ASUS to launch Zenfone 4 series of smartphones in July — CEO

Back at Computex 2017 in Taiwan, we were waiting for ASUS to unveil the Zenfone 4 or at least show us a preview of what to expect from its latest line of smartphones, but we got nothing until now.

ASUS Zenfone AR

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen has spilled the beans about the Zenfone 4. The new smartphones are behind schedule due to design changes and efficiency upgrades. We should see them by the end of July 2017.

“The ZenFone 4 family will come with competitive prices and is hoped to turn around Asustek’s money-losing smartphone business starting the third quarter.” — Jerry Shen

For the upcoming Zenfone 4 series, ASUS plans to make it more competitive in pricing. The company is planning to launch a primary 5.5-inch model, and as always, release different sizes after. Pricing for the 5.5-inch model will be below TWD15,000 or about Php24.7k when converted.

After the Zenfone 4, the Zenfone 5 will be born in time for the Mobile World Congress 2018 according to Shen.

Source: Digitimes

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8 Responses

  1. Avatar for Peejay Peejay says:

    After the Zenfone 4, they’ll rehash the ZF5? My old ZF5 gave out early this year, after using it for a little over 2 years.

  2. Avatar for Jude Jude says:

    After the zenfone 3 hype and ovepricing scheme, i lost interest on their phones. If zf3 lineup was just priced right for every model, maski mataas ng konti sa inaasahan, nakabili na ako. Kaso grabe sa taas. Naglabas pa sila ng zenfone 3 deluxe light, 23k ata ang price pero ang specs parang zf3 lang. I forgot the exact model but you can check that its exactly the same specs at almost double the price.

  3. Avatar for Emm Emm says:

    Kakabili ko lang ng zf3 eh :( ang sakit pa sa bulsa. Haha

  4. Avatar for Setra X Setra X says:

    zenfone 3 was still relatively cheap specially the 5.2 model.. nung launched it was priced at 17k.. yep there are cheaper phones with snapdragon 625 chipset.. i think there’s a xiaomi with sd625 priced at around 7k.. but i read that the camera.. ui.. and audio quality is inferior to zf3.. zf3 ultra deluxe was also decently priced.. but it could have been a steal if they made the display qHD..

  5. Avatar for Mark Derigay Mark Derigay says:

    bu bu bu but, kakabili ko lang ng zenfone 3, may zenfone 4 na kaagad. gumaya naman kayo sa Apple eh. hayz..

  6. Avatar for Michael Michael says:

    im not hopeful with asus pricing . they went full greed nung naging successful ung zenfone 4,5,6 at zenfone 2 nung 2015 at tinaasan nila yung pricing at di naging competitive yung zenfone 3.. im still using zenfone 5 and still a solid phone TBH and using nova launcher and smooth pa rin ang UI but i will never buy zenfone again dahil daming bloats at xiaomi phones are bang for a buck and very affordable compare sa Asus ngayon.

  7. Avatar for Alex Alex says:

    Haha how quick are you to judge that it’s about greed. Are you sure about that? No one’s forcing you to buy if you can’t afford.

  8. Avatar for Easy E Easy E says:

    Competitive pricing? Hahaha let’s see.
    ASUS lost so much dahil sa greed. Impress us, game!

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