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Hands-on with the Huawei Ideos

I got a chance to play around with a yet-to-be released Android phone, the Huawei Ideos, running Android 2.2 Froyo. This phone was first introduced in IFA 2010 by Huawei and is also known as T-mobile Comet in the US.

The screen is pretty small — 2.8-inch capacitive QVGA display touchscreen. The first thing I tried was its keyboard. I wanna know how good or bad the keyboard on this phone. I mean the phone is really tiny and doesn’t have a physical qwerty keyboard.

Since I’m used to a touchscreen keyboard, with that small of a screen, surprisingly I didn’t have any issues typing on it. It’s really small but in a good way.

The screen is pretty responsive. The phone sports a plastic body but the build is pretty solid. You can change the back cover of the phone with a different color.

As you can see on the back of the phone, the Google name is there because Huawei worked very closely with Google on the OS. They used the virgin Froyo version.

I’ve never owned a single Android phone so I can’t compare the speed of Ideos to other low end Android phones. I heard that this is going to be the most in-expensive Android phone in the market. They will sell it around Php10k or less. I might be able to get a review unit in the coming weeks so expect a review soon.

Updated: Another shot with the keyboard

Editor’s Note: Dale is a reviews & special assignments contributor for YugaTech. You can follow him on Twitter @dalekins . – Yuga

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47 Responses

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  3. Avatar for ryan ryan says:

    elow how to install alphanumeric keypad to ideos phone..

    thank you..

  4. Avatar for carl carl says:

    is this phone really good? i am planning to have one.but as what i had found out,the battery is not good.is this true?

  5. Avatar for Furball Furball says:

    The battery is typical of any smartphone. It lasts me a day. I’ve also reflashed it with FusionIdeos and overclocked to 691mhz.

    Phone’s really snappy and the animations are great! Highly recommended to get this phone.

    As for voiding the warranty, you can always reflash it to the stock ROM and voila, back to original.

    Can’t wait to get it unlocked though.

  6. Avatar for ems ems says:

    you should download juice defender. how can this be upgraded to gingerbread?

  7. Avatar for hak2liv hak2liv says:

    The battery of Ideos U8150 really SUCKS.

  8. Avatar for MrDST MrDST says:

    I got my Huawei Ideos U8150 under SUN Cell 450 and ive just turned it to Android 2.3.4 (Gingerman V6.1). Work GREAT more than its value! lot of great features that you can’t see in Android 2.1
    and 2.2, like you have now the options to automatically install application to external SD without using lots of Apps. and there’s a lot more great stuffs that make love IDEOS!! BUT IVE JUST VOID MY WARRANTY!!!

  9. Avatar for Xtan Xtan says:

    I wonder how much na kaya ang phone na ito? And yung open-line, available na kaya ito sa Davao? I’m planning to have one.

  10. Avatar for csseyahc csseyahc says:

    I got my Huawei Ideos Free at Plan 450 from SUN Cellular. In my opinion.. IDEOS is good..

  11. Avatar for angelface angelface says:

    TCI issued me 3 defective units our of 7. No wifi, incomplete phonebook. I would not recommend this phone. You are better off with a more expensive android unit.

  12. Avatar for gee gee says:


    how about ung prepaid? how much?

  13. Avatar for solimar solimar says:

    Ideos is now available for FREE when you apply for Smart Gold Plan 500. I am getting one this weekend. As confirmed from Smart, there are only 7 handsets (color: Blue) available in each branch.

  14. Avatar for NineSwordz NineSwordz says:

    May alpha-numeric keypad option ba yan? Parang ang hirap kasi mag-type jan kung 2.8″ lang ang screen..

  15. Avatar for hababa hababa says:

    haha lahat na lang ng comment ni Mon Makuto pang asar lang. Change your nick to Mon Makupal next time.

  16. Avatar for chacha chacha says:

    This will be launch on December, they say this would only cost around 7k to 8k, this was selling overseas as of today ranging $100 to $200 only.

    demo and unboxing videos:

  17. Avatar for mae mae says:

    I heard it has a swype input method like the high end samsung androids. Can you confirm this? I really want to get one. Where can I exactly get this phone here in the Philippines? Recently looking for some stores but they told me the phone was out of stock.

  18. Avatar for Maricar Maricar says:

    thanks sa info about Infomax. May 8 units pa daw sila sa Megamall. 19k+ nga. really need Android phones kasi…

  19. Avatar for abelard abelard says:

    thanks everyone. will go android hunting when i get enough funds.

  20. Avatar for Mimi Mimi says:

    @abelard – I think the distributor is the same as the Huawei E5 – Gcomm Corp. Check out Yuga’s earlier post on the E5 may contact details dun.
    @jayson – Which store did you see the Ideos in SM? How much dun?

  21. Avatar for Jayson Jayson says:

    I saw one in Ayala Avenue underpass with no info about the distributor…in SM Fairview Cyberzone, one store already displayed photos of Huawei Ideos – they said it will be offered soon…

  22. Avatar for abelard abelard says:

    question lang sir, may distributor na ba ng huawei phones dito sa pinas? matagal na ko naghahanap ng china phone na me android to no avail. on a side note i was one of those who lined up for the lg promo yesterday. funny stuff. thanks in advance, any help would be appreciated. :D

  23. Avatar for tukmol tukmol says:

    F@ck u rin mon.. gong2x ka hehehe bobo, akala mo review eto? tanga.. ndi marunong bumasa.

  24. Avatar for Mon Makuto Mon Makuto says:

    fuck you all sons of a bitch

  25. Avatar for thepunisher666 thepunisher666 says:

    Wow, replied so fast?
    Sorry, but i’m not into beating faggots like you today.
    Try it another day.

  26. Avatar for Mon Makuto Mon Makuto says:

    whatever, you guys are so harsh

  27. Avatar for thepunisher666 thepunisher666 says:

    @Mon Makuto
    You’re the one who is dumb.
    This isn’t a review, this is just a preview.
    Isn’t it obvious in the article title?

    Better let your brain cells act and move.

  28. Avatar for bohret bohret says:

    sana responsive din ung screen nya kagaya s ipod touch or iphone, kc kng sluggish yan kagaya ng corby, wala din kwenta yan.. hehehe

  29. Avatar for wha wha says:

    yeah… i agree.. it looks like the samsung corby. but with flash on the camera..

  30. Avatar for ricardo isip ricardo isip says:

    Toshiba launches Android tablet and smartbook


  31. Avatar for dale dale says:

    @ Mon Makuto – this is just a preview/hands-on. I only had 20 minutes to play with it. I’m trying my best to get a review unit this month. Stay tuned for that. :)

    @ Sonny – they said its just Huawei Ideos, its not X5, X5 is a bit bigger.

  32. Avatar for Straw Hat Luffy Straw Hat Luffy says:

    10k would be a good entry level price for an android phone IMO.

  33. Avatar for Mertolobits Mertolobits says:

    @Mon Makuto

    Nobody said this is a review

  34. Avatar for Mertolobits Mertolobits says:

    @Mon Makuto

    Nobody said this was a review

  35. Avatar for Mon Makuto Mon Makuto says:


    your review sucks. you should have been more thorough.

  36. Avatar for j j says:

    Holeh Moleh. I hope they release it in the Philippines!

  37. Avatar for Jun Jun says:

    naku.. napakamahal.. grrr.. hehehe

  38. Avatar for Sonny Sonny says:

    This is the Ideos U8150 and not the X5?

  39. Avatar for Ryan Ang Ryan Ang says:

    Infomax is starting to sell these.. saw one in GH
    19,990(?) I believe. Iba talaga ang markup ng infomax

  40. Avatar for Totem Totem says:

    Hope they sell it at 10k or much better, less! Thanks Sir Dale.. I’ll patiently wait for the review too.. ^^

  41. Avatar for dale dale says:

    @payaman: I included another shot with a keyboard for you. I’ll be reviewing this phone really soon before it comes out in the Philippines. Stay tuned. Thanks. :)

  42. Avatar for payaman payaman says:

    sana po may picture ng keyboard..

  43. Avatar for Zoi Hernandez Zoi Hernandez says:

    Definitely one of the best value for money Android phones.

  44. Avatar for culinarian_mom culinarian_mom says:


    @Yuga, please review this phone once it is available in the market! I’ll just wait for this phone. ^^


  45. Avatar for Genoshaft Genoshaft says:

    It looks like a Samsung Corby.

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