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KPMG in the Philippines’ Innovation Summit 2022 focuses on transforming organizations

The business world is constantly evolving and growing with the changing needs of clients and customers, as well as adapting to shifts and disruptions in the wider environment in which it operates. As the world transitions into a new reality, the difficulties of maintaining and growing a business are more volatile and unpredictable than ever before, but with these also come opportunities for advancement and expansion.

Kpmg Mr.jsmanrique • Kpmg In The Philippines’ Innovation Summit 2022 Focuses On Transforming Organizations

The challenge for organizations is to direct their efforts and investments to areas that have the potential to get the most long-term value, simultaneously avoiding areas that might be a short-term reaction to the pandemic. The technology offerings currently available to businesses are continuously improving and becoming more sophisticated, and it is in every organization’s best interest to look at these advancements strategically and leverage them to enable their business to grow sustainably and on a larger scale.

In a 2022 article, the Asian Development Bank’s ADB Philippines Country Director Kelly Bird described the situation as follows: “Nearly all indicators point to higher growth for the Philippines this year and in 2023, barring the impact of external factors from geopolitical tensions that may dampen growth globally, including in the country’s key export markets of Europe and the United States. Policies to build the resilience of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), which play a vital role in the country’s economic recovery, should be strengthened to support the sector’s digital transformation, business innovation, and skills development.”

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At KPMG in the Philippines’s Innovation Summit 2022: Tech Talk, tech leaders across a variety of industries aim to inspire the participants as they share insights and strategies on future-proofing organizations by discussing topics such as Intelligent automation enabling hypergrowth, RegTech and innovation enabling compliance, Rethinking third-party risk, Innovation and transformation in finance and accounting, Journey to e-invoicing compliance, Security by design in innovation, and The future of Customer Experience (CX).

“The present normal does not only mean adjusting to the pandemic and new needs of clients and customers, but also to the new technology that is available in the world. In KPMG, we adopt a business-first approach to apply data, AI and emerging technologies and capabilities to the core processes of a business to drive growth, manage risk, and optimize cost. Our business-first ecosystem is designed to help spark, build, and manage client-led solutions. For example, by applying robotics to your business, you can lower the number of manpower hours dedicated to routine tasks and allocate the personnel and time to more value-adding and insight-driven activities,” explains KPMG in the Philippines’ Head of Technology Consulting Jallain Manrique.

Manrique has more than 14 years of experience in the fields of IT audit, SOC or attestation, cybersecurity, data privacy, ERP implementation, robotics process automation, data analytics and IT project management. He is a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Information Systems Auditor and has been Certified in Risk & Information Systems Control. “I am excited for this year’s summit,” he shares. “There is so much to learn and so much opportunity for growth. I am also excited to connect with like-minded individuals with a passion for business and technology.”

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Realme Philippines

“Getting updates in real time by being an augmented customer is so relevant nowadays. Given the access to data and analysis, this makes business strategy more insight-driven,” says Ernie Imperial, Chief Digital Officer of First Philippine Holdings Corp., who will open Day 1 as the event speaker.

Similarly, Day 2 speaker Irene Liu of Accenture Singapore, stresses that “embracing new technology is necessary for a business as compliance requirements become more complex.”

Day 3 Speaker Eric Sarmiento, President and COO of Concepcion Business Services Inc., has been embracing new technology in terms of the consumer and business products that his company offers to his clients: “in our business, we have come to learn that integrating the benefits of technology enables us to strategize more intelligently and make sound decisions.”

With all the readily available technology now, Day 4 Speaker Mark Frogoso of Mynt (GCash) explains that “we must endeavor to increase our IT efficiencies not only to advance our systems but also to protect our business.”

Joining KPMG in the Philippines Innovation Summit 2022: Tech Talk are industry experts from (Day 1 – RPA Hypergrowth and the Impact of Emerging Technology) First Philippine Holdings Corp., Puregold, UnionDigital, Pacific Cross, PLDT Telecommunications Company , (Day 2 – A New Era of Governance and Risk) Accenture Singapore, Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Maybank Philippines, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Philippine Life Insurance Association, Inc., (Day 3 – E-invoicing and Digital Transformation for Finance) Concepcion Business Services Inc., First Gen Corporation, (Day 4 – The Future of Cybersecurity and Customer Experience), Mynt (GCash), DBDOYC Inc. (Angkas), CloudEats, MAYA Bank, AIA Vietnam, and GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications Inc.

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KPMG in the Philippines Innovation Summit 2022: Tech Talk will be held virtually on July 20, 21, 26, and 27. Scan the QR code below to register for free, or you may also visit www.forms.microsoft.com/r/mSatTEu66c to reserve a slot and view the full agenda. The event is for college students, business owners, and professionals who want to broaden their knowledge and insights in the business landscape as well as improve their overall business understanding.

RG Manabat & Co., the Philippine member firm of KPMG, offers audit and assurance, tax, advisory and technology consulting services. This year marks the firm’s15th anniversary, celebrating its steadfast commitment to its clients, people and communities. With the shifting perspectives on technology and how it can transform lives and businesses for the better, the firm is prepared and excited to help its stakeholders take advantage of the opportunities in this space.

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