Dark Mode Everything for Android and iOS

Dark Mode Everything for Android and iOS

Don’t you wish you could make your entire smartphone interface dark mode? There are so many reasons why you should use dark mode for your phone. For most of us, it feels more comfortable to read white text on a black background as opposed to black text on a white background.

It has better contrast, less blue light, it somehow saves more battery, and it’s helpful for people with sensitive eye conditions. But admittedly sometimes, it’s just because we simply like it and it looks cool.

And although there are now more dark modes available for different apps and even phones, there are still some limitations to the feature that it doesn’t make everything totally pitch black or dark blue.

Either way, if you’re an iPhone or Android user, here are some ways you can turn your device dark.

Starting with some most used apps that already have a dark feature on board. Unfortunately, Facebook still doesn’t have it, however, if you still haven’t unlocked the dark mode in your Messenger app, just send the crescent moon emoji to anyone.
Tip: if you don’t want to bother anyone, just send the emoji to yourself.

Other apps that also have the feature are Twitter, Telegram, Viber, Snapseed, Discord, Google Play Games, Firefox, Opera, Waze, Reddit, Google Maps, and of course, YouTube. All of this works for both Android and iOS.


Then there are apps that are already in dark mode by default, so I guess it’s not “mode” per se. And for this, we have Netflix, Google Play Movies & TV, Spotify, YouTube Music, and even Pornhub.

If you want dark mode for your entire iPhone’s UI, thankfully with iOS 13 you can now simply go to Settings, then Display and Brightness, and at the top part click on Dark. For a shortcut, swipe down on the control center and long press on the brightness level to reveal the auto switch from light mode to dark mode and vise versa.

For Android, it’s a different story. There are brands like Huawei, Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Google Pixel who already have a built-in dark mode that you can easily access in their Settings as well.

Samsung’s native browser automatically turns any web page you open into dark mode. Nonetheless, if your smartphone doesn’t have that feature, you can download Opera and use it as your default browser, since it not only has a dark theme, but it also gives the users the option to dark web pages.

Then, there are specially made third-party apps or launchers that you can download to get dark mode such as Swift Installer, Solid Explorer File Manager, Nova launcher, or simply use Gboard or Swiftkey for your keyboard so you can change the colors of the keys to something darker. Another thing you can do is turn on the Invert Color feature if your phone has it.

And finally, to seal the deal, be sure to do the very simplest thing to achieve the darkest mode, which is, changing your wallpaper to something black. This even comes better if your phone has an AMOLED screen, as it saves more battery when you’re on the home screen.

So do you have the patience to go totally black? Or will you go back and stick to light mode? Do let us know in the comments if you have more tips to share.

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