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Red Fiber Broadband plans, download speed, add-ons, boosts: Which one to get?

A few days ago, Cignal TV, in partnership with Meralco-backed Radius Telecoms, launched a new residential TV and fiber internet service called RED Fiber Broadband. Now let’s take a closer look at the services they’re offering and find out which one to get and how to apply for Red Fiber plans.

Red Broadband says that it’s a 3-in-1 service as it provides unlimited fiber broadband, built-in TV plans, and access to Cignal Play, Cignal TV’s streaming app. For its fiber broadband services, it offers broadband + TV Plans, and broadband-only plans.

Broadband + TV Plans

For this type of plan, Red Broadband’s offering starts at 20Mbps for PHP 1,699/mo, up to 200Mbps for PHP 5,999/mo. All come with 61 channels. 54 are SD, while 7 are HD.

Broadband-only Plans

For this one, plans start at 5 Mbps for PHP 990/mo up to 200 Mbps for PHP 5,849.

Broadband + TV Plans vs Broadband-only plans

The two sets of plans offer almost the same speeds, except for the 5Mbps, which is exclusive to the Broadband-only plan. In terms of price, the broadband-only plans cost only PHP 150 less. If you can spare an additional PHP 150/mo, I think you’re better off going for the broadband + TV Plans if you don’t have a cable subscription yet, or if your current cable TV subscription is offering the same channels at a higher price, AND for another perk, which we will encounter below.


PayTV Add-ons/Upgrades and Broadband Speed Boost/Upgrades

It’s great to see that Red Broadband is also offering add-ons and speed boosts, which are only available to subscribers of Broadband + TV Plans. Here’s the fine print: “Have the choice to avail of the upgrades for a minimum of one (1) month only. Fiber internet-only plans are not eligible for add-ons and upgrades.”

If you think the 61 channels is limited, you can go for the PayTV add-ons. It starts with 69 SD + 16 HD channels for an extra PHP 420/mo, up to 90 SD + 32HD channels for PHP 1,890/mo, on top of your monthly.

For the Broadband Speed Upgrades, Red Broadband is offering three/boost plans as you can see below:

The said boosts and upgrades are designed for those subscribed to Broadband + TV Plans 20, 30, and 60 Mbps. Based on the conditions mentioned earlier, if you’re subscribed to, let’s say 20Mbps, you can opt to upgrade to either 100 Mbps, 150 Mbps, and 200 Mbps for at least a month and pay the corresponding monthly fee, then scale back to your original subscription later on. This is great for households with varying internet demands as you can upgrade your internet speed when you need it.

Minimum speeds, lock-in period

According to Red Broadband, they have minimum speeds of 20% of the subscribed package, with an 80% service reliability. You have 24 months lock-in period. The add-ons/upgrades (broadband speed boost or PayTV add-ons) have a minimum lock-in of one (1) month only.

UPDATE: As of July 15, 2021, the company announced that it is offering a 90-Day Internet Guarantee program where new subscribers can try the service. If the subscriber opts to discontinue the service, they can do so within 90 days without pre-termination fees.

Requirements and installation fee

Red Broadband requires the following to qualify for a plan subscription:
1. Accomplished RED Broadband Subscriber Acquisition Form (SAF)
2. Two (2) valid IDs
3. Proof of residence or lease contract
4. Proof of billing

The company will also require a one-time fee that already includes the equipment rental, cabling installation, and plan activation. It’s PHP 3,500 for the Broadband + TV plans, and PHP 2,500 for the broadband-only plans.

Serviceable areas

As of writing, Red Broadband didn’t specify the areas they can service but said that they are gradually rolling out their network. Interested subscribers may contact their telesales at (02) 88-888-222, visit their website at cignal.tv/red, or check out their Facebook page at fb.com/cignalTV.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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