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Facebook Live Shopping is coming to an end on October 1

Meta has just announced on a blog post that starting October 1, 2022, users will no longer be able to host any new or scheduled Live Shopping events on Facebook.

However, the company did note that users will still be able to enjoy live events on Facebook Live but won’t be able to create product playlists or tag products in Facebook Live videos.

Realme Philippines

Facebook Live

Facebook Live Shopping

The reason for Meta turning away from Live Shopping is due to the shift to short-form videos as it focuses its attention to Reels on both Facebook and Instagram. Meta has also encouraged users to tag products in Reels and have ads featured on their Reels.

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Facebook Reels With Ads

realme philippines

Live Shopping on Facebook started back in 2018, with it being a popular method of selling products here in the Philippines and in other parts of Asia.

But with Facebook now shifting towards short-form videos in order to rival TikTok, most live-sellers on Facebook will now have to rethink their approach in selling products through other forms of content or on other platforms.

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