFAST plans:
Plan 1299 – 10Mbps, 100GB Data Allocation
Plan 1599 – 20Mbps, 150GB Data Allocation
Plan 2499 – 100Mbps, 1TB Data Allocation

All of the plans come with free landline with unlimited calls to Globe/TM, as well as limited subscriptions to Netflix, Disney Channel, HOOQ, as well as 100GB of YouTube.

Click here to check for availability in your area.

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3 Responses

  1. Freya says:

    No, not all the plans come with 100 GB of YouTube. All GoFast plans don’t have it. Just called Globe earlier for clarification.

  2. c says:

    kalokohan! The older P1299 plan is already 5mbps at unlimited bandwidth (unli ie not declared). They just want us to accept the 10gb limit which technically they already have

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