Why the Huawei Vision S Series is the Future of TV

Why the Huawei Vision S Series is the Future of TV

Compared to TVs from decades ago, TVs nowadays can already be considered futuristic. They now have smart features, slim designs, large screens with high resolutions and fast refresh rates, and wireless connectivity to stream content from the internet. However, newer TVs have even more features, expanding their capabilities beyond a typical Smart TV offer. One good example is the Huawei Vision S Series, which we think is the future of TV. Why? Find out below.

55″, 65″ 4K screen w/ 120Hz refresh rate

The Huawei Vision S Series comes in two models. One sports a 55-inch screen, while the other has a larger 65-inch, so users can pick the size they want basing on preferences and needs. It also has a high 120Hz refresh rate, so if you’re watching content with high frame rates, the Huawei Vision S can keep up and provide that fluid motion. How about content with low frame-rate videos? Don’t worry, as the Huawei Vision S uses the Smart MEMC algorithm to transform the low frame rates to 120Hz. This means that the movies would come out smoother and more life-like.

That’s not all, though, as the Huawei Vision S Series also brings vivid colors, thanks to the DCI-P3 color gamut of up to 92% and Stunning Color technology. It is also equipped with Low Blue Light and Flicker-free technology, as well as Dynamic Contrast Improvement. It’s also vibrant, capable of producing up to 350 nits of brightness.

Huawei Sound

What’s the point of having a great screen if audio is poor? You won’t have that problem with the Huawei Sound. It uses the Huawei Vision S Series’s 4 built-in speakers with Huawei Histen audio algorithms to provide loud and rich sounds that eliminate the need for a sound system. In addition, it has Virtual Surround Extension, Voice Enhancement, and Sound Calibration and supports DTS HD and Dolby Audio. The result is a viewing experience that is not only exciting but also immersive. And if you want to chill and listen to your favorite tunes, the Huawei Vision S uses AI Speaker Mode to make it perform as a high-end speaker when the screen is off.


What separates the Huawei Vision S Series from a conventional Smart TV is HarmonyOS, which also powers the exclusive features found in this device. In addition, it’s designed to work seamlessly with every device in Huawei’s ecosystem, from IoT products to smartphones and tablets, to PCs. Furthermore, it brings Celia, Huawei’s virtual assistant powered by Huawei AI Voice, so you can provide it voice commands with the help of a 6Mic far-field voice pickup that can accurately recognize voices within a radius of 5 meters.

When playing a game installed on the Huawei Vision S Series, you can also turn your Huawei smartphone into a gamepad. There’s also Mirror Control, allowing you to use your Huawei smartphone as a touchpad, so you never have to worry about finding the remote again.

And if you have an interesting photo or video on your Huawei smartphone or tablet that you want to share with the family, you can use OneHop Projection to have your phone screen instantly mirrored to the Huawei Vision S Series wirelessly.

Entertainment Flexibility

The Huawei Vision S Series offers more flexibility than your typical Smart TV as it supports non-Huawei smartphones powered by Android 8.0 and above using the Vision app. It also supports casting from iOS devices via select third-party apps.

Speaking of apps, it is powered by AppGallery with Petal Search, so you can directly download supported apps straight from it. But in case an app is not available, you have the option to sideload APKs via Huawei Share or by connecting a flash drive with APKs in it, and it will install the applications just on any Android-powered device.

But if you want to expand its capabilities further, you may use an Android-powered OTT Box (included free for those who pre-ordered) or an Apple TV, giving you full access to Google services and Android and Apple TV apps.


13MP Magnetic Camera w/ MeeTime Video

Now, this is something you won’t normally see in a Smart TV, a camera. But, given the current situation, most people can only connect with loved ones online. So, Huawei makes it easier to bring the whole family together with the help of the 13MP Magnetic Camera with support for MeeTime Video.

You can do a face-to-face MeeTime Video call in 1080p straight from your living room or bedroom with a family member who has a Huawei smartphone, tablet, or another Huawei Vision S Series TV. Since everyone is in the Huawei ecosystem, connecting with the whole family is easy and fun.

If you’re not comfortable having a camera in the room or concerned about privacy, you can easily remove and store it since it only sticks to the Huawei Vision S Series using strong magnets and connects via metal contacts.

Huawei Share

Aside from HarmonyOS, the Huawei Vision S Series also comes with 3GB of RAM and 32GB storage. So not only can it run apps, but it can also accommodate flash transfer of files like photos, videos, music, and applications from your phone to the Huawei Vision S Series.

Have you captured precious moments using your Huawei smartphone and want to set it as a gallery or screensaver of your Huawei Vision S Series TV? Or have you downloaded a video or music from your Huawei tablet and want to showcase it on a bigger screen? Then wireless transfer them to the Huawei Vision S Series using Huawei Share.

Not just for entertainment

You might be asking if entertainment is the only thing you can do with this TV. Well, not exactly. Given the features, you can also use the Huawei Vision S Series for productivity. For example, if you’re using a supported Huawei smartphone, you can cast a presentation using OneHop projection. In addition, if you need to get work done and don’t have a PC, you can enable wireless desktop mode to turn it into an Android-powered PC.

Thanks to the camera, you also use it to make a video call on Zoom or Google Meet. And if you’re working on a laptop with a small screen, the high-resolution and color-accurate screen makes it a great secondary monitor, so you can have more windows to display or use it to display your presentation to more people.

Based on the features mentioned above, the Huawei Vision S Series is not your typical Smart TV. Instead, it has exclusive features and expanded capabilities, so you can do more than watch a video. It’s also a part of a big ecosystem, which not only benefits the Huawei Vision S Series but also changes the way you interact with your other Huawei devices. And that is the future of TV.

The Huawei Vision S Series is now available for purchase with the following price tags from these online stores:

• 55-inch: PHP 36,999 (SRP) / PHP 32,999 (Cash/Straight)
• 65-inch: PHP 56,999 (SRP) / PHP 49,999 (Cash/Straight)

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  1. Mike says:

    Why would you spend thousands for a smart TV that won’t even play Netflix? lol

  2. Marc says:

    So the Future of TV is a Smart TV that is only 100% smart if you connect an android box to it? How is that different from just getting some other big TV and some other android box to connect it to. And the refresh rate? that’s been available for quite a while.. and not everyone likes it.. its what they call the soap opera effect. Its really just re-hashing tech that’s been around for a while. Not saying its not nice or great, but its not new, certainly not “the future” more like its been around the block already.

    This is obviously a sponsored article trying to pass as an opinion piece. Other sites label their sponsored articles as such. Just call a spade a spade.

  3. JV says:

    So the future TV have no hdmi 2.1 and only have 350 nits ??.

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