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5 Reasons Why You Should Skip Foldable Phones For Now

Big mobile brands have recently unveiled their new devices with foldable displays, marking the beginning of a new era for smartphone design. It looks cool and promising, and probably some of you are already thinking of getting one once it becomes available. However, you might want to skip it for a number of reasons. Here’s five of them.

1. Potential hardware issues

You have to take into consideration that these are first-generation devices, and first-gen devices tend to exhibit problems either in the hardware or software once its already in the hands of consumers. We’ve seen it happen before like issues with the battery,  the mechanisms that make the device fold, and the display that flexes upon each use, even with non-first-gen devices. No device is perfect so expect some flaws in these foldable smartphones.

2. Software and apps still need tweaking

Smartphones with foldable screens implement a different UI to accommodate the huge display. Some are using the new split-screen modes so you can run multiple apps at the same time. However, plenty of apps in the market are not yet optimized for these new interfaces so it will require some software tweaking from the device maker itself as well as from the developer for a seamless experience. It’s going to take some time though, and a lot of software updates.

3. Third-party accessories will be hard to come by

Foldable smartphones are niche devices so don’t expect accessories like cases or screen protectors from third-party manufacturers to be available right away. We don’t know yet if brands will include some in the package, but the worst case scenario is you’ll acquire a device without any special protection for bumps and scratches. This can be a cause for concern especially if you’re still not sure about its durability.

4. They’re thicker and bigger

Foldable smartphones are cool but the current design leaves the phone relatively thicker and bigger than most current smartphones in the market. It’s a reasonable trade-off but if you don’t like huge smartphones, then this is not for you. We suggest waiting for the next-gen devices as they’ll probably be thinner and pack more features.

5. Expensive

One of the reasons why I classified these phones as niche devices is because they’re too expensive. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is at UD 1,980 or around PHP 103K, while the Huawei Mate X is at EUR 2,299 or around PHP 135K. Again, too expensive and not practical. But hey, if you have the budget, feel free to purchase them.

To summarize, it’s too early to get a foldable smartphone. They’re chunky, still needs optimization, and are just too expensive. It’s the future though, so our best suggestion is to wait for further iterations for improvements and new technologies.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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