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Samsung 2021 Air Conditioner Series: Which one to get?

For the past year or so, it’s no longer a surprise that most of us have spent most of our time indoors, whether it’s for work or even school. With that said, Samsung’s introduction of their latest appliances took place in our own homes’ safety and comfort. Although we would normally have this in a face-to-face scenario, the mock-up demo unit and essential oil package they sent over made the event just as experiential. Here we saw how the company’s latest Air Conditioners could transform a home or commercial space into cooler and safer spaces. These include Samsung’s Window-Type Inverter Air Conditioner and Samsung’s WindFree™ Plus with Air Purifier PM 1.0.

“Air Conditioning is no longer a seasonality-based product,” says Samsung Philippines’ President, James Jung; And as someone who spends most of his day within his four walls, it’s almost hard to disagree. The virtual briefing mainly focused on key aspects of the company’s latest air conditioners. Fast Cooling, WindFree™ Cooling, energy-saving, and its built-in Air Purifier technology with PM 1.0 Filter are probably their most timely features.

This is Samsung’s First-Ever Window-Type Inverter Air Conditioner. Apart from being able to save energy and release safer air, it also has fast cooling capabilities. First, it saves energy by 61% with the help of Digital Inverter technology. Unlike non-inverters, this air conditioner keeps the room cool while its compressor operates at a variable speed, avoiding the sudden spikes in energy usage that pile up at the end of your billing period.

It also comes with a 3-in-1 Anti-bacterial Filter for cleaner air. Inside the filters are layers of Silver Ion (Silver), Vitamin C (yellow), and Anti-Mite (red) that are proven effective in destroying bacteria, allergens, and other airborne contaminants. To top it off, it also has a 15% faster cooling rate compared to other non-inverter ACs and a Soft Start mode to prevent unexpected power surges–something that happens quite frequently, at least for some of us here in The Philippines.

Other features include Auto Mode, Dehumidifier, Timer, Sleep Mode, Dirty Filter Prompt, and a 5-year warranty on the compressor. The Window-Type Inverter Air conditioner will have a base price of PHP 36,995 for the 1.0HP, PHP 40,995 for 1.5HP, PHP 51,995 for 2.0HP, and PHP 55,995 for 2.5HP but comes with some very good introductory discounts when you head on over to authorized Samsung stores.

Next in the line-up is Samsung’s WindFree™ Plus Split-Type with Air Purifier PM 1.0. Yes, this is an Air Purifier built inside the Air conditioner unit itself! For those unaware, PM, or Particulate Matter, is the term for a mixture of solid particles and liquid droplets found in the air. A PM 1.0 rating means that it can filter out ultra-fine particles less than 1.0 um in diameter, which keeps the room not only cool but safe as well. According to Samsung, it even charges ultra-fine particles in the air to effectively attract, capture, and sterilize up to 99% of dust, bacteria, and other harmful substances.

Now let’s talk about the WindFree™ technology. It comes with 23,000 micro holes for WindFree™ cooling. This means that it can maintain a comfortable level of coolness without the unpleasant feeling of direct cold air. We tested this on the demo mock-up unit they sent over, and I could not feel a gust of wind as the blades span around. This is something we’re quite excited about since it balances the temperature of the room as efficiently as possible without compromising comfort. Now that’s pretty cool.

To complement the PM 1.0 Filter, another highlight of this air conditioner is that it can be controlled via the SmartThings App (which includes Voice Control via Bixby) and just like usual air purifiers, this air conditioner can also tell you the room’s Air Quality through its display. Good air quality shows a blue light, which is the optimal environment. Meanwhile, a green light means normal air quality, yellow means poor, and red means very poor. Imagine being able to know how clean the air is inside your home with just a glance– how convenient.

Other features include Digital Inverter Boost with up to 73% energy savings and come with a 10-year warranty for the compressor. The Premium Inverter WindFree™ Plus is priced at PHP 51,995 for 1.0HP, PHP 55,995 for 1.5HP, PHP 66,995 for 2.0HP and PHP 75,995 for 2.5HP.

Which one should I get for my home?

During times like these, staying in also means keeping your home clean and comfortable. Samsung’s latest air conditioner lineups are looking to be a great option for those who are looking to cool their rooms and have clean air.

Being indoors with the air conditioner on doesn’t always ensure sustainable energy consumption. If you’re starting to notice a spike in your electricity bill, you should go and check out your current Air Conditioner; more often than not, old, non-inverter units could be one of the nasty culprits. And if replacing them with a more energy-efficient one will be up your alley, then these are pretty good options to add to your list. Let’s sum up the differences.

The Samsung Window Inverter Aircon is a window-type unit, so if your room already has a provision for it (that empty square space on your window), it’s more convenient to get this model. You just have to make sure it can accommodate the Air Conditioner unit’s size. The Samsung WindFree™ Plus, on the other hand, is a split-type unit. It’s called “split” because it comes with two components — indoor and outdoor. The former contains the air distribution and filter components, while the latter contains the compressor and the condenser. Installation is also different for the two types of units. The window type is easier to install, as all you need to do is to slide it into the Air Conditioner slot and plug it in. The split type requires the service of a professional since you may need to install the indoor component, the outdoor component, and the tubes in between.

When it comes to its features, both Samsung Air Conditioner units are powerful—offering energy-saving and fast cooling features. They also work to provide cleaner and safer air with the Samsung Window Inverter Aircon’s anti-bacterial filter and Samsung WindFree™ Plus’ air-purifying PM 1.0 filter. It is noteworthy though, that the Samsung WindFree™ Plus can cool an area evenly without the unpleasant feeling of cold wind because of its advanced airflow technology.

So, which one to get? If you have a small room and want a plug-and-play Air Conditioner unit, you should go with the Samsung Window Inverter Aircon. It’s more affordable and requires less maintenance. But if you have a bigger space like a living room or an office, have the resources and time for installation, and prefer the WindFree™ technology feature, get the Samsung WindFree™ Plus.

For more information about all its features, check out Samsung’s official website at samsung.com/ph/air-conditioners or visit any authorized Samsung dealer stores.

Samsung Digital Appliances is also offering up to 16% off on Air Conditioners and big savings on bundles until June 30, 2021. Visit SamsungPH on Facebook and samsung.com/ph/offer/2021/cool-summer-bundles/air-solutions to know more about this promo.

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