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Messaging Apps with Secret Chat Features

Some messaging apps sport so-called secret chat features that aim to protect users’ privacy. Let’s hope that these features are not generally made to tolerate cheating schemes but to ensure that conversations are kept private and secured. Some apps claim to guarantee privacy and security practices as they are equipped with end-to-end encryption, while some even have self-destructing messages. Nonetheless, all of these could also keep you from the harm of getting hacked, snooped in, or spied on, as conversations are limited only to the persons exchanging messages. So, what are those messaging apps that boast the mentioned secret chat features? Let’s see!


There is a secret conversation in Messenger featuring encrypted end-to-end messages. It is ideal for keeping messages intended just for you and the person you’re talking to. The secret conversation allows sending messages, photos, stickers, videos, and voice recordings. However, it does not support group messages, gifs, and voice or video calls. It also features disappearing messages, allowing to set a time for the messages to expire from 5 seconds to 1 day. On the other hand, the person you’re chatting to could still choose to keep a record or share the conversation with others via screenshots.

Download: Android 10 | iOS


Viber also has secret chats offering advanced privacy elements that users have complete control over. Although a regular chat on Viber already has end-to-end encryption, a secret chat sports extra-privacy. In here, messages are not allowed to be forwarded, and screenshots are also unavailable. The secret chat can be identified with the lock badge to be found on the chat icon.

Download: Android | iOS


Telegram messages are heavily encrypted and can self-destruct. Chats and group chats are private within the participants. Moreover, it also has secret chats for an additional layer of encryption. These are established between the two devices they were created on. That means that all these messages from the secret chats are not available in the cloud. Also, secret chats are device-specific; once you logged out from the device, secret chats will disappear. Besides, screenshots are also prohibited.

Download: Android| iOS

Signal Private Messenger

Signal sports not just a secret chat feature, but the app itself is a private messenger perse. It has an advanced end-to-end encryption protocol to secure messages shared with other users. It offers features such as encrypted voice calls, group chats, media transfer, archive functionality, and all these do not require any PIN codes or other login credentials. Messages shared across the app can also be set to self-destruct in a set amount of time.

Download: Android | iOS 15


KakaoTalk, the South Korea-based messaging app, has a secret chat mode option that allows encrypted conversations. It makes conversation safe and secure with its hidden chat feature and end-to-end encryption.

Download: Android| iOS

Wickr Me – Private Messenger

Similar to Signal, another private messenger on the list is the Wickr Me. This messaging app lets users instantly connect with friends 1:1 or in groups. It comes with fully encrypted voice calling and voice memos, along with trusted end-to-end secure sharing of files, images, and videos. Wickr Me guarantees that every message is encrypted with a new key using advanced vetted end-to-end encryption.

Download: Android 17 | iOS

That wraps it up! Those are some of the messaging apps that have secret chat features and end-to-end encryption. They may all have the same points but may still differ in the interface and the like, so you may get to choose which would best match your taste and needs. Moreover, don’t forget that having these features cannot guarantee a hundred percent of your privacy and security; hence, it’s best to stay wary!

Which among these apps are you using? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Avatar for Danny Danny says:

    I would like to share two further messaging apps which are heavily encrypted per se and are very much recommended:
    Threema – The secure messenger for individuals and businesses – Overview — https://threema.ch/en
    Wire – Most Secure Collaboration Platform · Work Anywhere · Stay Secure — https://wire.com/en/

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