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Huawei P9 Review

Performance and Benchmarks


Camera aside, the P9 is no slouch in the processing department either. It is equipped with the company’s own HiSilicon Kirin 955 octa-core processor that’s previously reported to have beaten the 10-core Helio X20 SoC. In the graphics department, we have the Mali T-880 MP4 GPU.

There will be two variants once the P9 becomes available for purchase – 3GB RAM/32GB storage and 4GB RAM/64GB storage. What we have now is the former which is responsible for the following benchmark scores:

  • AnTuTu – 81,464
  • Quadrant Standard – 32,188
  • Vellamo – 3,427 (Multicore), 2,942 (Metal), 6,825 (Chrome Browser)
  • 3DMark – 891
  • PCMark – 6,913

Although it’s got the muscle for processing resource-intensive tasks, we came across some minor bugs with its software during our time with it.

There was one time it just kept on vibrating for no apparent reason while we were using it and had to turn off the screen for it to stop. We also experienced Facebook crashing a couple of times when trying to switch to a different app to open an attachment. 

It’s still a bit understandable at this point since the device that we have is one of the first units to be rolled out worldwide. Hopefully, they address these issues via OTA updates before they become available for purchase.

Other than that, we had no other problems using it for more than a week as our main phone.

Battery Life


We subjected the P9 to our usual PCMark battery test which lasted for over 9 hours. However, during our video loop test that involves continuously playing a video on Airplane mode with 50% brightness and volume, it was only able to last for 6 hours and 18 minutes.

As for its real-life usage, its 3000mAh battery was just enough to last us one whole day before we needed to plug it again. Charging time from 3% takes about more than 2 hours before it’s fully charged.

Call Quality and Connectivity

We’ve also tried calling using the P9 and had no problems doing so. The quality of the voice from the other end was audible and loud enough, while we were clearly heard as well.

In terms of connectivity, this device has all the basic functions including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and even threw in NFC for easy wireless pairing. The speed using data connection via LTE was generally acceptable but still depends on your location.



The Huawei P9 is the kind of smartphone with a simple design and light body, yet attractive and easy to handle. The capabilities it offers its user in terms of imaging is undoubtedly impressive thanks to the dual rear cameras that produce images that are crisp, detailed, and natural. Plus, its monochrome mode positively adds a bit of drama to any shot.

Inside, it’s also packed with beefy components that could take on heavy tasks, but performance is sometimes hampered due to its immature software resulting to hiccups and random crashes.

Lastly, if only its battery has a bit more juice then we’ll be totally happy about it instead of only lasting for just a day (sometimes less). So it’s better to have a power bank around if you’re a heavy user.


Caught the sunset from above the clouds using the P9.

At the end of the day, we would say the Huawei P9 is a serious cameraphone for those who just want to be able to easily whip out their phone and take good pictures with.

It has some slight hiccups but if you’re okay with those and you think that Apple and Samsung smartphones are too common nowadays, then this could be the handset you’re looking for.

The P9 has an international price of 599 Euros (~Php31,500) for the 3GB RAM model, and 649 Euros (~Php34K) for the 4GB RAM variant. It will be available by April 16 in Europe and Middle East with no news for Philippine release just yet.

Huawei P9 specifications:
5.2-inch Full HD IPS display (1920 x 1080 pixels), 423ppi
2.5GHz Kirin 955 octa-core processor
Mali-T880 MP4 GPU
32GB / 64GB internal storage
Expandable via microSD, up to 128GB (uses SIM 2)
Dual 12-megapixel hybrid autofocus rear camera w/ dual-tone LED flash, Leica optics
8-megapixel front-facing camera
Dual SIM
Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, dual-band
Bluetooth 4.1
USB Type-C
Fingerprint scanner
3000mAh Li-Ion battery
Android 6.0 Marshmallow w/ Emotion UI 4.1
145 x 70.9 x 6.95 mm
144 g

What we liked about it:

  • Slim and light form factor
  • Premium design
  • Dual Leica lenses produce impressive raws
  • Monochrome mode for extra drama!
  • Effective shooting modes
  • Beefy processor

What we didn’t like:

  • Software bugs
  • Underwhelming battery life

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Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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35 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    Performance is between a midrange and a highend? Price is highend. For 34k+, its a NO.

  2. Freeje says:

    Cheaper to buy it in China.Only about 28k for the 64GB Pro Plus.

  3. Nyko says:

    34k? For a Chinese phone?! Nah, I’ll stick to Sony, Apple, LG or Samsung. Brands that have been here longer and has a more established after sales support system.

    • Mark Lamangan says:

      Nakagamit ka na ba ng Huawei device? Honestly mas premium ang datingan nila kesa sa mga Samsung eh. Imba din ang warranty nila and after sales.

      May nabasa ako 1 week lang ayos agad or if not palit agad lalo na kung high-end phone mo dahil sa warranty. Kung di mo alam even mga analyst sa US is calling Huawei the Samsung killer. Just take a look at Nexus 6P and Mate 8.

      Thank me later.

    • Dude, Huawei is BIGGER than LG… So yeah… Do some research first before posting up biased comments… Your ignorance is showing…

    • Pulpolnasony says:

      Nakakatawa tong joke na to.wahahaha!

    • Dummy_001 says:

      It is the 3rd when it comes to sales all over the world, and also a very good alternative to Samsung and Apple

    • Velle says:

      For Lg samsung and Huawei I go with huawei..they gave me gift before and it is huawei G610 i dropped it more than 100 times but its screen havent change even its performance even up to now my nephew still using it..after getting my first salary i bought samsung I doesnt even dropped it..I accidentally stepped on it then the screen now is static there is a lines everytime I try to open the phone..when it comes to durability I go for Huawei..? but now I am using iphone..for a change and I love it..just sharing my experience..

  4. reasonable says:

    Expensive, yes. But Leica is no joke.

  5. Nakakainlove ung shot sa dulo, great review! :)

  6. Nyko says:

    @Mark Lamangan

    No I haven’t and I have no intention, even if Leica co-brands this Huawei phone. I own a Leica cam so yun na lang gagamitin ko for taking photos.

    The Nexus 6P barely made a dent in the smartphone market. The Mate 8? I don’t know even a single person who uses it. So no, based on that alone, I’m not willing to part ways with my 34k for a brand that’s basically an unknown and untested brand in the PH market.

    Lastly, no, I won’t be thanking you later. I’m very happy with my Sony and LG.

    • Wired_boy says:

      Sony phones has a lot of issues, LG is good but G5 is ugly. If they are ‘unknown’ how can they have penetrated US and Europe market? And also supported by Google to take the Nexus 6P, touted as the best ever Nexus phone? Before you comment such ignorance, get your facts straight first. I am allergic with close minded pricks. I don’t support China but quality wise they make one of the best.

  7. Mr. Grey says:

    In your dream Mark Lamangan this phone is nothing compare to samsung high end phone like my s6 Edge Plus..I’ve tried this china phone in Huawei store and very china quality means low quality waste of money..

  8. I agree with Mark Lamangan. Mas premium tlga datingan ng Huawei . and china phone? I think you guys forgot where your iPhones and Samsungs are made (maybe not all, but halos lahat ng releases nila made in China)

    Yey for Huawei! I’m so looking forward to it’s PH release.

  9. Boom says:

    And they just got busted! The lens are not made by Leica, it’s from another Chinese OEM. Hahaha! So we’re paying premium money just because it’s co-branded? Total BS. Inyo na.

    @Wired Boy
    Penetrated the US market? Oo andun sila, but are they selling enough to make money? I don’t think so. The Nexus 6P is undoubtedly a great phone, pero bumenta ba? Nakita ko nga nakasale na sa Google Play Store and locally on sale na din sa MemoExpress. Siguro di din bumenta.

    Sony user ako, pero I don’t have issues with it. So I guess, di totoo yang sinasabi mo.

    Kung maka Huawei ka, e di good for you. Pero tanong ko, ano ba phone mo now?

    • Wired_boy says:


      Pakitingnan kung nasaan silang spot. THANK YOU. Ang sinasabi ko lang why bust brand if you haven’t experienced their phones and they are fairly new sa market. I don’t own a Huawei phone but two of my friends has the Nexus 6P and they’re very satisfied. I said a bad thing about sa sony kasi i have a friend with a z4, na nagkaroon ng moisture or water sa loob nung camera lens, pinaayos niya pa. I own a Note 4 btw. And Huawei phones are good contenders for replacement because of the camera, if only they have replaceable batts but still. Cheers!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Makikisali lang sa gulo. Pareng wired_boy, nabasa mo ba pinost mo? Parang hindi e. Pangatlo sila sa listahan. Samsung at Apple pa din top 2. Kung baga sa elementary graduation, unang honorable mention. Di kinaya maging salutatorian at valedictorian. At ang bumenta sa kanila yung low cost devices. Tsaka, kasama ang mga benta sa China sa bilangan. Kaya malamang mabenta, China phone sold in China. Sus naman.

    Ang pinag uusapan dito, e kung worth it bang bilin yang P9 na yan sa presyong S7 o 6s Plus. Ang sagot ko, hinde rin. Tapos may issue pa ngayon sa Leica lens kuno. Sinungaling daw sabi nila. Kung di pa nahuli, di pa magsasabi. Naka naman…

    Dead on arrival yang telepono na yan pag labas. Unless ibenta nila ng mas mababa. Pag ginawa nila yan na mas mura, siguro presyong P8 ngayon na nasa 21k, sige papatulan ko. Gusto ko din naman sya e. Pero pag mas mataas pa dun, kanila na! Ipon na lang ako konti pa, bili na lang ako ng S7.

    • wired_boy says:

      i am just making a point ANON that they are not an ‘unknown’ brand. Ever wondered why they outsold Xiaomi or Lenovo phones that sells also cheap mid-range phones? I don’t care if you think that they are selling overpriced phones, since they are ‘china’ phones and if you have issues with such chinese brands. It’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it. Ok eh di bumili ka ng S7 di nmn kita pipigilan lol and you have a point there. What I am trying to say is why bad mouthed a brand if you haven’t experienced using them. I rest my case. Cheers!

  11. Mnemo says:

    It’s not made by Leica. They just certified the lens and helped with the software of the camera. The camera module was made by another company in China.

  12. benmoran01 says:

    Leica only helped with the software part of the camera. But despite this, the Huawei P9 takes great photos and the phones performance is comparable to the flagship phones that are being released in our country’s market.

    Though pricier than it should be, it’s still worthy to be part of the top phones for the year.


    Also do take note, that almost all of the phones we have are made or sourced from China. :P

    • Joel Buen Ramos says:

      well said. My first time to use a Huawei, the GR5 last January and it was awesome for a mid range phone. Upgraded later on to a P10 when I got my Globe line. It was amazing. Am a former Apple fan which later on shifted to Samsung. My eyes were opened that there are better brands as advised by a friend who’s a former Country Manager of a well known cellphone brand. Just last week, Huawei achieved another milestone surpassing sales of Apple and occupying the 2nd spot. Cheers to this brand who fearlessly reinvents.

  13. Rench says:

    I am using a Huawei Honor 4c for more than a year now and I am very happy with it. Now, I want to upgrade to P9. Sayang, na-miss ko yung preselling promo sa MOA.

  14. Zeek says:

    The P9 is only 23,990 on stores while the P9 Plus is priced at 29990. These prices are already good enough, and considering how polished EMUI 4.1 and battery life on these phones are so great, these devices are worth your second look

  15. Z says:

    Dual Sim ba yung offered sa Plan ng Globe?:))

  16. Mon Magsi says:

    P9 free at globe plan 1,499. Worth more than what I was expecting.

  17. Nattie says:

    Im using huawei P9 Ok sana pero nakakaStress ang bagal mag charge ng standard charger sobra nakakainis hays sana ginwa man lang nilang fast charger 2hrs charging time kahit naka off cp.

  18. Bobit says:

    Shocks, Leica?!!!!!!!wow.Leica is a medical grade lense used for microsurgeries of the eye!!so meaning, maganda talaga quality ng image

  19. Justin says:

    All your phones even if its samsung and iphone are also manufactured in china. Yes when it comes to low quality kilala ang china pero may mga totoo din naman na naglalabas at company na premium quality pinoproduce nila and hindi kasama ang huawei dun since international brand sila.. Oo pangatlo sila sa sales revenue globally syempre mas kilala sa pangalan ang samsung at iphone madami kasi Social climber kaya mas prefer nila yung kilala diba? And mas nauna nagexpand sa market kesa sa huawei pero when it comes sa technology at specs di nagpapatalo ang huawei.. Sila lang ang may processor na pinakamabilis ngayon na KIRIN processor na kaya imanage ang battery consumption ng phone kahit di nyo gamitin hindi siya nababawasan may sarili ding EMUI at sa camera panalo din.basta huawei is the best for me after all, i dont need a popular name in the market, i need a good specs and quality and that is for huawei. I am a brand promoter ng huawei madalang nag sasauli samen ng unit unlike sa samsung at iphone lol..

  20. Dre says:

    Pretty fun to reread the comments to this

  1. February 16, 2017

    […] offering is the 2016 flagship announced in August – the Honor 8. Like it’s distant cousin, the Huawei P9, it sports a dual rear camera setup which is one of the most popular features in a smartphone as of […]

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