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10 Best Geek Movies to Watch out in 2016

Happy New Year! We’ve everyone is still feeling a bit woozy from last nights revelries, we’re already listing down all of the most anticipated movies of 2016. Check out our top 10 picks of geek movies of 2016.

Warcraft • 10 Best Geek Movies To Watch Out In 2016 1. Warcraft

Being a Warcraft addict since 1995, I’m most excited to watch this game turned into a movie.

“Fleeing their dying home to colonize another, fearsome orc warriors invade the peaceful realm of Azeroth.” The Warcraft movie is set to be release din May 26, 2016.

Ind • 10 Best Geek Movies To Watch Out In 2016 2. Independence Day: Resurgence

We really loved the original Independence Day movie back in 1996 (It was also memorable since our college org organized a special movie screening for this). Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum did well in this film so it’s a little surprising that Will is not going to be part of this sequel.

“Using recovered extraterrestrial technology, the nations of Earth collaborate on an immense defense program to protect the planet. When the aliens attack with unprecedented force, only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can save the world.” Independence Day 2 will be released in the Philippines in June 22, 2016.

Batmanvssuperman • 10 Best Geek Movies To Watch Out In 2016 3. Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

First time we heard of this movie, we were like “Really, Batman vs. Superman? Wouldn’t that be unfair?” Well, that’s why we are all curious to watch this epic battle in 2016. Henry Cavill as Superman is okay but Ben Affleck as Batman?

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Mankind faces a new threat as Batman embarks on a personal vendetta against Superman“. The two will hit the movie theaters in the Philippines this March 26, 2016.

Capam • 10 Best Geek Movies To Watch Out In 2016 4. Captain America: Civil War

This one is going to be another epic battle — the battle between Captain America vs. Iron Man is going to be exciting. Civil War is the conclusion of the Captain America trilogy that began with The First Avenger.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to be released on April 29, 2016.

• 10 Best Geek Movies To Watch Out In 2016 5. X-Men: Apocalypse

We’ve seen so may X-Men movies in the past few years yet we’re always excited to see the next one. In this upcoming movie, we’re really looking forward to the X-Men battle Apocalypse.

Worshiped as a god since the dawn of civilization, the immortal Apocalypse becomes the first and most powerful mutant. Awakening after thousands of years, he recruits the disheartened Magneto and other mutants to create a new world order. As the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, Professor X and Raven lead a team of young X-Men to stop their seemingly invincible nemesis from destroying mankind.

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X-Men: Apocalypse is scheduled to be released in May 27, 2016.

Startrek • 10 Best Geek Movies To Watch Out In 2016 6. Star Trek Beyond

Realme Philippines

This is the 13th film in the Star Trek franchise and the 3rd installment in the reboot series which stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto.

“The USS Enterprise crew, led by Captain James T. Kirk, have been attacked by a powerful unstoppable wave of unknown aliens, who destroy the Enterprise, leaving them stranded on a new planet where they find themselves in conflict with a new ruthless enemy, while finding a way to get off the planet.”

Release is scheduled for July 22, 2016.

Deadpool • 10 Best Geek Movies To Watch Out In 2016 7. Deadpool

Perhaps the most interesting adaptation of the year although we’ve still not that convinced with Ryan Reynolds (also took the role of Green Lantern) taking the lead role.

Gifted with accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humor, mercenary Wade Wilson adopts the alter ego Deadpool and hunts down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

Deadpool will have an early release — February 4, 2016.

Suicidesquad • 10 Best Geek Movies To Watch Out In 2016 8. Suicide Squad

This is another superhero movie which stars Jared Leto and Will Smith taken from the world of DC Comics.

A government agency recruits some of the deadliest villains in DC Comics lore to embark on dangerous missions. This film will be a continuation of WB’s shared DC cinematic universe.” The Suicide Squad will hit theaters in August 5, 2016.

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Divergent • 10 Best Geek Movies To Watch Out In 2016 9. The Divergent Series: Allegiant

The first film in the Divergent series was good so we’re hoping they’d crank it up a bit in the sequel.

“Tris must escape with Four and go beyond the wall enclosing Chicago. For the first time ever, they will leave the only city and family they have ever known in order to find a peaceful solution for their embroiled city. Once outside, old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless with the revelation of shocking new truths. Tris and Four must quickly decide who they can trust as a ruthless battle ignites beyond the walls of Chicago which threatens all of humanity. In order to survive, Tris will be forced to make impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice and love.”

Scheduled for March 9, 2016.

Bourne • 10 Best Geek Movies To Watch Out In 2016 10. Bourne Movie

Yeah, another Bourne movie. We’re just glad that Matt Damon is back as Jason Bourne.

This yet to be officially titled Bourne film is set to be released in July 29, 2016.

Just for kicks…. honorable mention.

Angrybirds • 10 Best Geek Movies To Watch Out In 2016 The Angry Birds Movie

Just because Angry Birds was once a hit mobile game, we’re just curious how this one will turn out when it hits the theaters this May 18, 2016.

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Easy E
Easy E
6 years ago

Haha angry birds?

Paul Cruz
6 years ago

Bakit wala ang star wars: rogue one ?

6 years ago

Dr. Strange should have been there instead of angry birds or divergent.

Reply to  Benedict
6 years ago

+1. Divergent a geek favorite? LOL!

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