Gadget Reviews Roundup: November 2018

Gadget Reviews Roundup: November 2018

November is the month of more flagship smartphones, at least for us, and thus, most of our reviews comprise of devices that are suitable for you especially that the holiday season is coming up. Take a look at the devices that we reviewed last month here!


Can the ROG Phone deliver? Yes! Is it necessary and worth the price? If you’re a solid mobile gamer and want to bring your gaming experience to the next level, AND have the budget for it, then it’s a yes.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The Mate 20 Pro is a huge upgrade compared to its predecessor and definitely a strong contender amongst high-end flagship phones this year. It packs everything one would wish for from a flagship smartphone and some more. We could not find anything we did not like about it. Well, except for that very high price tag.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

Xiaomi has been consistent in producing powerful smartphones at reasonable price tags. They have been more conscious of the design equally with the Mi 8 Pro, and that is great. It performs smoothly and provides excellent photos and videos that you can store in its 128GB storage. Also, enjoy the in-display fingerprint scanner and of course the transparent back that is a sure head-turner, making people think twice about buying something else.

Huawei Mate 20


Although it sits at the bottom of the series, the Mate 20 is still every bit worthy to be called a flagship smartphone of 2018. It even has some advantage over the Mate 20 Pro in some aspects and compared to its predecessor, the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro; it’s significantly better.

Huawei Y9 2019

Its large display provides a great viewing experience while its overall performance is just enough to be used as a daily driver. The camera capabilities, especially its Night mode feature, is impressive for its price while the battery life is above average as compared with other phones that has a large screen size.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018

In all honesty, this year’s Galaxy A7 is actually a decent phone, but there’s nothing really special about it. The triple camera feature is nice and all, but that aside, there’s nothing really that stands out. At Php17,990, you’d find yourself in a pool of midrangers that are cheaper and comes in with new features.

FFalcon 40F1

If you are not much into smart TVs and not picky with screen bleeding that’s happening on all sides, then the FFalcon 40F1 is a good option considering its price.

OPPO R17 Pro

OPPO has been known for the selfie-centered smartphones. It’s different in the case of the R17 Pro, although still good in taking selfies, as it is more marketed towards photography especially in low-light. And we’re happy about it because it was able to deliver. In some cases, we even find it better than the pricier Find X. Also, it has a good performance, premium build and design, and long battery life with high-speed charging.


Sony RX100 VI

And that’s all the devices that we reviewed last month! What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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