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Nowadays, it can be difficult to get some good sleep with everything happening in the world. Even though most people are staying at home, that doesn’t guarantee that we’re less stressed than we were before. So, if you’re one of those people who have been struggling to get some quality shut-eye, here’s a few things that can help you out:

Mattress – Comfort Living PH Premium Memory Mattress

If you’re looking to replace your old mattress, check out the Comfort Living PH Premium Memory Mattress. Unlike other mattress brands in the country, this series uses CoolTech Gel, which makes it more eco-friendly and breathable. Additionally, it supports your body’s natural form and provides enough firmness for assistance and comfort. Lastly, similar to other Comfort Living PH mattresses, this series is also hypoallergenic.

Starts at PHP 9,999Shopee | Starts at PHP 12,699Lazada

Pillow – Rest Easy Neck and Pillow Massager

From the name itself, the Rest Easy Neck and Pillow Massager allows users to simply sit back and relax as this electric pillow soothes their necks. It can also be used to massage one’s back, legs, and abdomen. The device is made of synthetic leather and mesh for soft contact with the skin. In addition, it also features an advanced heating function that helps relieve muscle pain and tightness more effectively.

PHP 1,999Shopee | PHP 1,999.75Lazada

Diffuser – Blue Water Aroma Diffuser

Don’t you wish you could control everything with a remote control? Well, with the Blue Water aroma diffuser, you can! The diffuser produces one of the finest mists in the market as it has 0.3-nanometer atomization, which is perfect for those who opt for a gentle mist instead of a strong stream. It has a tank capacity of 300 ml, giving users 6 to 10 hours of fragrance, and will automatically shut down when it’s empty. The device also features a timer, three LED lights, and an ultra-quiet design of 30-35 decibels–making it a great sleeping companion.

PHP 799Shopee

Sleep Sound Machine – Dreamegg D11 Portable Sound Machine

Now a company that started out designing sound machines for sleeping is Dreamegg. At just 3.4″ in diameter and 5.7 ounces, the Dreamegg D11 Portable Sound Machine is a nightlight, noise blocker, and sleep soothing device that you can take anywhere. The device is made of plastic and includes 11 different sounds: lullaby, music box, shushing, vacuum cleaner, fetal tone, fan noise, white noise, ocean, brook, fair sound, and cricket. Moreover, it has adjustable settings for the brightness, timer, and volume levels. But, its distinguishing feature is its child lock, preventing curious kids from changing the settings.

PHP 1,999Lazada

Night light – Xiaomi Mijia Induction Night Light

Some people can’t sleep in complete darkness, so here’s a solution. With the Xiaomi Mijia Induction Night Light, you can forget bending over as this device automatically turns on in the dark and can easily be turned off with just a soft touch. This night light also provides comfortable soft light without the blue light hazard. Most importantly, its energy-saving LED lamp beads only consume less than 1KW a year.

PHP 472Shopee | PHP 295Lazada

Sleep mask – Dreamegg 3D Eye Mask

Another sleeping device from Dreamegg is their weighted or 3D sleeping mask. It provides deep pressure stimulation, which slows down users’ nervous system, allowing their bodies to relax. In addition, Dreamegg claims that the product is designed to completely block out ambient light without touching your eyes, preventing pressure and allowing movement under the mask.

PHP 899Lazada

There you have it! A list of some of the latest gadgets you can purchase online for a good night’s sleep. Don’t forget to check the reviews of each product before buying.

Do you have other sleeping devices to recommend? Let us know in the comments down below.

This article was written by Julia Fernando.

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