Photos from Bangkok Motor Show 2011

Photos from Bangkok Motor Show 2011

Spent the whole morning doing the rounds at the hall of the 32nd Bangkok Motor Show. It was pre-opening ceremony to just members of the press so we have a great time taking pictures of the cars to ourselves.

I’ve been to several MIAS in Manila before but the one here in Bangkok is much bigger and grander with each car manufacturer trying to out-do each other with big, showy booths.


See this video of the photos I got. These are just the cars and the show girls. I have a separate one for the motorcycles.

P.S. Ford APAC hosted our 4-day stay here which included the Asian unveiling of the Ford Ranger yesterday.

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8 Responses

  1. You had an amazing experience out there. It’s not yet time for the Philippines to have that kind.

  2. Benchmark says:

    sana meron ding hiwalay na puros show girls! hihihihi just kidding! ;-)

    Nice cars!

  3. supernaut says:


  4. Buknoy says:

    One of the best talaga ang Bangkok motorshow!

  5. angelo says:

    hi yuga, just wanted to know what software you used in making the video for your photos? Thanks

  6. pinoydreamer says:

    haaays naiwan na naman ang pinas

  7. adam says:

    Nice pictures you got there.

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