Nokia E51 Review

Nokia E51 Review

The Nokia E51 first came out in September last year, it already got my attention. After quite sometime, I finally got myself a unit and here’s my verdict.

The Nokia E51 is a business/productivity phone so expect good connectivity options — WiFi and 3.5G or HSDPA (3.6MBps). If your phone has these two features, you’re all set in the data connectivity department. This is especially true if you have WiFi at home and you can use VoIP to make unlimited long distance calls on your phone for free (check out Fring/Gizmo).

nokia e51

The phone’s form factor is a familiar candy bar and surprisingly thin at 12mm. The dark glossy-metallic finish gives it a nice, elegant appearance. For a retail price of Php12,300, this unit is a great buy — probably the cheapest full-featured business phone that went out of Nokia’s doors. Has Bluetooth, FM tuner, mini USB and IR port.

e51 philippines


Dedicated buttons are found around the central navigation pad — for Calendar, Contacts, Email and main Menu — faster access to most commonly used apps. You can even program it so that a longer press will prompt you additional functions. The Cancel/Back button is place at dead center which could get confusing for first-time users but it’s actually a clever placement.

nokia e51 philippines

The phone speakers are placed at the back, on two slits just above the 2 megapixel camera (1600×1200 pixels, video [email protected]). There’s no front-facing camera so you can’t make 3G video calls. The screen is only 2 inches across (240×320) but I thought with the extra space on the side, they could still push it to 2.2 to 2.4 inches.

nokia e51 6120c

It’s built with an ARM 11 369 MHz processor, has 96 MB SDRAM memory and 130 MB user data memory. Comes with a free 512MB microSD card but is upgradeable to 8GB (if you can find one locally).

New owners of the Nokia E51 can’t go wrong with this phone. Well, that’s until the qwerty Nokia E71 goes on sale at the end of the month.

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29 Responses

  1. juvic says:

    how do you rate web surfing on this phone?

  2. yuga says:

    Not any better than similar candybar S60 Nokia phones.

  3. blozoom! says:

    nokia e71 is a beauty.

  4. Chris says:

    gotta love its wi-fi feature…

  5. Augustin says:

    been using E51…it’s great phone…easy to use, great connectivity and it’s slim. Voip is good as well with Fring. Checking Gmail or Mail by Google(Apps)is very fast using Google software thru Wifi.

    With this phone and its Wifi feature, I have been streaming video online with QIK (QIK.COM). There is podcast software also, and with wifi, it’s very easy to update the podcast….

    There is new version of E51 with no camera. Good for those who are not allowed using camera phone at work.

  6. its wifi feature makes it interesting

  7. manu says:

    this is really a great buy…

  8. i guess we have this phone in our site…some of our sellers has better price….just check the site.

  9. noemi says:

    I love my Nokia e51 too! been using mine for the past 8 months. As a modem, I get very fast speeds using smart 3g. One time I got over 1 mbps. How much is it here?

  10. jlaspacio says:

    i love this E51, it’s one of the best phones nokia made, along with nokia 6120 classic. :)

  11. deuts says:

    Something is weird. If I click on the “Show All” on your Comment Pages Navigation, it brings me to the blog’s home page. Did you just upgrade to WordPress 2.6? There might be a bug or a compatibility issue with your plugin.

  12. I was about to buy this phone, but was surprise its price is now 14,650 hmmm biglang tumaas

  13. Steave says:

    And still the best – Nokia N95

  14. Rahul says:

    I bought E51 Recently from Dubai
    it does not support Chinese language
    Can anyone help me to guide from where i can get the chinese language pack for Nokia E 51

  15. Caio says:

    Hi, I am from Brazil and I also bought an E51 in a different language than my native language (portuguese). I am loving my cell phone, but I´m able to use the smart typing system, because it doeasn’t know portuguese. So, does anyone know how to change/include a different language in a NOKIA E51? Thanks.

  16. i’m about to buy an e51 this weekend with Paul :0) actually, we were looking for a nokia phone – similar to this, but must have 5megapix. sad, but i seemed to kinda like the “candy bar” look of e51, so i said, i’ll go for it.. ;0)

  17. jude says:

    hindi ko p rin ipagpapalit un 3310 ko d bset un

  18. Ric says:

    @ Chiela – the E52 is just around the corner so I’d say wait for that one :) I have an E51 though and loving it

  19. Holly says:

    on my nokia e51 my ringtone only lasts for 20 seconds
    and i dont know how to make it longer can anyone help?

  20. cher says:

    wer can i buy this? i checked with nokia stores and they don’t have this anymore, even other cellphone stores don’t sell this.. i badly need one.. please help.. :)i need the E51 camera-free version

  21. Adam says:

    hello please tell me the final price of your item and where you live

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