LG G6 'Mini' surfaces with 5.4-inch display

LG G6 ‘Mini’ surfaces with 5.4-inch display

The LG G6 was just announced and not long after its introduction, a smaller ‘mini’ version has surfaced with live images hinting its own release.

The flagship G6 carries a 5.7-inch display with the new 18:9 ratio. Although not yet official, the mini version carries a 5.4-inch screen and sports the same aspect ratio as the current top of the line model. Meanwhile, screen to body ratio is reported to be under 80%.


It is still unclear if it will have toned down specs like with the usual approach of manufacturers, but we can also see almost identical specs only with a smaller display. As of now, no specs came with the leaked photos so while we’re presented with a live unit, we still have to wait for more details. Check out more of the photos below:



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2 Responses

  1. PrimeUser says:

    This I will buy, I like to design of LG G6 but the price got me thinking. If this is true then this will be my replacement on LG G2 Mini(huhu)

  2. ex flarex user says:

    what, yung pahabang 5.7 ” e kasing liit nlng ng 5″ na phone, haha new standard ng mini 5.4″ pero pahaba

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