Microsoft launches new Office Sway

Microsoft launches new Office Sway

After announcing the newest OS that will be their new flagship by the next year in the name of Windows 10, Microsoft is now at it again with the launch of the new Office app called Sway.


Sway gives you a new way to create interactive web presentations. The software has a built-in design engine which automatically transforms text and images users put into effortless panoramic display of content.

Users can choose which parts to highlight or showcase, choose layout modes in a click, decide where photos would be from (phone camera, picture in local drive, OneDrive, or Facebook), and share it among your family, friends, and colleagues online through an embed post or a link shared to social media channels.


Sway can be viewed and created among all devices. The software aims to be a tool to better express ideas as users quickly make and share their content for all sorts of uses.

Here is an example of an online presentation made using Microsoft Office Sway.

Sway is still in preview, and users can sign up today on the Microsoft Office Website to be a partner in making a better product.

Source: The Microsoft Office Blog

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