Alcatel Tribe 3041D with mobile TV announced

Alcatel Tribe 3041D with mobile TV announced

Alcatel has announced their latest feature phone that comes with mobile TV, dual-SIM capabilities, and an affordable price tag, the Tribe 3041D.

The Alcatel Tribe 3041D features a 3.5-inch HVGA (320 x 480) display, a 2 megapixel camera, 128MB of internal storage, microSD card support of up to 8GB, analog mobile TV, and a 1,000mAh battery.



Alcatel Tribe 3041D specs:
3.5″ HVGA (320 x 480) pixels
2 megapixel rear camera
Network: EDGE
260MHz CPU
128MB internal memory
microSD up to 8GB
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0 A2DP
Analog Mobile TV
FM Radio RDS
1,000mAh battery
109 x 60.5 x 12.1 mm

The Alcatel Tribe 3041D has a price tag of Php2,490 and will be available in all ALCATEL kiosks and partner retailers nationwide starting next week.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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15 Responses

  1. abuzalzal says:

    The author forgot to mention that it runs on Android 2.2 Froyo

    • daniel says:

      hahaha i wanna laugh, did not know there are still person who cares about a cheap feature phone(SABI SA ARTICLE FEATURE PHONE SYA) lol :) Ay hindi pala feature phone, sabi mo Froyo 2.2.

      Hahaha nice po :)

    • cipher says:

      are you trying to make us laugh? your joke is kind of…retarded! try again, dumbass!

      it’s clear that this is a feature phone. only a stupid company would dare to run android on those specs. the specs are more than enough for a feature phone firmware to run.

    • abuzalzal says:

      Hahaha seryosohin ba…kung girl ka cipher..kiss na kita, mwah….estrogen level mo sis lolmaorofl


      here goes abuzalzal again hahaha taena laking kahihiyan nyan hahaha feature phone then android?whatthefuck amp hahaha utak ni abu = utak ng ipis #fucklogic #tunaynabobo

    • cipher says:

      yeah, whatever you say, dude!
      that comment of yours isn’t enough to hide your feebleness and dumbness. you’re a big failure to humanity.

      *popcorn mode*

    • cipher says:

      oh, you wanna kiss me, jackass?
      sorry, bastard! i’m a man, you’re a homo!
      go back to your tv set and bask yourself in the gayness of an immoral show called “my husband’s lover”.

      you do not deserve to be here, faggot!


      anu na abuzalzal??HAHAHA tameme si tanga eh =))) xD

    • Weh says:

      abuzalzal = “dumbness”

  2. samuel witwicky says:

    2….260mhz CPU? I thought Android was slow with a 528mhz CPU, but 260mhz? What’s the boot time? :D

  3. Benchmark says:

    Alcatel is a good brand. I think a better alternative to China phones.

    • 3D_Result says:

      Brad promote mo pa yong Alcatel dito. Wala kakagat nitong phone model. Pareho lang to quality ng CDRKing pagbumigay dun na basurahan itapon wag nyo ng ipagwarranty. ok!

  4. cipher says:

    Just to let you guys know before you post a worthless comment, this is not an Android Smartphone. It’s just a basic feature phone just like those Nokia Asha phones.

    Still don’t believe that this phone doesn’t run Android, huh? Read this so that your feeble brain will know that this phone really is a feature phone.

  5. arkita says:

    Different strokes for different folks. Some people might prefer a feature phone over a smartphone, or others may see this as a good alternative for a second phone.

    Alcatel, IMO, is a decent brand.

  6. mikmik says:

    I have an Alcatel 3041D and I think I overcharged overcharging even possible??

    is there some kind of a system programed into the phone that automatically stops the charging process once the battery is full?

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