Apple aware of iPhone 6, 6 Plus bending issues all along

Apple aware of iPhone 6, 6 Plus bending issues all along

Apple‘s internal documents from an ongoing class-action lawsuit revealed that the company had known the Bendgate issues that plagued the iPhone 6 series.

Internal documents from a class action lawsuit filed by the plaintiffs against Apple state that the company’s internal tests found that the iPhone 6 is more likely to bend 3.3 times than the iPhone 5s, while the iPhone 6 Plus has 7.2 times more. This means that the company was aware all along about the ‘Bendgate’ issues that plagued the device all these years.


Back in 2014, a problem is being reported that the new iPhones, especially the iPhone 6 Plus due to its large sizesignificantly bend easily, destroying the form of the smartphone even when it is just sitting inside your pocket for a long time. Apple at the time said that bent iPhones were “extremely rare,” but users still shared their experiences with the hashtag #Bendgate for discussion. Some say that further issues such as a “touch disease”, where the touchscreen would fail due to a flaw in specific touch-controller chips on the motherboard, happened as a result of this manufacturing error, to which the Cupertino giant remarked that it was a result of the phone “dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device.”

The company went on to address the issue back then by strengthening the next-gen iPhones with new aluminum alloy material and patched the iPhone 6 series with stronger epoxy to sustain more pressure.

You can check out the lawsuit filed here.

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  1. Looking forward on how Apple will resolve this issue. The brand should strengthen the quality of their products and not focus only on introducing new features. Since many brand competitors are now becoming more likely to be a choice as substitute for the buyers.

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