Camera Blind Test: Sony Xperia Z5 vs. Apple iPhone 6S

Camera Blind Test: Sony Xperia Z5 vs. Apple iPhone 6S

In this round, we’re pitting the Sony Xperia Z5 against the iPhone 6S. We’re showing you two similar photos taken by each handset and you can pick which one you like better. Photos will be labeled A and B only so you don’t know which photo was taken by which device. At the end of the week, we tally the votes and reveal to you the results.

Close-up, indoor, low-light:

General outdoor shot:

General indoor, dark:

Dynamic range:


Food, outdoor:

Dark, indoor:

Flash, low-light:

Video capture:

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13 Responses

  1. Gino B says:

    Hands down, for sure Sony will win. Camera output quality ang strength nila.

  2. Bobot Lim says:

    My choice is B specially the video its so”Wow!”

  3. Melit says:

    A for almost all shots. General outdoor shots, I’ll go for B

  4. Owen says:

    A overall.

  5. F says:

    B probably win this. I know the photos and videos taken by xperia phones specially z5 hahahaha i wantch many reviews about z5 :) Best camera phone so far regard on being waterproof, can take amazing photos/vid under water????

  6. archie says:

    Lahat B pinili ko except sa indoor simbahan. Pakiramdan ko yung B ang xperia dahil may z5 compact ako. Kung ang gamit nilang xperia z5 sa test ay yung updated camera na then consistent na talaga ang shots.

  7. Bob says:

    I voted B for all but for dynamic range and flash in low light.

  8. Kenneth says:

    Basta ang alam ko yung ma-light masyado yung picture eh iPhone yan. XD

  9. mikey37589 says:

    Voted mostly B especially the video is good. A colors are washed out. B is more natural.

  10. A for me siz5.. Iba ang timpla ni iphone pag kulay green eh halata agad.. And also si iphone ang super light kumuha ng pics. Advantage ni iphone un kaya A for sony :) thumbs up #sony

  11. Kevin says:

    this one is for a.. definitely. apple yung a. a.. napakanatural ng color. yung b over exposed ng kunting stops when it comes to outdoor/dynamic range. z5 has a brighter image for having a f2.0 aperture compared to f2.2 of 6s.

  12. sailalimngtulay says:

    My preferences:

    Close-up, indoor, low light: A
    General outdoor shot: B
    General indoor, dark: A
    Dynamic range: A
    Food, outdoor: A
    Dark, indoor: B
    Flash, low-light: A
    Video capture (actual video): I prefer the right frame on the first cut but on the second cut the left frame looks better to me

    A: 5 points
    B: 2 points

    I didn’t count the video capture win because the output was not consistent. It seems like they’ve switched the phone frame position between the two cuts. You’ll notice how in the first cut, the right frame looks like it was taken far from the wooden fence and in the second cut, it’s the left frame that looks far from the wooden fence. To me it looks like th right frame from the firt cut and the left frame from the second cut were taken from the same phone. And the reverse is true for another phone.

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