First working Project Ara coming this December, runs modified Android L

First working Project Ara coming this December, runs modified Android L

The people over at Phonebloks just updated their blog that says Google’s Project Ara is right on track for its January 2015 release. To show its progress, there’s going to be a second dev conference by the end of the year where a fully-functioning Ara phone prototype will make its very first appearance. It is also reported that it will be running a modified version of Android L.



Again, Project Ara is an upcoming customizable smartphone from Google that lets you interchange the components you want and need. It was reported that Toshiba will be making its processor, Sennheiser for the sound system, and should be selling at a starting price of about Php4,400. Each module can be bought through an online portal like Play Store.

The team will collaborate with Linaro in order to make the device run a modified version of Android L, Google’s next OS version for Android. Thanks to this, every module on the phone (batteries, camera, etc. Except CPU and display) can be removed and replaced without the need to turn off the device. As the year draws closer to its end, we can expect a rush of more exciting news from the company so stick around!


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7 Responses

  1. Mon says:

    I think this will still have a lot of bugs once it comes out. First gen tech, it basically redefines what a smartphone can be… something this complex is bound to have issues no matter how much they test it

    With that said, I’m still excited for one :D hopefully all of the components would be available here in the Philippines

  2. Easy E says:

    syempre yung battery pag tinanggal mago-off yung phone. But yes, don’t be so excited and don’t buy a 1st gen tech.

    • nokinoks says:

      ang alam ko kahit tanggalin bat di mamamatay device. Nabalitaan ko lang. Siguro may time or something bago mamatay.

    • lawrence says:

      “Swapping the main battery without turning off the device is possible since there’s a built-in battery apart from the main battery embedded in the Endo — a first we’ve seen in smartphones.”

  3. kamote says:

    starting price of P4,400. yeah right, pagdating dito 10k na minimun nyan

  4. Danmark says:

    Actually hindi po mamamatay ung phone kapag tinanggal ung battery. inexplain na yan dati sa project ara. dun sa exoskeleton may parang battery backup po :)

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