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My first Nokia phone for the year…

Tonight, I bought a Nokia phone. It’s the 5th handset I bought this year. The decision wasn’t biggie since the price point is way below my usual budget. Besides, the unit wasn’t something I’d normally look into. In fact, it was a surprise buy.

I wanted a simple phone — a candybar form factor, great battery life, limited features and no-fuss handset. I looked into several brands but in the end, I went for Nokia. It reminded me of my long years with the brand.

It reminded me how I loved my Nokia 5110, how thin and light my 8210 and how Matrix-cool my N7110 and how reliable my Nokia E71 was. My last Nokia purchase was 24 months ago with the Nokia 5800 XM.


Anyway, I was just reminiscing my good old years with Nokia handsets. Maybe you guys can share yours as well — when was the last time you bought a Nokia handset and which model.

P.S. Mini-Contest

Okay, let’s make this entry a little exciting. Guess which model I bought and get to win a Globe Tattoo USB or a Php500 Globe Call Card.

First 5 people who guessed it right can pick their prize. Only one guess per email. Will announce the winners at midnight of December 7 (that’s 23 hours away). Leave your answers in the comment section below.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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430 Responses

  1. deuts says:

    Should we email should we comment? Anyway, my guess is a Nokia 1280? :-)

  2. Chino Yabut says:

    Nokia C3?

  3. Paul says:

    I think the description all points out to the Nokia 1280

  4. Einnor Lester says:

    nokia n8:)

  5. Daryl John says:

    It’s the Nokia C3!

  6. Jessie says:

    Nokia C5

  7. Khel says:

    nokia 1280?

  8. Pach Pach says:

    Nokia X3-01

  9. Peter Alfred Sunga says:

    Nokia C3

  10. Daryl says:

    Nokia C3! It’s the nokia C3!

  11. gwhiz says:

    Nokia 6700?

  12. jlapitan says:

    Nokia E66? haha..

  13. arjay says:

    nokia 1280 is my guess.

  14. chira says:

    nokia c2-00 :D

  15. Lowell says:

    Nokia C5?

  16. deuts says:

    Or if you could still see some Nokia 1202 around, I liked its form factor more than the 1280. So it must be a Nokia 1202…

  17. Lan Aquino says:

    Nokia X3-02

  18. Calvin says:

    it’s a toss up between the c3-01 and the x3-02 but i would go for the c3-01.

  19. Daryl John says:

    It’s the Nokia C5!

  20. Dante says:

    My guess will be “Nokia X6 | 8GB” since sir yuga loves music! ^_^

    Specs: http://www.nokia.com.ph/find-products/products/nokia-x6-8gb/specifications

  21. tet alvarez says:

    Nokia X3-02

  22. deuts says:

    Or baka trip mo ung dual sim na Nokia C1….

  23. TwIsTeD_Rubz says:

    Nokia 1616 is my guess!

  24. My guess is a Nokia C3.

  25. Snow says:

    I also purchased my last Nokia a year ago – it’s E71 and I love it.

    Let me guess – you now have a Nokia N8? :D

  26. kim says:

    nokia 1616


  27. Rosary Ann says:


  28. Janny says:

    nokia C5

  29. Snow says:

    I also purchased my last Nokia a year ago – it’s E71 and I love it.

    Let me guess – you now have a Nokia N8? :D

    p.s. – my first comment was caught by the spam. :(

  30. julwayne says:

    nokia 1616

  31. Juan Carlo Deoferio says:

    Nokia X3-02? :D

  32. kbonto says:

    nokia x3-01 touch and type.. :-)

  33. Orenjs says:

    Must be
    Nokia C5.

  34. erick says:

    nokia 1202

  35. Daniel says:

    Its NOKIA X3-02!
    same as mine :D

  36. Jan Brane says:

    Nokia 1616

  37. deuts says:

    Although maganda rin ang 1616. Cguro un na nga un….

  38. patricia says:


  39. Bryan says:

    this must be Nokia 1616. :-D

  40. rischniat says:

    c5 yan..candy bar…

  41. Mark says:

    nokia x3-02. :D

  42. Micco Jay S. Bugtai says:

    Nokia C5!!

  43. Mark says:

    o yan 5 na tayong nanalo. hehe x3-02 yan eh. :D

  44. aileen says:

    my wild guess is a nokia 1616..

  45. Gena Singson says:

    We just got my mom her Nokia 6303i, pretty good value for a decent no-frills phone. :) So that’s my guess!

  46. Lulu Eugenio says:

    nokia x3-02 for sure ;)

  47. Bluewire says:

    mmmm. A nokia 1280 is what i can see over my xray vision!

  48. Kenneth San Gabriel says:

    Nokia C5 :)

  49. Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition

  50. btw, the last nokia I purchased was n3200, the first camphone of nokia i guess, i love it until now :)

  51. JM says:

    Nokia C3 ? :)

  52. Angelo says:

    Nokia C6

  53. Wendell Padilla II says:

    Nokia C1-00


  54. Eason says:

    I’m guessing its a nokia 6760 slide.

  55. Michelle says:

    Nokia 1616

  56. Mary Ann says:

    Nokia 1280!!

  57. Beth SG says:

    Nokia 6303i Classic

  58. rose says:

    when i read the description of the twitter post for this entry, i thought the phone was part of the giveaway..hahaha…wishful thinking!

    it wasn’t stated if the phone comes with a cam or flashlight (:D)

    but anyway, my guess would be nokia x2.. :)

  59. ice3d says:

    Nokia 3720 Classic?

    My last Nokia purchase was January of this year.
    I bought 7610 Supernova for frigging 13k.

  60. Lorinda Padilla says:

    Nokia 1800

  61. prosopagnosia says:

    nokia 1280!

  62. Karen says:

    The Nokia 3720 Classic

  63. Ivy says:

    my ans is C3..

    bummer! i replied sa twitter dapat dito hehe sorry, first time kasi :)

  64. jan says:

    nokia c6-01

  65. Jill Singian says:

    You got a Nokia C5!!!

  66. makee says:

    nokia 2730 classic

    nov. 2009 – n97

  67. It was still in Grade School when I bought my first mobile phone. I think it was then when Sun Cellular was just a baby. It was a SE T230i, the phone with a retractable camera. Then I had my first non second-hand Nokia phone when I was in Second Year High School, Nokia 6280, the first phone I liked because of it’s UI. Then I learned all about Smartphones and I bought 6120 classic which I misplaced in a McDonald’s somwhere. My first N-Series device was N78 which I bought 2 years after 6280, which fell from my pocket inside a tricycle and was never recovered again. The handset I’m using now is 5530 XpressMusic, I’m not fond of music, but I just like how simple it looks.

    My Hunch:
    Nokia c5

  68. gringo says:


  69. ellen says:

    Nokia X3 Touch and Type ?

  70. Jim C says:

    1200 ? LOL. old school

  71. sky says:

    Nokia C6? :D

  72. yuan says:

    NOKIA X3 touch and type. :)

  73. laben8 says:

    just bought a nokia phone too, as a gift though. and for the heck of it, migrating contacts, media, and messages is quite exhausting. i got a nokia c3.

    but based on your clues, i would guess that this is the other nokia i was wanting to buy. and that would be the nokia x2.

  74. markster says:

    C1-00 yata eh.. ,)

  75. Yvette says:

    Nokia C2?

    I got a Nokia E63 as my retention phone for my postpaid line last December. Didn’t shell out any money and the features are very useful :)

  76. Denmark says:

    Nokia c3-01

  77. Vince says:

    nokia c5

  78. Anthony Torio says:

    Nokia C3

  79. Dan The Beast says:

    a 2690

  80. Melvin says:

    C7-00 :)

  81. Ronald says:

    Nokia X6

  82. Zoi C. Hernandez says:

    Nokia N97 mini

  83. Arvee says:

    Damn, wasn’t early enough.

    Anyway, my guess is C3-01 :)

  84. wendell says:

    Nokia x3-02 touch and type??

    last nokia mobile phone i bought is a 9500

  85. Robin says:

    i thinks it’s Nokia 6710 Navigator

  86. Elbert says:

    Late to the guessing game but I believe it to be the Nokia X3-02.

  87. Craigyboyz says:

    Nokia 1280

  88. Benchmark33 says:

    Hmmm my guess…Nokia C1…dual sim kasi yun…I don’t know if first dual sim yun ng Nokia…Hehehehe

  89. Rob says:

    Nokia 3720classic

  90. Jepz says:

    its a Nokia c1!

  91. Robert says:

    nokia 6303 yan

  92. winwin1777 says:

    N8! :))

  93. kurapica says:


  94. yachiruuuu says:

    nokia c5

  95. Rache says:

    Nokia 6700 classic

  96. Randy says:

    Sali ako dito Abe. haha! Wala na akong pang load saka wala akong tattoo! :D

    Nokia C3-01
    Touch and Type

  97. Alexander says:

    Nokia C7

  98. PaulC says:

    Nokia 5230

  99. Iniaki says:

    a very basic Nokia 1280 i guess…

  100. Iniaki says:

    the very basic Nokia 1280 i guess…

  101. allen genoraga says:

    nokia 2330 classic?

  102. arlie says:

    nokia c1-00

  103. Laurence says:

    Nokia E5

  104. Laurence L. says:


  105. manix says:

    damn! i have no idea!

    anyway, my last nokia was, and still is-N6500 classic, and i still have it as my 2nd phone. i love the form at only 9mm thickness.

  106. chemboi says:

    sa tingin ko 2730 yan!!!

  107. Mike says:

    My guess is Nokia C5.

  108. C5 says:

    NOKIA C5 :DD

  109. Andrew says:

    i think you bought Nokia C5.

  110. Ferdinand Angeles says:

    Nokia 8210

  111. rene says:

    Nokia 1616

  112. LunaTech says:

    its nokia 1280!!!

  113. watusi says:


  114. francis says:

    my guess is nokia 2330 classic (:

  115. denisexy says:

    My guess is the Nokia C7. :)

  116. Angelo says:

    I guess it’s a Nokia 2710 Navigation Edition.

    I haven’t bought nokia for the last 2 years. It’s been an apple year for me…lol

  117. jack says:

    X3-02 touch and type.

  118. my 1st nokia phone sir abe is themost loved 5110 back in my 3rd yir hiskul days, then the 3210 in college and then this year last month nun nagsale ang nokia c6 nov 13. Im d lucky one na nkabili. Hehehe

    Its nokia 1208 sir yuga

  119. Willy Yu says:

    its a E5 to replace your ever reliable E71

  120. Baidu says:

    my guess is nokia C6!

  121. Marlon says:

    i guess that would be a nokia C6-01

  122. Jesser says:

    Nokia N8

  123. ruel says:

    Nokia C3-01….yay!

  124. pol says:

    my guess is the c3.

  125. Julie Anne Tanyag says:

    Nokia X3 touch and type.

  126. ian says:

    6700 classic

  127. rAi says:

    6700 Classic

  128. acantos says:

    This is the hardest contest on earth. You didn’t think the prize is a little not good enough, did you!? Hehe. :-D

  129. Mikhail says:

    Nokia C2

  130. mczassy says:

    nokia c3-01

    btw, im using n86 8mp right now.. One of the best, if not the best, camera ph0ne ive used so far..ü

  131. jenny says:

    nokia x-2

  132. jenny says:

    x2 lol

  133. Kris Espinosa says:

    Nokia 5233

  134. Rico says:

    Nokia 5230

  135. curiousGirl says:

    um…nokia c5?

  136. Edwin Duenas says:

    Its a Nokia N8!

  137. Vi says:

    My guess is Nokia X3-02.

  138. Jam. says:

    Nokia x3-02

  139. Alvin says:

    my first nokia was a nokia 100 way back in 1997 i think, with smart billcrusher. i was already in college then so i guess that dates me a lot.

    i purchased 2 nokia phones this year which i use, the n8 and the nokia 2323 and i’m very happy with both.

    i think there’s so many guesses already, so i’ll just go with the 2330 so i still have a chance :D

  140. rohoney santos says:

    nokia 1616

  141. agentx002 says:

    c1-02 ‘to!!

  142. Paula says:

    my guess: Nokia 6303i

    my last nokia, 2009: Nokia 5130-c. this year was for LG ;)

  143. Marnell says:

    It’s N8

  144. jedie says:

    nokia C7!!:)

  145. whackerZ says:

    Nokia 1616

  146. bri says:

    Nokia C3-01
    touch & type

    dami na agad nanghula.. hahahaha

  147. Nina says:

    I’m guessing it’s Nokia X3-02 :)

  148. superdan says:

    lucky guess : 2690. same form factor as 8210 and light as 5110.

  149. Darius Vanguardia says:

    I think its a nokia n8

  150. Bryan says:

    Not interested in the prize, but will still try to guess. I about to guess C5, but since you said *way* below budget and a bar phone, I think it’s the Nokia 1280.

  151. hucker says:

    Nokia X3-01

  152. scorer says:

    Nokia X3 Touch and Type

  153. Sanctuarian06 says:

    My Guest: Nokia 2730 Classic.

  154. santelmo says:

    nokia x3 touch and type

  155. lamp_printink says:

    nokia c3-01

  156. Christian says:

    nokia c200

  157. Miyer Bernabe says:


  158. tootzkie says:

    it’s a nokia 2690. hehehe got the feel of a 5110 (my 1st phone) and 8210 (my daughter’s 1st)

  159. Mhelle says:

    I think it is Nokia 2700 Classic.

  160. Clyde says:

    It’s a nokia C1, dual sim Nokia.

  161. Jeff Jularbal says:

    Nokia C5 is my wild guess!


  162. Jeff Jularbal says:

    Tingin ko it’s a Nokia C5 !


  163. jonas says:

    NOKIA C7 haha.. :)

  164. sylv3rblade says:

    Nokia C3?

  165. jayson says:

    nokia x2!

  166. jonas says:

    NOKIA N8 haha.. :)

  167. simplynice93 says:

    “It reminded me how I loved my Nokia 5110, how thin and light my 8210 and how Matrix-cool my N7110 and how reliable my Nokia E71 was.”

    Sir abe’s clues are:
    1. small (Nokia 5110)
    2. thin & light (Nokia 8210)
    3. matrix-cool (N7110)
    4. reliable (N71)

    My guess is Nokia X3-02! Since somebody posted earlier than me, guess i’ll just participate in the guessing game.

  168. Justin says:

    Nokia 1616

  169. Eka says:

    I’m also guessing it’s the Nokia X3-02, the C3-01 doesn’t look matrix-cool. Just participating the guessing game as well. ;p

  170. blaze says:

    nokia e5

  171. Jonathan Loresca says:

    Nokia 2730

  172. Carl Rabanes says:

    Nokia 6310/6210

  173. Rupert says:

    Guess: NOKIA 5130 XPRESS MUSIC. FTW!

  174. Josephine F. Loresca says:

    nokia 2710

  175. macdudes says:

    It’s Nokia C3!!!!!! =D

  176. K1020 says:

    candy bar, no fuss, limited features,
    and great battery life(from gsmarena):
    Stand-by:Up to 630h
    Talk time:Up to 12h
    “Nokia C5”

  177. K1020 says:

    candy bar, no fuss, limited features,
    and great battery life(from gsmarena):
    Stand-by:Up to 630h
    Talk time:Up to 12h
    “Nokia C5”

  178. mark bernard bernardo says:

    My guess its a NOKIA N8

  179. KevinXIJ says:

    And you have NOKIA 2690

  180. Rod says:

    I thinks its X2.

  181. Rod says:

    I think its Nokia X2.

  182. Odri says:

    nokia touch and type

  183. Taz says:

    it has to be C6-01

  184. emil san jose says:


  185. regsh says:

    hmmm…i think its a X3-02 Touch & Type!!!

  186. Romar Francis Cruz says:

    Nokia 1800! :)

  187. Akeem says:

    Maybe a Nokia C5, X3-02 or C3-01. :-)

  188. CarlosJhunie says:

    You bought Nokia 1616, i guess

  189. mariang palad says:


  190. Pepe says:

    Going on a long shot and saying it’s the C2 :P

  191. Yuya says:

    A nokia c5 definitely

  192. Ronn says:

    Nokia C6!!!

  193. raldge says:


  194. Haeja says:

    Nokia X3-02 touch type! :)

  195. Dane says:

    I’ll go with the Nokia 1616. The last nokia phone I bought was 5 years ago and the flex broke a year after. Then I switched to Treo. :D

  196. wildwildguessbutnowinner says:

    1280 yan mlamang…tumama sna kht ndi.haha

  197. alvin says:

    nokia c5

  198. Lea says:

    Nokia E71

  199. Girard Andrew says:

    Nokia C1-00

    candybar form factor: YES

    great battery life:
    talk time = up to 13 hours
    standby time = up to 1160 hours

    limited features and no-fuss handset

    Nokia brand


  200. allenlucanas says:

    C5!! :)

  201. edson says:

    c3-01 i guess i win! Lol

  202. louie6380 says:

    Nokia C3-01

  203. Jamby says:

    Nokia 1616 @ 990 during last nokia sale…

  204. dart says:

    nokia 1280, i think…

  205. Ralph Ranen says:

    Nokia C7 :)

  206. max chua says:


  207. Rommel A. says:

    I need a big surprise for myself..You bought a Nokia 2730 Classic. If I am correct, it must be one of my surprises of the month!

  208. john says:

    nokia 1616! =D

  209. JKisaragi says:

    Nokia C3-01

  210. inots2pid says:

    C6-00 i think

    Tonight, I bought a Nokia phone. It’s the 5th handset I bought this year. The decision wasn’t biggie since the price point is way below my usual budget. Besides, the unit wasn’t something I’d normally look into. In fact, it was a surprise buy.

  211. Ian says:

    Nokia C3

  212. YuYu says:

    it’s the Nokia X2 methinks. :D

  213. JKisaragi says:

    Forgot to answer the other question (non-contest one).

    The last time I bought me a Nokia was in May of this year, and the unit was an E72. After a month though I gave it to my Mom and bought myself a Galaxy S. O_O

  214. William See says:

    nokia c3-01

  215. kenneth vasquez says:

    it is the nokia c7
    i think. i want the 500 globe call card thanks!

  216. Liz says:

    Nokia N6233

  217. justin says:

    nokia c3 for me

  218. edson says:

    3720 classic,, what a wild guess! :)

  219. ac3buddy says:

    its 2690

  220. Nardz says:

    Nokia N8

  221. mobius says:

    im guessing it’s X6 8GB? hehe

  222. joan manuel says:

    i’ll go for nokia 1280.

  223. golfgurl says:


  224. Neil says:

    Nokia N8?

  225. John says:

    Nokia E5? :))

  226. mar manay says:

    I think its NOKIA X3-02… :)

  227. golfgurl says:

    Oh crap. I meant C3 ._.

  228. Wreek says:

    Nokia 3310 second hand for my pldt landline plus

  229. Anthony says:

    a C1-00!

  230. heckiboi says:

    my guess is nokia 1800

  231. Gregory says:

    I think it’s a no-nonsense 2330 classic.

  232. Ellen says:

    nokia c5

  233. Paco says:

    Nokia x3-02?

  234. agentorenz says:

    Nokia c3

  235. Kate says:

    Nokia N8

  236. jun villanueva says:

    nokia 1800. it’s also the last nokia phone that i bought just last month.

  237. Mark says:

    btw my last Nokia purchase was 15 months ago with the Nokia 5800 XM. And ’til now I’ve got no problem with this handset yet.

  238. aries ruiz says:

    My guess is Nokia 6700 Classic! Yahoo!

  239. johnniee B says:

    parang nokia 1280 yan

  240. aries ruiz says:

    My guess is Nokia 6700 Classic!

  241. Nokia 1202. I have this one as my extra phone, perfect for basic calling and texting purposes. It has a small form and long battery life.

  242. Tetchie says:

    Nokia 6303i

  243. I guess it’s the new Nokia N8

  244. arnold marcellana says:

    it’s Nokia 6303. since it’s more basic and with classic design phone.

  245. hanna manabat says:

    x3 po

  246. Rowena Cardenas says:

    Nokia 2730c

  247. Patt says:

    I believe its a c5, a combination of a candybar and an E71, i had an E71 before and i have a C5 now, reminds me of my E71 but only in a candybar form ;)

  248. KesterBT says:

    NOKIA C1 =))

  249. manie says:

    Nokia 1616

  250. gervie says:

    nokia x6 cguro to.

  251. jason says:

    nokia c5-01

  252. Juan says:

    Nokia X3-02 FTW!

  253. abu_kado says:

    thats nokia C3 FTW! =)

  254. bryan says:

    x2 i bet. Color blue?

  255. Hmmmm………..Nokia C6-01?

  256. Twix says:

    Nokia 2730!

  257. Jon says:

    The last one I bought was a Nokia E63. It was the cheapest phone that had Wifi back then. That was like 2-3 years ago. But sadly, like most Nokia devices, it was painfully slow and buggy.

    However, for a general-use phone, Nokia is the best, for smartphones, Noka = Nevermind. lol. Seriously, Nokia smartphones are not really that good. The only thing good with them is the battery life.

  258. chris says:

    Nokia C5

  259. ICesteam says:

    Nokia C1-00

  260. Jhay says:

    Candy-bar…hmmm…..x3-02 for me. PLEASE!! LET IT BE X3-02!! xD

  261. Roberto Del Carmen says:


  262. Roberto Del Carmen says:

    Nokia c6

  263. mike says:

    Nokia C3-01 Touch and Type

  264. Clifford says:

    is it Nokia 1280?

  265. nino says:

    Nokia 6303i

  266. sirches says:

    It’s a Nokia c5

  267. Jeff says:

    Nokia C3-01 touch and type – black

  268. Kim Roa Endaya says:

    Nokia C3 ?

  269. Pilar says:

    Nokia X3 Touch and Type! :D

  270. Grant says:

    Nokia 1800 ? :)

  271. Muel says:

    Nokia C1-00 ? I hope my answer’s right. :))

  272. ryan dumoran says:


  273. Bryan says:

    Nokia X2?

  274. odeng says:

    It’s a Nokia C2-00

  275. George Arrieta says:

    Nokia C5-03

  276. marbin says:

    My WILD guest: “a Nokia C3”

  277. Jejo says:

    Nokia 5030

  278. francis says:

    Nokia 1202

  279. Rinbert Laus says:

    Nokia C3 Touch n Type

  280. Rhett says:

    You bought the nokia C7…

  281. JeffZ says:

    This is tough!..

    Nokia C5-03 I think.. :)

  282. manerdie says:

    nokia c-5

  283. Manuel says:

    Nokia 1280

  284. totong says:

    Nokia X3-02 kahit di na ako abot sa first 5 :-)

  285. mr8382004 says:

    Nokia N8

  286. rotero says:

    its nokia 2730?

  287. Lawrence says:

    Like mine, it’s the Nokia 2730. =)

  288. bernx says:

    habol din ako, :D

    Nokia X3-02

  289. justified says:

    my last nokia phone was 3310(2002).

    abe bought x3 type and touch..(ako kc ung sumunod n bumili sa kanya..jowk)

  290. gobnai says:

    Nokia N900

  291. susan says:

    nokia c6 :)

  292. Louie says:

    Nokia C5

  293. RJCA says:

    Nokia 1280 Snake in B&W is <3

  294. raul barrios says:

    N8 po ba?

  295. Kimiching says:

    6303i Classic?

  296. France Villanueva says:

    Nokia C5…

  297. Cristian Daplas says:

    Nokia E5

  298. faye says:

    Nokia C3!!!

  299. Cedd says:

    Its NOKIA e5

    Its NOKIA e5

    Its NOKIA e5
    Its NOKIA e5

    Its NOKIA e5
    Its NOKIA e5

  300. Cedd says:

    NOKIA e5 po yan

  301. richard says:

    it’s the nokia c3-01 (“,)

  302. tic says:

    nokia x2?

  303. Kulam says:

    X3 – 02!

  304. ed reyes says:

    a nokia 1280?

  305. Emmanuel Logarta says:

    I guess its Nokia X6 8GB

  306. Mhelle says:

    Does anyone here guess it right already? Give a hint sir. Yes!

  307. Laarni Bugarin says:

    Maybe it is Nokia 5132 Xpress Music. Simple yet cool…

  308. Clyde A. Gabriel says:

    Of Course, it’s the Nokia C7-00!!!

  309. Dareen Bering says:

    Nokia C3 Touch and Type

  310. d4ryl3 says:

    Ahh, too late for the prize. But it’s definitely C3.

  311. masterpogi says:


  312. giovanni says:

    i think nokia 8910.

  313. daniel barga says:

    nokia c3 siguro… sana tama bday ko pa nama ngaung december 7… no joke :D

  314. carlo says:

    it’s what i’m thinking of getting soon.

  315. alex dreadkill says:

    its a Nokia C1-00 :-)

  316. Jhun says:

    My guess is Nokia 1616. It should be way below anyone’s budget. Great battery life since it has virtually no added features other than the speaking clock. Actually, I also bought one during the Nokia Christmas Rush Sale! hehe

  317. Kaisel Molina says:

    nokia c1-00?

  318. shieryl says:

    My guess would be Nokia X3-02

  319. MightyMouse says:

    i was gonna say 1616 kaso ang dami nang nauna.. talo =)

    my other guess is a Nokia C1 kaso talo na din kasi sobra na ng 5 yong sumagot ng C1 but it’s still my guess =)

  320. John James Ng says:


  321. Jason Lee says:

    nokia 6700

  322. sue says:

    Nokia C3

  323. Sleggy Allen says:

    Nokia 1280..please make it 10 winners or more :)

  324. Dan says:

    Nokia C6-01

  325. Louie Cabs says:

    Sir I think it’s a Nokia C5!! :D

  326. Adrian says:

    Nokia N8

  327. Melda Mae Marcos says:

    nokia 1208?

  328. Harvey Ramos says:


  329. sam says:


  330. ella says:

    nokia 1616?

  331. Mathew says:

    First phone (5110 yes still working) and

    My present Phone bought last sunday (nokia n8)

  332. jackie says:

    nokia n8

  333. drew says:

    the last nokia phone i bought was nokia 1650. I bought it last 3 years ago and I still use it now. haha

    my wild guess is nokia c1.

  334. yuga says:

    Ok, guessing time is over! I see we have some winners already. =) Will post them in a bit. Thanks to all who joined!

  335. Shim Santiago says:

    sir yuga…is it a nokia x3-02?

  336. Pedro says:

    waaah :( did not make it…

    anyway… used nokia, motorolla, sony erickson, Samsung, Cherry and LG… always returned back to Nokia due, its more reliable and durable

    my most expesive phone was P26k (thats way past my salary) and my cheapest was P999.oo (cherry)

  337. angelo says:

    Who won?

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  338. jackie says:

    who won?

  339. Gerald says:

    Nokia N8

  340. nakikiusyoso says:


  341. jeffrey john imutan says:

    Nokia c3-01 touch and type

  342. Gerry says:

    Nokia N8

  343. Nyarf says:

    I’m sure it’s an X3-02. ;)

  344. Kevs says:

    Hmmm… E52 :)

  345. Jiron Mohamad says:

    Nokia 6700 slide?

  346. Patricia says:

    Nokia 2700 classic

  347. mrkwuzhir says:

    nokia c3

  348. Skyflakes_18 says:


  349. Rizelle says:

    Nokia X3 Touch and Type

  350. Max says:

    nokia n8

  351. watusi says:

    any update?anong model ang wagi

  352. pacman says:

    Nokia C6

  353. Jaybee says:

    Nokia N8.

  354. benedict says:


  355. Daryl says:

    Nokia 1280

  356. xerdoms says:

    Where were you able to buy your nokia c1-00 unit?

    I am also waiting for Nokia’s Dual Sim Phone.

  357. dean says:

    i think it’s nokia 6700

  358. Jandale says:

    Nokia X3

  359. Aaron says:

    Nokia 1616.

  360. Edward Chua says:

    its Nokia C3-01

  361. Geoffrey Esparrago says:

    off topic but sir could you validate this

    Im seriously considering it but I need an opinion…



    It sounds too good to be true

  362. Ces says:

    Nokia C2-00 :)

  363. oli says:

    nokia c7

  364. tophz says:

    its a nokia n8

  365. rodeth says:

    hula ko… nokia 3310 yan

  366. rodeth says:

    seriously.. its a C6.. pumila ka siguro nong Nov 13

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