An early look into the HTC One 2

The HTC One is one of our most favorite smartphones from last year – it has amazing speakers, a great-in-low-light UltraPixel camera, a breathtaking display and a solid and sleek aluminum body. However, it faced tough competition and it didn’t reign supreme within the Android crowd.  The company’s next flagship phone is destined to arrive this year. Read on and join us as we take an early look at the possibilities, the rumors, the speculations and the leaks of the One’s successor.


Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Dual LED flash, similar design, better cameras

First of all, we’re not even sure if it’s going to be called the HTC One 2. It could be the HTC Two, or the HTC One 2014 Edition; who knows? But since most of the media is calling it the HTC One 2, let’s stick with that for the sake of this article.


Not going to happen. The early leaks are probably fake.

If we are to follow the earliest of leaks, then we’re inclined to believe that there will be a slight redesign with only an incremental bump in specs. There were 3D models that got out, an alleged backplate with cases and details that it will have a fingerprint scanner like the HTC One Max. We rendered a mock-up for everyone to appreciate (above) – and we have to say it looks ugly compared to the current HTC One’s design.

As we feel that the announcement is getting closer, more leaks and details are spilling out. Evleaks has managed to give us the HTC One 2’s stock wallpapers through Twitter, and they have also stated that the device will have on-screen buttons and will look very similar to the HTC One itself. An image of HTC’s on-screen buttons has already made its way to the internet, supporting the claim.

The another leak now on the other hand is consistent with one of the early leaks. It seems like on the image, the device is hosting not a fingerprint scanner, but actually what seems like another camera for better imaging. Apart from that, it’s also packing a dual LED flash. Sadly or not however, it’s called to be a fake.


The HTC One 2 will probably have this wallpaper, on-screen buttons & BoomSound speakers.

One of the most recent leaks, and the most realistic one too, came in with a live shot of the alleged successor to the HTC One. It packs a strikingly similar design to the HTC One, only having on-screen buttons and the lack of the HTC logo itself upfront. That’s it.


Probably the real deal.

To summarize, it seems like the HTC One’s successor is aiming to fix the line’s weaknesses and retain its strengths. The HTC One 2 is poised to have the well-received zero gap unibody aluminum casing, a better set of cameras, BoomSound speakers, a larger 5-inch display accommodating on-screen buttons now and basically just better specs all around – likely Snapdragon 800, 805 or the like. What we don’t have a clue about though is in the screen’s resolution – 1080p or 2K and the phone’s expected battery.

With all of that said and visualized, are you excited for the next HTC One? Or would you prefer setting your eyes somewhere else this 2014? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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12 Responses

  1. Avatar for Kiko Kiko says:

    Parang gago lang ung title misleading

  2. Avatar for Bryan Bryan says:

    Owned a HTC One for a couple of months. Got it from re-contracting with Globe. Used it for a total of 3 months.

    1.) Great physical body.
    2.) Gave at least 50GB free of Dropbox space
    3.) Fast charging
    4.) Option to use the Blinkfeed.
    5.) Very very fast software – never experienced lags but then again, used it for just 3 months.

    1.) Battery lasts a total of 1.5 hours – This was the deciding factor in me giving up the phone.
    2.) Purplish effects of the image when shot in the dark.

    Overall, I would like to give the HTC One Max a try. I am currently using the Xperia Z ultra. Happy with the user experience except for the camera. Can’t wait for this to be released.

    • Avatar for ariel ariel says:

      Honestly I was so inlove with HTC one I said to myself Ive got to have one before the year ends i love the version mettalic red and blue may kulay kasi siya sobrang ganda ng tingnan and napakasolid and so lovely to look at …but yes you have noticed din pala the purplish hue when you take a picture, di pa sana ako maniwala ng sabihin mismo ng sales girl sa akin don sa sm annex i tried it nga at to my surprsie i was so shocked, dahil ito yung issues ng ipone ng lumabas ang ipone 5 iteration nila 2 years ago at naadress agad ng apple ang issue yun ang di naita ng HTC hayun kahit gustong gusto ko uyung metallic red sorry back to ipone ako now so happy sa gold ipone ko i cannot say about the battery life dahil di ko naman natry ng matagal sa kamay ko good that you mentioned that siguro naman manahimik yung nagpost sa itaas dahil supalpal sila hahaha!

      isheep daw? sabi sa taas sa akin? hello po! ikaw ba gagastos ka ba ng 30K+ na smartfone tas bigyan ka ng mga litrato mo na violet itsura mo? to be honest pangalawa pa lang to ipone ko after 4s di ko masasabi na iheep ako mga tao dito kung makajudge akala mo kilala ka nila well sadyang ganito ang mundo natin hahaha..

    • Avatar for Enzo Enzo says:

      It’s a hardware problem. I had mine replaced for free and the purple tint is gone.

      You could have had the unit replaced instead of ranting, lol.

    • Avatar for ariel ariel says:

      enzo, i just want people to know para naman di sila mapagod sa kakapalit palit, what if after tatlong bese na palit mo eh after amonth or 2 use eh hayan na naman ang hue, tas hindi na papayag ang dealer na palitan pa yan dahil nakailan ka na isipin nila na sinisira mo and then you end up with a very expensive garbage on your hand di ba? as a babala matyag matayg pag me time, baka pagkaraan ng 5 month hayan na naman ang violoet hue sa mga litrato mo, kwidaw lang ngayon dalhin mo ulit sa pinagbilhan mo tas d na nila palitan how would you feel ….thats the message i want to convey across para walang tao na gagastos ng pinaghirapan nilang pera na sobra 30k tas uuwing luhaan …

  3. Avatar for ariel ariel says:

    I say DUH! who cares! i almost bought HTC one last xmas but so shock about the camera issues? can you believe a fone that high end (and so expensive to boot) has a purplush effect on your fotos taken? after taking a shot i was so dismayed i looked like a cadaver with purplish tinge all over me hello!!! good that tried it before getting one i have done so many test and the same thing appears over and over so I dropped my desire to have one I settled back to ipone and now i love my ipone 5S gold lovely devise nough said…

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