OnlyFans suspends policy change to ban sexually explicit content

OnlyFans suspends policy change to ban sexually explicit content

Following their recent announcement of banning sexually explicit content, OnlyFans has decided to postpone their new policy change that was set to launch on October 1.

In a tweet posted by OnlyFan’s official Twitter account, they recanted their October 1 policy change citing, “OnlyFans stands for inclusion, and we will continue to provide a home for all creators.”

Moreover, in a subsequent reply to their official tweet, they said they would email an official communication letter to all their creators regarding the postponement.

An OnlyFans spokesperson reached out to TechCrunch in an email noting that the proposed policy is no longer required as its banking partners’ confirmed assurance that the content subscription service can continue supporting creators of all genres.

To recap, OnlyFans previously announced the ban following a request for policy change from its banking partners and payout providers. The London-based company cited that it faced pressure from these parties, which led to its decision to no longer permit sexually explicit content starting October 1. However, they have now recanted their policy change in light of assurances from their financial partners.

Source: OnlyFans (Twitter), TechCrunch

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