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Nokia N8 is coming, you buying?

The Nokia N8 has started shipping in other countries and though there’s no specific date for local release, Nokia Philippines has put up an email alert for those interested to get the news as soon as it’s out.

The Nokia N8 is supposed to revive Nokia’s strength in the smartphone market and the upcoming release will finally hand down the verdict.


Much of the reception will ultimately be based on how much the retail price will be once the Nokia N8 arrives in the country. And while the RRP during the announcement is in the Php22k (before taxes and tariffs), we estimate it will be in the Php25 to Php30k range (definitely under 30k since the the N900 was around 29k when it was first released).

Based on ad bookings by Nokia to promote the N8, we estimate the release date will be last week of October to 1st week of November.

Can I can get a show of hands who among you here are waiting for the Nokia N8 and buying one?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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195 Responses

  1. slighmd says:

    nope. not giving it an effing chance

  2. sky says:

    if i had the money, i would. maybe if it proves to be nice, i’ll get it during the holidays. :]

  3. Jamoy says:

    what is nokia?

  4. JunAlquis says:

    i would have given the new Symbian^3 the benefit of the doubt but just plain No! to the 600mhz Arm11 processor that’s where it failed for me

  5. Manny says:

    Have to pass. I heard specs are good, but they havent put in place yet the new os/ui they’re working on.

    And nokia will be hard hit by the fact that most people just got their phones upgraded to either iphone, BB, or android, especially those tied up to plans.

  6. Manny says:

    @Jamoy, you’re cruel. **wide grin**

  7. mike says:

    Nokia has just lost its luster and charm. tsk-tsk. Too bad for the Finnish firm. It’s Finnish for them.

  8. guyrony says:

    maybe the E7 would be my better option.

  9. loadex says:

    might be if justt 20k per unit. the 600mhz processor is just the same with the 10-15k android phone.

  10. gringo says:

    not buying..

  11. jepoy says:

    i want one, but no 20K to burn T_T

  12. Denkidenks says:

    I’m opting for the E7 unit ;-)

  13. zer0ice says:

    happy owner of galaxy s…

    1 ghz processor vs 600 mhz
    android market vs ovi apps
    custom roms vs fixed rom
    replacable battery (if ever) vs non-replacable batt

    guess not..

  14. bing says:

    600mhz + dedicated GPU is better than 1 GHz running in bloated android. Idiots

  15. Hihey says:

    Definitely yes!!!

    I even compiled reasons why i selected n8 over iphone and other smartphones out there.


    Maybe the guys who judge n8 by its “600 mhz” proc should read my article first.

    Anyway, just to give them an idea, n8 doesnt need ghz grade proc because it already have top of the line graphics processor that takes most load from the CPU. and with 600 mhz, they(nokia) manage to maximize battery life(at only 1200mAh) without compromising hardware capabilities (awesome connectivity and camera etc). Nokia dont need to use battery that’s almost 2/3 the size of the handset (guess what phone have that).

    Anyway, this is not a fanboy biased opinion.


  16. Whatif says:

    Maybe for 8k. Dedicated gpu? Symbian has crappy games lol

  17. Wakocoke says:

    the OS is great but it looks crap when compared to iOS or Android. Maybe Nokia is just for middle-low end phones

  18. jan says:

    the only redeeming feature of this phone is the camera but even that isn’t good enough as a deciding factor in choosing a mobile phone. it might have a faster GPU but the awful lag in its OS doesn’t do it justice. i have yet to see multi-tasking implemented well in symbian despite how “true” users claim it to be. webos takes the crown in this department, IMHO.

    one need not to be a fanboy to see such shortcomings. personally, i’m more excited of WP7 than any offering from nokia.

  19. bruns says:

    not buying as well.

    im a big fan of nokia and im disappointed.

    for the same money, i have already decided which phone to replace my xm5800 and that would be an android phone.

    either HTC Desire (22-25k) or Samsung Galaxy S.

    better yet, wait for the soon-to-be released HTC Desire HD or Z.

    N8 leans toward teenage-stereotypes / college buddies.

    and its UI is still the same boring type. sorry, not just for me.

  20. Joey says:

    I’m done with Symbian. I think I just got burned really bad with the N97 – that it will be a long while before I pick up a Nokia Symbian device.

  21. Jay says:

    No, thank you.

    Megapixel war is over.
    I’d rather buy an entry level DSLR or any point and shoot.

  22. Bryan Veloso says:

    is that a phone? O__O

  23. Cheftonio says:

    Not buying…

    My new phone would either be

    1. BB8720
    2. SE X10 Mini Pro
    3. iPhone 4

  24. Cheftonio says:

    *1. BB Curve 8520

  25. 'drin says:

    Nope. Until Symbian UI gets matured.

  26. Bakamoo says:

    No, after seeing the comparison. Iphone4 has better autofocus during proper lighting conditions. only good thing bout this phone is the flash

  27. If it hits at 25k I cannot possibly think it can compete with all the smartphones that live in that price range. We’re talking HTC Desire, Galaxy S and even Xperia 10.

    It should be sold for 20k max.

  28. mousephotato says:

    only iOS or Android

  29. JKisaragi says:

    Nope. Fed up with Nokia.

    I mean, for a touchscreen phone? I’d look elsewhere.

  30. Continuing my previous point, N8 should be 20k max because even the Samsung Wave offers a better value and the Bada OS looks like its much better than Symbian.

  31. Yes i would buy it if its only in the price range of 23k and lower

  32. neverforget says:

    nope! never! had enough of symbian s**t! will try windows phone 7 or stick with android.

  33. ferdie says:

    No. I got the 7610, 6630, n82 and now the e52. Time to ditch the whole symbian thing and go android. :)
    Its bye bye time.

  34. Jay says:

    Hey Yuga why not update the poll?

    “Nokia N8 is coming, you buying?”
    Can I can get a show of hands who among you here are waiting for the Nokia N8 and buying one?

    We definitely would love to see that!

  35. raymond says:

    Nokia N8 is the most awaited smartphone in the world, basing it on gsmarena’s statistics on Daily Interests. I have seen the photos taken by the N8 and I was quite impressed by them. Never have I chanced upon any cellphone camera shots that are already DSLR-like in quality. The “bokeh” and the details are really incredible.

    Now, if I’m on a trip to Europe, I’ll never use just any cellphone, or any cheap digicam. Would you? I’ll use a high quality camera. But the N8 allows me to replace that BIG equipment, and at the same time, upload the pictures directly to Facebook in an instant. To share the views with my contacts.

    I can imagine such great mobility advantage if I need to carry only one small device on my vacation.

  36. poche says:

    good specs and hardware but still poor os and software support.
    so nope wont buy it.

    if i ill go to a foreign country ill probably get a dslr lol. an entry level dslr is much cheaper than this n8.

    also nokia ceo also said that they will be only competitve with apple and google probably by 2012 only when another new os arrives. for short they will drop support with this os again when a new one comes hence poor apps support.

  37. gerald2122 says:

    n8 s good but… iPhone4 s veryyyy goooodddd!!!*_*

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  38. kannuchi says:

    If I want a simple life with not much eew gayish UI transitions, Nokia N8 is one of those that are considerable to buy.

    No one knows here about Qt developments behind Symbian^3, but in fact, this will unleash what it’s meant for against those Android and iPhone OSes. Just wait and see.

  39. Cliff Rosario says:

    I go for Nokia only for the Basic Bar Phones due to their great connectivity and reception. For an entry level 2730 Classic I can browse the web with Opera Mobile quite seamlessly. I can even connect to my MS Outlook Web Access and read/send mails without fail with such a small phone.

    BUT for Smartphones………. Coming from HTC Desire and on Monday about to get an iPhone 4 through Globe (reserved)….
    I guess … Nokia already lost most of it’s Market Share in the Smartphones sphere..

  40. Mike says:

    C’mon C’mon! it has 12mp cam, xenon flash 720p HD video recording. So, smartphone, digital camera & camcorder all-in-one at a price lower than overpriced iphone 4. Multi touching & multi tasking are also available in Symbian 3. Everybody abled to catch up in terms of touch interface nowadays. Don’t be stupid people.

  41. Gams says:

    Another Symbian-powered smartphone from Nokia? I heard Samsung and Sony Ericsson will terminate all their Symbian applications this year.Tsk..tsk..

  42. Teknisyan says:

    since you can buy an unlock phone.. then I might consider getting one.. not unless someone gives me one!! :)

    they did have a good marketing event in Rosengard, Sweden by playing a Prince of Persia using N8 on the largest cinema screen.


    It’s still not yet available here in KSA!!

  43. intersectRaven says:

    The hardware looks good but the OS sucks. If ever I get one, I’ll immediately look for a way to get Android running on it. :)

  44. jepe says:

    uhmm. am seriously considering it. i really like the cameras on nokia phones–started with n73. now n86. very clear movies and pictures. i don’t carry my sony handycam anymore. i also have the nokia 5800 as my music player/phone—nothing beats its stereo speaker with good low-level/bass sound. i listen to it while driving. i hope n8’s speaker is as good so i’ll just have one device for the camera and music player that i can carry around in my pocket all the time.

    finally–at first, i was disappointed with the nokia 5800 interface because it hangs a lot and was laggy–but its most recent update (version 50) was great! and I am now very satisfied. i hope nokia will continue this support for their phones.. as I can wait for the improvements rather than not havnig one.

    i never really liked the form factor of the iphone or many of the copy-cat androids–too wide and hard to handle and use single handedly. and obviously lacks the nice features i like: the camera and the on-board stereo speakers.. and oh, i just learned the n8 has dual stereo mic for its HD video.

  45. miki says:

    i think Nokia N8 has been over rated smartphone for the price of 25k above. i agree that if ever the price exceeded 22k, i rather choose SGX or Omnia.

    I am planning to buy N8 but not this year, i need to do so some research first about its new OS Sym^3 and its bugs.

    Perhaps some answers of bugs will be release at Q2 of 2011, and the price will become less.

    just my 2 cent.

  46. miki says:

    well those who wants to buy Nokia N8 here in the Philippines, uhmm got a crazy suggestion/idea,if we boycot the phone in its release here for about half a year maybe they will lesser the value of the phone. hehehehe.

    and i think only those celebrity and corrupt politicians will buy first the Nokia N8 in its 25k price. As usual because of the fad and new tech in their hands but they don’t even know what the real issue is.

  47. Epstein says:

    Hmm… I do not know how to answer… I have the Nokia N8 here beside me in the office everyday.

  48. kimkae says:

    at that price point…..a BIG NO!

  49. marco i8910 says:

    a big NO……!!!!!! The latest news is that samsung and sony are dropping any support to their symbian products. This means that both huge companys r no more confident that symbian has decline in terms of profit potential and in future market share..

  50. JP says:

    Engadget has already posted a review on these two phones’ cameras.

  51. Engadget has already posted a review on these two phones’ cameras.


  52. JM says:

    I’d rather buy a laptop :)

  53. Vatch says:

    Android OS – need

  54. Prosopagnosia11 says:

    i’d rather buy a motorola..

  55. cindy says:

    25k i think is not bad for this mobile,you can do so much from this phone if would just explore yourself in the symbian world..compared to iphone that is overpricing by the way..

    its like nokia: pra sa masa
    iphone:pra sa mayaman

  56. Shen says:

    Nope. I’m saying goodbye to the Symbian OS soon. The N97 was a letdown for me, and I have been planning to replace it for quite a while now. Android and iOS both look very promising. :)

  57. JepX says:

    at that price, no…

  58. frragglerocker says:

    feature wise, i am very much interested, hope the OS holds up. Price wise, I pretty much agree with everyone, it shouldn’t be more than 22k.

    as for the iPhone lovers here, talk about overprice tech, nice display though. unless it’s free from a globe plan..not buying..

    as for samsung giving up symbian, not surprised, they spend a lot on BADA, why would you lend support for another (new??) OS? (duhh) It’s BADA or bust. Sony E. is banking on Android to help it survive and hitching a ride with other Smartphone makers. But with so many OS versions, it’s a cocktail nightmare for a lot of app developers.

  59. HAHAHA! says:

    @jamoy. Siguro 2008 ka lang nagkacell phone? lol.

  60. HAHAHA! says:

    NO! I’ll wait for Meego.

  61. raymond says:


    An entry level DSLR is not much cheaper than N8. They are within the same price range. Plus a DSLR is bulkier, and you need a PC and a USB connector to upload your pictures to Facebook.

    Apps have little to offer other than games. Games are just diversions while you’re on the road. If you’re a serious gamer, you’ll get a gaming console/PC and stay indoors and not and not aphone. I think this thing is much more functional for mobile people.

  62. kannuchi says:

    I like it how USB OTG helps in this N8. In case of emergency when you don’t have a laptop, you need to get the pic/movies or important files from a USB or portable drive? I think any iPhone or Blackberry users will look after for N8.

    As for the camera, I have nothing to say, but EXCELLENT!

    Let’s get rid of the culture being brainwashed by the gayish fancy UI transitions, it eats up a lot of battery! Let’s just be practical and focus on functionalities.

    And oh, I hate the haptic feedback in Samsungs. I still prefer Nokia’s (non-sliders).

  63. pabs says:

    Uhmm, don’t judge N8 until you really have used it. Nokia is a reliable brand and it has’nt let me down yet. Yes, I’m giving it a try.

  64. jay says:

    deifinitely not buying, symbian OS is outdated for a smartphone, it is just for a candy bar phone. app suuport is definitely a plus for a smartphone like the android and that of the iPhone

  65. Jay says:

    Hey Mr. Abraham, Abe or Yuga, will yah just POLL this? You’re not endorsing Nokia naman diba? And it wouldn’t hurt much. Just Poll this please?

  66. monique_23 says:

    hello there! I’ve been wanting to buy a cellphone. My friend told me that Samsung’s android OS is way better. What’s the diffrence between ANDROID and SYMBIAN? please make these things clear for me. =)

  67. leodegario enriquez says:

    lovin my galaxy s….i will just wait for meego…then we’ll see…

  68. chinitoguy30 says:

    OF COURSE I WILL BUY!!! Much better than the iPhone!! Its also a better alternative than Android phones. Nokia will always be the best!

  69. Mike says:

    I’d give this one a chance. The N8 looks nifty and solid.

    Will have to see and feel it up close to make the final decision. Lastly, the price point ought to be a little lower to make it reasonable.

    Otherwise, the more “trendy” iPhone4 and BB and HTC ‘droids will give it a run for its money…

    Its the “unappealing” factor of the N8 is what attracts me to it. It’s something I’m sure not everyone will want to have, unlike the other devices I mentioned in the previous paragraph.

  70. JeffZ says:

    Hi Sir Abe.

    I’ll know if it’s worth buying if it doesn’t have the misses of Nokia 5800 and other touch screen phones released before.. I have a Nokia 5800, it’s considered to be an iphone killer (daw) but I got disappointed.. I only got used to it’s slow response that’s why I’m still keeping it. :(

    But we can still give this phone and Nokia a chance to be outstanding.. :)

  71. Arvee says:

    well as I see it from here, I guess the “Nokia Magic” won’t seem to work anymore on smartphone buyers, at least.

    It’s time both Nokia and Symbian realize that no one wants a laggy UI because for the past years, they’ve been lagging (both literally and figuratively) behind iPhones, Blackberrys and Androids.

  72. Nokia now Bokia says:

    ano kaya mangyayari sa Nokia! ngayon bago na yung CEO nila na galing Microsoft?!! sana wag naman silang ma Blue screen of Death

    Nokia dumps CEO, turns to Microsoft exec

    By MATTI HUUHTANEN, Associated Press Writer Matti Huuhtanen, Associated Press Writer – Fri Sep 10, 12:56 pm ET

    HELSINKI – Nokia Corp. is replacing CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo with Microsoft executive Stephen Elop as the world’s top maker of mobile phones aims to regain lost ground in the fiercely competitive smart phone market.

    The choice of a North American executive to lead a Finnish company reflects the increasing dominance of U.S. and Canadian companies in the evolution of the phone business.

    Apple Inc.’s iPhone has set the standard for today’s smart phones, while Research In Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerrys are the favorite of the corporate set. More recently, Google Inc.’s Android software has emerged as the choice for phone makers that want to challenge the iPhone.

    Analysts welcomed the choice of the 46-year-old Canadian, who has worked closely with Nokia at Microsoft and at Macromedia Inc. developing software for Nokia phones. He has also held top posts at Juniper Networks Inc. and Adobe Systems Inc. At Microsoft, he headed the Business division, which makes Office software….

  73. Shing Wa says:


    with that 25k-30k price range i’d rather wait for the Desire HD :)

  74. Jay says:

    No. I have already bought my Samsung Wave..it’s too late for Nokia…huling-huli na sya sa Samsung Galaxy S, HTC HD, Iphone 4..

  75. ron says:

    @Hihey, nice list. I’ve only seen high end phones in paper (or gsmarena) since i dont have the capacity to buy these phones.

    But so far, I think N8 is really good. If I had the moolah, i’ll definitely get it.

    A lot of what you posted here:


    can not be found on other smartphones (to anyone, feel free to correct me on that).

  76. ron says:

    functionality over ui. How can you say a new os sucks if you havent tried it. Daming nagcomment this phone has obviously gathered traction. I’ll buy this. Its super cheap for its features.

  77. brodanmd says:

    nope. considering the hefty price above 20t for an old symbian and the android invasion, it would be a miracle if n8 sells…

  78. kannuchi says:


    what if it sells like hotcakes? what will you do? even this device’s os wont match to androids ui, feature is pricier still. with its 12mp xenon, gorilla glass display, anodized casing and usb otg that is rarely seen nowadays, as well as uprising ovi store and services, im pretty sure you’ll regret accusations on symbian and nokia.

  79. NokiaSucks says:

    Hell no…..Symbian sucks..
    Unless they release an android phone….but I doubt it…

  80. Jazon says:

    how come nokia isn’t using meego? it’s developed by nokia along with partners!

  81. Nokia now Bokia says:

    How Usable Is Nokia’s New N8?

    -see the video here

    -text from Gizmodo
    Nokia is in trouble. In the US, the brand’s gone from ubiquitous to the stuff of tech nostalgia. Its next (last?) stab at American relevance? The N8. We pitted the N8’s usability against two rivals, and the results aren’t pretty.

    To conduct our highly-nonscientific exercise in interface usability, we recruited two savvy smartphoners from around the Gizmodo office to go head to head (to head) with the N8. After familiarizing myself with the N8 for an ample amount of time, our trio competed in three simple smartphone tasks—sending the same email, mapping directions to the same place, and taking a photo of the same object—we wanted to see which device is the king of usability mountain. Spoiler alert: not Nokia’s. The hardware itself is decent, but in terms of interface design—whoo boy. Again, keep in mind that this is by no means an objective benchmark or thorough review—but Nokia has clearly dug itself into a design hole, and it’s a problem made flagrant with some context.

    But we’ll let the battle footage speak for itself.

  82. ronsterrr says:

    i am not a fan of any particular OS, but i am definitely a fan of fairness.

    i read gizmodo’s article and got to verify the post above. however, after reading the comments, i found out a lot of people are also claiming that the test was biased in a way.

    here’s the post by ‘floobie’ 01:49 PM October 02 CST(?) so we can have a better idea of things.

    “I’m agreement with what seems to be the majority here: Guy on the N8 really wasn’t familiar with the phone yet. Why else would you stare at the screen for a few seconds not pressing the icon you need, while everyone else has already jumped ahead?

    I decided to follow along on my lowly E71, with a puny 340mhz processor, and several years outdated s60. I can get navigation directions faster than everyone there (searching for a location roughly half way across the city, getting driving directions). I can also send an e-mail as fast as the guy on the blackberry (typed out one of my other e-mail addresses, subject “oh hello there”, message body said “hello”). And I can snap a picture faster than everyone there (using a similarly backlit plant in my room). How is that possible?! What does this prove?!

    I’m really familiar with my phone. So is the girl on the iPhone, and the guy on the Blackberry. The guy on the N8 isn’t.”

    btw, the number of responses to this article is noteworthy. Nokia truly did a good job at letting people know about this phone.

  83. Epstein says:

    Ang dami nag-comment dito e hindi pa naman nila nagagamit yung phone. Ako nga nagamit ko na N8 e hindi parin ako makapag-comment ng maayos kasi hindi pa naman ako nakakagamit ng Android. Hindi lang naman Pilipinas ang market ng Nokia. Marami sa ibang bansa ang nag-aabang sa model na ito. Yung iba nga nagagalit kasi ang tagal i-release.

  84. Winziph says:

    epstein you have your point, sabi nga to see is to believe. lets give nokia its time to showcase what he got.

  85. phone critic says:

    How many times nokia launch a flop phone. first was n97, then n900 came and lastly N8. Samsung, Apple and HTC are promising (and worth it for the price). Nokia is gradually losing its charm.

  86. JKisaragi says:

    Most of the people here (potential buyers) have probably done their research of the Nokia N8, that’s why they came into a conclusion that they would / won’t be buying the phone, which is the whole point why one should post here in the first place.

    Of course, one should also comment as to why he/she would not be buying the N8, right?

    IMO, for a touchscreen device, the UI is essential, because you’ll be interacting with the screen most, if not all the time. Like for the home screen for example; I expect that when I swipe the screen, the screen would follow the precise movement of my finger, and not wait for the action after the swipe gesture was made.

    OR when I open apps, I don’t want to see loading signs (the ring O_O). Sure, Android and iOS just covered it up with eye-candy effects, tricking us into believing that the app opens up instantly (well, some of them do open up in an instant), but that actually is a good thing. I’d rather be tricked into thinking it is fast, than face the horrible truth.

    Symbian still has a long way ahead of it, that’s for sure. I loved my E63 and my E72. I’m just not that sold with a Symbian-based touchscreen phone (like my 5800 which received no love from me).

    So again, the N8 is not for me. I’ll be sticking with my SGS until something much more interesting comes.

  87. Epstein says:

    @phone critic

    how many times did Nokia release a good phone?

    Wala lang. hehe. I’m not pro-Nokia, as a matter of fact if iPhone is cheap i’ll try it. Try lng naman. hehe

  88. FrostyM says:

    Wait, until next year the nokia company will release MeeGo version and the price of N8 will drop like HELL !! Bwuahahahaha!!! >:D xD lol. Sorry.. being rude.

    But i will buy this phone! this will be my temporary phone. And thank you Nokia I choose you! :D

  89. Olga says:

    this phone looks nice…

  90. st. Pac says:

    halos lahat tayo nagsimula sa nokia. 5110, 3310, 7110, 6230, e63 mga dati kong phone from nokia. Nakakalungkot lang malaman na pabagsak na sila.

  91. pj says:

    coming from a white 9700, i guess i’d rather buy a dslr. nokia is a very reliable brand for basic and mid-range phones. but for smartphones? nah. i’d go for a BB(like what i have now, and i must say, I ♥ it!), htc, or even the iphone.

  92. dawnripper says:

    if this can dual-boot to android :)
    and still waiting for win7phone can offer

  93. Joseph says:

    kapag nasa 15k na lang ito. pedeng pede. the best para sa akin yung 12m cam with xenon flash. yung n82 ko paretiro na eh. sana nga lang nag-improved yung touch screen nya. sa 5800 nabadtrip ako naibenta ko tuloy.

  94. Ogags says:

    Ay, ipaste ba naman yung galing sa gizmodo?

  95. Ogags says:

    pag may maayos na nagagawa ang nokia, ang comment ay so-so. Parang pwede na yan. Pag may kakulangan naman, banat agad.

    Samantalang yung ibang model pag may di magawa ng maayos, ok lang kasi apple/htc/samsung/hindinokia.

    Silly twats.

  96. nexusboy says:

    Nokia is so “has been”… fast becoming baduy.

    of course it will retail at 29,000 when released. then drops to 17,000 before end of month. Good luck would-be buyers!

  97. konnichi says:

    hindi pa lumalabas ang N8, haba na ng comments. Meaning, madaming me gusto talaga nito. Both fans and detractors! lol!

  98. kinny says:

    I currently have 3 Nokia phones for Globe, Sun and Smart. I thinbk when the oldest one conks out I will get an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S or HTC instead. Time for a change.

  99. veromeo says:

    sinong nagsabi na mas maganda camera ng iphone 4???

    Im gonna give nokia a chance for smartphones. im using Nokia n82 and an iphone. with this phone I think I can finally have just 1 phone.


  100. uDroid? says:

    Dami droid fanbois, parang frankenstein lang naman ang android os, pinag tagpi-tagpi lang lol. at kailangan pa ng 1ghz plus para tumakbo ng husto.

  101. leyokium says:

    nokia no more.
    pare-pareho lang mga nokia na yan.
    kapag natikman mo iphone sino pa bibili ng ganyan kapangit na cp.

  102. nexusboy says:

    mukhang 99 percent dito will not even bother seeing this N8 in flesh. LOL

  103. konnichi says:

    androidish bitterness coming to town..

  104. JM says:

    katawa naman..parang sinira nyo na ang pangalan ng NOKIA :) LOL..okay lang yan mga noypips :) sa ibang bansa naman inaabangan nila tong phone nato..sabi nga nila..this phone is the most advertised and most deleyed phone ever :) ganyan talaga..afford kasi nila :)

  105. konnichi says:

    Aggressive lang ang move ngayon ng Android, dahil sa pinas, hindi pa rin beatable ang Symbian OS. Hanggang ngayon, kulang ang services provided ng Android, as compared to Ovi services.

    But now, when N8 was released, the first Symbian^3 device, everyone (Android and iPhone) are struggling to keep their uprising momentum. But with Nokia N8’s surprising response from around the world, it looks like Android and iPhone are threatened soon.

    E7 and C7 are to follow, so wait and see, and how Qt development behind S^3 will succeed! :D

    Note: Mas marami pa ring Symbian users around the world and mahirap pabagsakin basta-basta ang Nokia by just Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and HTC combined.

  106. rock says:

    With N8, you’ll be able to download apps from Ovi like foursquare, tunewiki, clickthecity, sureseats, fully booked, sports tracker, uaap sports, greenbelt, yugatech, rogue, blog’m, jobs alert, bloomberg, accuweather, cnbc, natgeo and games like angry birds lite, galaxy on fire, need for speed, tower bloxx, party solitaire, dawn of the fly 2, ninjani, 10pm, running man, etc. There’s so much you can do with the N8 :)

  107. konnichi says:

    Not only that! It is possible for it to make your LCD TV become a touchscreen TV! Lol!


  108. Jon says:

    So much hate indeed. Let me add more. XD

    I have to agree with most of the comments on the likely steep price. Well, it does introduce new/cool features, but let’s be honest. Would we be using most of those on a daily basis? I don’t think so.

    The dedicated GPU is nice, but would not really help much for most tasks we would normally do.

    Lastly, Nokia should really give a lot of thought in keeping their money on Symbian. Symbian has lost its magic. It has been surpassed by newer mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. IMO, I think they should either go for Android, or rebuild Symbian from scratch. They should also consider renaming Symbian, since in most cases, brings back bad memories.

    To answer the question, a big NO.

  109. MobilePinas says:

    Instead of buying Nokia N8, I would rather buy Apple Ipad :)

  110. konnichi says:


    We know it is just a marketing strategy from Nokia, but if you are asking for a daily basis necessity, that would be Nokia.

    Well, do you really need super dooper fancy UI, when your device can do enough of your daily needs?

    Symbian is pretty described as a simplified version of iPhone’s toyish OS. It is just that UI nowadays designed by Android and iOS are attractive to customers, but does the device provide enough? That’s the question.

    5800 users these days are happy with the updates they receive every 3-4months. And the design is still convenient enough to hold for a long time while on a conversation thru call or SMS. By the way, my Galaxy S’s keyboard has no match to Nokia’s responsiveness even it is already capacitive, so CPU is not the case, hope updates would fix that.

    Is the size and design of the phone fits well to your hand’s grip? That may also be considered too.

    Symbian^3 may seem to be outdated when it comes to Android or iPhone, but why do you think they didn’t upgrade to a better UI? Simple, RESOURCES.

    Of course anyone here hates crashes and lags. That is the reason Nokia chose Symbian simply because the manufacturer have mastered the OS, and in fact, it doesn’t eat resources as compared to the competitors.

  111. Sean Ayroso says:

    hahaha! ang daming apple and droid fan boys.. di alam ang capability ng N8.. anung sabi nila pareparehas laht ng Nokia??? You should give N900 a try.. ^_^
    e2 compare q ah..
    kung software lang paguusapan… symbian 3 is completely different from the previous version of symbian…
    sabi nga ni Anssi :”test-drive” Symbian 3 before making any judgements.
    wala ni isa s forum n 2, nakapagtry n ng symbian 3 right???
    let’s make this straight to the point.. the major selling point of N8 is the camera right?
    Iphone 4
    sensor size: 1/3.2″ “backlight-illuminated”
    res: 5mp
    flash: single led
    lense manufacturer: Omnivision: 35mm (standard)
    focus: auto
    HDR: forced on (cannot be turned-off)
    Artifial Enhancement: Turned on!
    sensor size: 1/1.8″ “backlight-illuminated”
    *most digicams are using 1/2.33″ sensor while slr uses 1/1.7″ and above.. ehh??
    res: 12mp
    flash: Xenon (flash of the real cameraphones)
    lense manufacture: Carl Zeiss:28mm(wideeee-angle)^^
    focus: auto
    HDR: Off (maybe can be turned on with dedicated apps, same as N900)
    Artificial Enhancement: Turned Off!
    kung ayaw neu maniwala, labas neu slr neu shootout mo sa iphone 4 tska N8.. tignan muh anung magkamukha haha!
    Anu pa..
    usb otg
    fm transmitter
    Oled display

    dont tell me that I’m biased, I’ve tried using my friends Iphone 4, (yup came from japan) hndi p nga openline eh.. taz yung bb storm ng classmate q.. hndi q naenjoy.. pag naiisip q.. whenever I need to take photos at night, (hndi kc everytime dala mo dslr mo nuh!) walang kwent ang led flash.. whenver I’;m in a road trip hndi q maishare yung mga songs q khit n ilang libo yan, kc iphone or b b gmit q walang fm transmitter.. di gaya kung meron khit jeep lang pwede q patugtugin yung teengae dream ni katy perry.. taz kung naubusan pa aq ng lod, wala na aqng pang gps kung malawa man kmi kc walang offline mode gaya ng Nokia OVi Maps.. tss.. sbrang high tech ng cp q “Iphone 4” ala nmn video out panu q mapaplabas sa hd n tv yun whenver I’m out the house.. keanga nauso hdmi output eh… usb otg.. pag icocopy q yung ppt ng ticher nmin.. ngekz.. kung cp lng dadalhin q na N8 paglabas q ng bahay.. solve solve n aq.. kea nga Nseries eh.. Ntertainment devices… name 1 feature n kayang gawin ng Iphone n hndi kea ng N8… parehas nmn silang pentaband dba? nauna ng N8 eh.. multitasking n since 2001 meron n nokia, knila breaktrough nila ngaun un…

  112. JKisaragi says:

    I have a different experience with my old 5800 and my Galaxy S.

    The reason why I dumped my 5800 was its responsiveness in composing messages. It might have something to do with the resistive touchscreen though, but it is frustrating when I know I’ve already tapped a key thrice, and it would only register that I’ve tapped it twice (or something to that effect).

    Using the stylus while composing messages is a different story. Sure, the taps are registered correctly, but the whole “touchscreen experience” just ain’t the same using one hand for holding the phone and the other one for tapping the screen with the stylus.

    Texting on my SGS is very much a different experience with that of my 5800. Each and every gentle tap / touch of the screen is registered when composing messages, and Swype is also a very good alternative to just plain old texting.

    Seeing that the N8 sports an AMOLED Capacitive screen, I’m pretty much sure that composing messages would be much easier compared to its elder 5800. I’m still not sold on the souped-up Symbian though.

  113. Sean Lim says:

    hahaha! ang daming apple and droid fan boys.. di alam ang capability ng N8.. anung sabi nila pareparehas laht ng Nokia??? You should give N900 a try.. ^_^
    e2 compare q ah..
    kung software lang paguusapan… symbian 3 is completely different from the previous version of symbian…
    sabi nga ni Anssi :”test-drive” Symbian 3 before making any judgements.
    wala ni isa s forum n 2, nakapagtry n ng symbian 3 right???
    let’s make this straight to the point.. the major selling point of N8 is the camera right?
    Iphone 4
    sensor size: 1/3.2″ “backlight-illuminated”
    res: 5mp
    flash: single led
    lense manufacturer: Omnivision: 35mm (standard)
    focus: auto
    HDR: forced on (cannot be turned-off)
    Artifial Enhancement: Turned on!
    sensor size: 1/1.8″ “backlight-illuminated”
    *most digicams are using 1/2.33″ sensor while slr uses 1/1.7″ and above.. ehh??
    res: 12mp
    flash: Xenon (flash of the real cameraphones)
    lense manufacture: Carl Zeiss:28mm(wideeee-angle)^^
    focus: auto
    HDR: Off (maybe can be turned on with dedicated apps, same as N900)
    Artificial Enhancement: Turned Off!
    kung ayaw neu maniwala, labas neu slr neu shootout mo sa iphone 4 tska N8.. tignan muh anung magkamukha haha!
    Anu pa..
    usb otg
    fm transmitter
    Oled display
    dont tell me that I’m biased, I’ve tried using my friends Iphone 4, (yup came from japan) hndi p nga openline eh.. taz yung bb storm ng classmate q.. hndi q naenjoy.. pag naiisip q.. whenever I need to take photos at night, (hndi kc everytime dala mo dslr mo nuh!) walang kwent ang led flash.. whenver I’;m in a road trip hndi q maishare yung mga songs q khit n ilang libo yan, kc iphone or b b gmit q walang fm transmitter.. di gaya kung meron khit jeep lang pwede q patugtugin yung teengae dream ni katy perry.. taz kung naubusan pa aq ng lod, wala na aqng pang gps kung malawa man kmi kc walang offline mode gaya ng Nokia OVi Maps.. tss.. sbrang high tech ng cp q “Iphone 4″ ala nmn video out panu q mapaplabas sa hd n tv yun whenver I’m out the house.. keanga nauso hdmi output eh… usb otg.. pag icocopy q yung ppt ng ticher nmin.. ngekz.. kung cp lng dadalhin q na N8 paglabas q ng bahay.. solve solve n aq.. kea nga Nseries eh.. Ntertainment devices… name 1 feature n kayang gawin ng Iphone n hndi kea ng N8… parehas nmn silang pentaband dba? nauna ng N8 eh.. multitasking n since 2001 meron n nokia, knila breaktrough nila ngaun un…

  114. Jon says:


    Well, having a fancy UI is a trend, and, though debatable, it could be somehow useful. Not to mention it being more appealing to customers.

    Speaking for myself, after using Symbian for quite some time then, it tends to get so laggy and unresponsive where even the simplest tasks like calling, opening/reading/sending text messages takes a lot of time. I could mention other annoyances of Symbian, but those are unrelated anyway.

    The point is, people’s taste or demands in a modern phone/smartphone change over time. Hence the shift to systems like iOS and Android. I’m not saying that the N8 is not useful, since it can make almost anything that the other phones can do. However, do you really think an owner of a “modern” OS/phone would be attracted to get an N8? Nokia is gradually yet steadily losing its share in the smartphone market. They should do something before it is too late.

    Maybe you already know this, Nokia owns Symbian, or majority of it that is, that’s why they wouldn’t ditch the poor OS. But, aside from Nokia, which phone company still uses Symbian? Sony Ericson does not come up with phones running UIQ(Symbian-based) anymore as well.

  115. Tech Caffe says:

    can anybody tell me, how to improve my blog



  116. manny says:

    Does Nokia have a brand perception problem?

    now that’s a blog and discussion i’d like to read.

  117. manny says:

    to all nokia fans out there (that includes me), if you find a good nokia product–go ahead support it!

    i dont think it would be good for the mobile business to be monopolized by Apple or any other brand.

  118. Jon says:


    Check the figures first. :) If there is anyone to accuse of monopolizing the mobile phone market world-wide, it is Nokia. They currently hold the largest share in the pie. Here’s a link: http://bit.ly/bv5NdI

    Sadly, other competitors are slowly but steadily eating away at Nokia’s piece of the pie.

  119. Yeboi says:

    Never !!! iPhone4 most likely, Galaxy S is the second choice… All nokia does is come up with a new phone with high mp cam… Cam is history, people wants apps great and simple UI, reliability and fast internet browser… OK.

  120. kannuchi says:

    Hi Jon,

    I came from the ff:

    – 5700 (best!)
    – Sony Ericsson P1i (first time for a touchscreen, but failed me on antenna issues, maybe isolated case)

    – N97 8gb (never failed me)

    – 5800 (bought for touchscreen experience, no problems with the whole UI, no lagging issues after reaching v40-50, but failed me on camera and build quality at the competition era), experienced iPhone, astonished, but failed me in everyday use with alphanumeric keys, iTunes-dependent, poor usability compared to 5800)

    – N97 32gb (bought for better experience, failed me of hardware issues considering technical difficulties by the themselves)

    – N900 (never failed me about UI except for MeeGo transition creating less support for Maemo)

    – Samsung Galaxy S (failed me on response of keyboard compared to 5800 and iPhone! and I don’t always use swype on the go!)

    – going back to Nokia N8 (expecting good qualities of 5800, N97, N82, and Android/iPhone apps content for the coming year/s)

  121. Mark says:

    I love N8’s form, even love most of the features… and though I am still waiting for my i-phone via a new subscriotion plan this October I am still very excited to try an actual N8 unit when it comes here.. will definitely get one but not at launch date… I want to see the apps they will develop for this phone.

  122. JM says:

    @villaemmanual – I think there’s no perception problem on with regards to Nokia. Nokia is classified pa nga as a “Friendly User” phone db? :) maybe..iba-iba lang tlaga taste ng tao..like ako..ayoko talaga ng Sony Ericsson :) kahit anong sony Ericsson pa yan..Nokia pa din ako :)

  123. konnichi says:


    Hey, that pie eating contest only happened when they regretfully released Symbian^1 or S60v5.

    But you should never treat Symbian^3 that way until you experience it first. ;)

  124. Lezuric says:

    well.. I had enough with nokia since there is samsung galaxy and iphone 4! :]

    anyway.. I almost forgot what is nokia nowadays ;P

  125. Dakkel says:

    SMARTphone. Which is smarter, a phone that does multitasking at 600mhz capacity or a phone that does less multitasking at 1ghz?

    SMART answers only. Hint: UI is not in the question.

  126. Dakkel says:

    Kung meron mang SMARTphone OS daw na losing tremendous market share, iOS un. Ask manong Google. But then again, iOS is not smart at all. So when talking about falling market shares, do not exalt iOS. It is an oxymoron.

  127. Dakkel says:

    Sa mga sumasamba sa iPhone: hala sige, bumili kayo ng iPod touch with phone capabilities that fails hard at it. Antenna signal lang sa 3RD reiteration, lagapak pa? How is a phone that can not pick-up a phone signal called a phone? Then after all that you call it a SMARTphone? All that sh!t for 40k pesos. So smart for a smartphone buyer to do.

    Did you all forget to use your brains? What is next? Forget to breathe? Asus!

  128. konnichi says:

    Parang PC versus Mac lang yan e.

    PC is smarter, Mac is style only.

    Symbian is smarter, iOS is style only. iPhone is trying to be a trend setter while fooling a lot of people.

  129. veromeo says:

    Grabe april ko pa hinihintay to october na wala paren

  130. mr.bogus says:

    mas ok pa rin n900!!!! hirap talaga pag dinadaan sa user interface ang basehan ng pagiging maganda ng isang cellphone….!!! thats what you called: stupidity…. hi to all apple fanboi`s hahahahaha…

  131. annlou says:

    a BIG NO!! ang Nokia ngayon parang friendster napaglipasan na ng panahon..hahaha i rather buy a DSLR camera than a nokia phone

  132. bing says:

    I would put Philippines with USA in the same side of the pond. Brain washed by the tech bloggers from USA. These bloggers tend to believe iphones and androids are the best and nothing else. They tend to believe that only american exist and everybody else follows. Whooooa poor fellows. They compare symbian as if everybody uses androids and ios UIs. OF course you will find UI to be difficult to use when you are not used to. Ask somebody who are used to symbian and will never complain but will be all praise of UI of any symbian^3 devices. UI is skin deep but look at what matters most…multitasking -iOS can never boast on this. Battery life -Symbian is second to none on this. Processor optimization – try putting 400mhz on ios and android and will barely run. Look at 5800 it’s running at 400Mhz CPU but running decently. Don’t look at the Mhz numbers because it’s not the only thing that matter. To say that symbian is lagging behind (and dieing if you will) is purely ignorant. Symbian will stay and together with Meego they will rule! Nokia will be there at the top for a long long time. Loosers will cry to death :)
    Check this fresh from oven statistics..

  133. sed says:

    Ok sana yan kung balak mo sanang bumili ng digicam and bagong phone. Yun lang naman kasi advantage nyan sa iba, Camera. Lugi ka sa usability, applications, overall speed, Web experience etc. Kung hindi nyo gagawing primary “Digicam” yan wag nyo nang i-consider kasi mas mura pa ibang android phones.

  134. N8 :) says:

    a big YES!
    25-30k price is justified by the specs and i already told my dad to buy an N8 for me abroad :D

    i can’t agree on the idea to put it on 15-20k price range. if we compare it with previous nokia phones with opening price in that range, or other brands, it would be unfair for Nokia to lower their price of their N8 because its specs are way beyond those phones less than 20k…

  135. N8 :) says:

    if you’re concern is just about the price, you can wait for a year maybe it will soon lower to almost 20k.. :))

  136. N8 :) says:

    if your concern is just about the price, you can wait for a year maybe it will soon lower to almost 20k..

    correction. :)

  137. cj_MT says:

    I’ve been eagerly anticipating N8. I’d like see how the Symbian^3 and MEEGO will kill those iOS and andriod toys. But I like a smartphone that has full browsing capabilities – Flash (not flash lite), JAVA, capable of video IM chat skype integrated phone. And that would be the MAEMO powred phone (now is the right time because of the price drop). Afterall, that is what a SMARTPHONE is all about- MOBILE INTERNET.
    By the way, not interested in kiddie APPS where the iphone is good at.
    And for those making immature judgements on the new Symbian^3 OS, it shows that your the type who opens your mouth without thinking.

  138. konnichi says:

    N8 is now ready for reservation and first 800 to reserve gets a free 16gb USB flash drive!


  139. Kurei Kageno says:

    ^pre-order for only P23,699..not bad for the specs… :D

  140. nebula says:

    from a forum “inquired a dealer here in Cebu and he told me that units will be available on the first week of November 2010. He will be selling it a cash price of P21,400.00 “

  141. marky says:

    Nokia N8 is already available beginning now October 08, 2010 for only Php23,699 with free 16GB thumbdrive for the first 800 pre-orders! So hurry! Just pre-ordered mine color silver. Available colors for pre-orders are dark steel grey and light silver!

  142. raymond says:

    Wow! Mura!!!

  143. ace says:

    @nokia replied on Oct 6th, 2010 at 10:34 pm (139) http://www.cgena.com/1338/onlineshop/New+Nokia+N8.aspx


    ok ba deal dito sa site na toh its less than 10k buy one take one pa compared sa retailed price any commnents?

  144. lolipown says:

    yes we’re all smitten by symbian and it’s AWESOMENESS


  145. tracycutie says:

    the iphone naysayers are the ones who don’t have one.
    i used to be anti-iphone until i opted for iphone 3GS whilst my housemate got the N97 (which I coveted for the longest time)

    needless to say i’m so happy with my choice. once you go iphone you don’t look back.

  146. ex-5800xm says:

    …and the battle between mobile OS continues…

    I already pre-ordered dark steel N8, so that’s to say that I’d definitely buy one ;)

  147. Eingild says:

    maybe you people should read and view expert reviews in gsmarena and phonearena. Those sites hate Nokia, N97 in particular, so much that they started giving biased opinion in favor of symbian and nokia’s competition such as Android and iOS. But they shifted their moods because of the N8. They even gave Nokia a fighting chance. According to them, the phone is responsive enough and can even play games smoothly with as much as 8 applications running in the background. Idiots and Retard! Read expert reviews first before posting nonsense, unempirical opinions morons!

  148. kannuchi says:


    That’s true. My Galaxy S can’t do that. Running apps and games simultaneously. Or else, the phones dead lags up!

  149. marky says:

    a lot of blinded Nokia haters! most of their reason is they hate n8 bec. of its 680mhz processor. FYI: Processor is not the only base for speed. Symbian phones doesn’t need higher processor because it can already perform well better than you negatively thought. Second, battery of N8 is 1200maH because it N8 has AMOLED screen which is battery-saver than normal LCD. Also, Nokia N8’s price in the market is more cheaper than iPhone. Lastly, a smartphone’s important function is it can do many things in which the N8 does. Nokia N8 has a stand-alone digital camera beater 12megapixel Carl Zeiss sensor with Xenon flash, fast multitasking ability, bluetooth that can send any files, can easily connect to any computer, has a great picture and video editing on-board, a USB-on-the-go which is essential, can be used with stylus for people’s preferences, and much more. So, does iPhone has thOse? If NO, then stop being blind praising for such an OVERPRICED INCOMPLETE feature iPhone!

  150. may_0501 says:

    anyone know when different colors (specifically green) of the Nokia N8 will be released in the Phils or will it never be and i’d have to buy from abroad? appreciate a response, thanks! :D

  151. kannuchi says:


    There will also be. I saw some update listings in Navifirm for the 5 colors. But they might be available at a later time after its launch on Oct. 23.

  152. fuhrer says:

    i get the hate that nokia is getting, probabbly because of the resistive touch screen of its past models.. but pls before making assumptions watch the new UI in youtube, sure the menu sucks ass(though customized themes might salvage it), but it has clearly improved greatly over its predecessors.. and the camera… a 2.8 aperture AF.. epic.. not as cartoon colored as the iphone4, it is leaned more to realism rather than funky unatural colors and yellow tinging like a cheap nikon dslr in vivid mode(that is why i switched to canon)… the stock music player with coverflow looks good and fast too..

  153. Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 says:

    Nokia N8 : Hey man, got a new Single of A Perfect Circle, dyou want it?

    iPhone 4 : Yeah, uhmm wait, dont have a pc for my itunes.

    Nokia N8 : Thats sucks man!

  154. kannuchi says:

    iPhone 4: Hey, I can make video calls to anyone thru YM! Not only to my fellow iPhone 4.

    N8: At last, you’re joining the club after so many years. Oh, by the way, I can now play AVI and DivX files. How ’bout you?

    iPhone 4: Uhmm… (Steve Jobs the liar: “Who needs that?”) Next year maybe..

  155. Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 says:

    iPhone 4: Hey I got the Beatles Remastered!

    Nokia N8: Wow thats cool! Can I copy it?

    iPhone: Sure man, got it here in the USB.

    Nokia N8: No prob, I have USB OTG.

    iPhone 4: i see…

  156. Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 says:

    Nokia N8: Wheres iPhone?

    Samsung Galaxy: He’s in heat.

    Nokia N8: Whoa! Thats pretty Hot dude! He’s heating up the market???

    Samsung Galaxy: Nope, He’s REALLY OVERHEATING and CRASHING. I dunno man,just plug his charger and ended up heating.

    Nokia N8: Oh…

  157. kannuchi says:

    N8: “Hello…iPhone”

    iPhone: (drop call)

  158. Jon says:

    Heh. Looks like you guys enjoy bashing the iPhone. XD How about Nokia vs Android now? :P

  159. kannuchi says:

    Not that much. But learning that the hardware development of both Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 cost almost the same in the link below, I felt how iPhone sucks not only with the crappy issues, but also how pricey it is released to the market, when the hardware cost was just the same as the midrange N8.


  160. Nokia N8, Samsung GS, iPhone4 says:

    Nokia N8: LG is inviting us to come in his night party. Let’s go.

    iPhone: Uhmm you go ahead.

    Samsung GS: Yeah N8, you go ahead.

    Nokia N8: Well ok guys, see ya later.

    iPhone: damn I wish i have Flash for my cam.

    Samsung GS: Me too..

    Nokia N8: Oohhh…

  161. ex-5800xm says:

    @posts 163-167 & 170

    epic!!! ;)

  162. Andrew says:

    They’re soooo……. “Finnished”! LOL!

    Long gone are the days of Nokia coolness. That was way back 10 years ago when I was still in High School. Nowadays, Nokia = jologz. I’m so sorry but it’s true.

  163. Dakkel says:

    iPhone 4. A smartphone not smart enough to make calls. Android phones. Smartphones that need 1gHz processor to PAUSE between, at most, 8 applications.

  164. Sanguine says:

    I just made an online pre-order reservation for a Nokia N8 yesterday. I availed the reservation promo that comes with a free 16GB thumb drive and among the first 800 to reserve. For all the people who made a reservation for nokia N8, it will be available for pickup this coming Saturday(October 23). I’m looking forward in the new features it offers… :)

  165. may_0501 says:

    @ Sanguine: will you give us feedback on the unit? how it looks “up close”, the weight, functionality, etc. appreciate soooo much! thanks!! :D

    p.s. what color did u get?

  166. Sanguine says:

    @may_0501: Sure, no problem. Once I get the N8, I’m glad to share my feedback. :)

    I picked the Dark Steel(Dark Grey).

  167. may_0501 says:

    @ Sanguine: thanks thanks! :D i’m so excited! i wanted to pre-order but i’m waiting for other colors to be available (specifically the green one) :D

  168. kannuchi says:


    First, gizmodo is a bitter blogsite for Nokia’s success, and an Apple iFanbois, so it is not that reliable anymore among bloggers and reviewers. Why the hell will they announce they are not blogging it anyway?

    Second, the other site you placed is a review with inaccurate infos, for instance Processor speed with 624mhz, when it is supposed to be 680mhz. How can you believe the review when he can’t post the exact figures?

  169. Nokia N8 and iPhone 4 says:



  170. Rayjan says:

    Hey guys, don’t underestimate the phone’s abilities. I agree that there are lots of great OSes there than the Symbian^3. But Symbian^3 is much better than Symbian OS S60 5th (which is used on the Nokia N97). If I were you, I’d buy a phone with a Symbian or Android OS since only these OSes have all the standards of running a smartphone(like using your phone as a Mass Storage unlike iPhones).

  171. Andrew says:



    You can use iPhone (and even the iPods) as a mass storage… Hell, even my old Windows Mobile phones can do it. All they do is act like card readers, like that Nokia.

    And what’s with mass storage? You don’t buy a phone for mass storage do you?

    Flash drives are far cheaper and more efficient for that.

  172. kannuchi says:


    Nowadays, phones are becoming a necessity for every people as mobile handsets always come in handy to everyone all the time. Unfortunately iPhone don’t even support memory card to extend storage functionalities.

    Using Galaxy S and N8, I find N8 a bit more efficient to use when connecting to PC. Once connected, N8 can be set automatically to connect as Mass Storage (other than PC Suite, Media Transfer, etc), while with Galaxy S, you still have to mount it first from the notification panel, less conveniently.

  173. kannuchi says:

    File Transfers

    Read this:

    “The N8 supports all kind of file transfers. Want to send a picture from your N8 to another phone? You can easily transfer it over Bluetooth. This is simply not possible on the iPhone 4 – out of the box. This is seriously lame. Period. And it doesn’t stop there. The iPhone 4, just like all previous generation iPhones would not act as mass storage device and you are left at the mercy of iTunes to do manage your stuff on the phone. Nokia on the other hand doesn’t insist you use their Ovi Suite to manage files. The N8 also plays most video files with finesse – unlike the iPhone 4 which would ask you to convert the video to a format it understands before you start playing it on the phone. Lame.”

    source: http://iphonehelp.in/2010/10/25/apple-iphone-4-vs-nokia-n8-part-2/#comment-12416

  174. Jon says:


    I actually prefer Android’s implementation of USB Mass Storage. Yes it would be more convenient to literally “plug and play” but having an extra step protects me from “accidents”.

    Before, way back when I was using WinMo, I forgot that my phone was still plugged in as Mass Storage. I thought it was my flash drive that I wanted to reformat. So, I did. To my horror, it was my phone. :|. Good thing I was able to recover everything via software recovery.

    I know having some extra step would not prevent you from accidents like that, but for me, it works as an extra reminder that my phone is plugged in.

  175. kannuchi says:


    Have been doing this with my Nokia devices and flash drives for more than 5 years, but never happened to me :P

  176. Jon says:


    Good for you then. Maybe I’m just scatterbrained. That or I just plug too many devices via USB and I fail to keep track of them. LOL.

  177. sig says:

    Nokia N8 enters the market that has full of tough competitors, which around five years ago nokia was the “king of cell phones”, but times changed.
    I bought this N8 just because of its camera function(with flash) which my Samsung Galaxy S lacks (Galaxy S only has 5mp without flash).

  178. Robin Lim says:

    I figured this phone had the right features for me, but…

    My story: I decided to avail of a Nokia N8 from Smart Communications under retention yesterday. I know, I know this is not the best choice for a smartphone. I have read the reviews, over and over again. But the N8’s camera with its Carl Zeiss lens and 1/1.83″ sensor was the compelling reason for getting the N8. My initial impressions of the N8 are what the review say. Good build quality, a UI which feels a bit on the clunky side for the little I have used it.

    And unfortunately, I have not used it much. The N8 works fine for half and hour or so, after that, and it constantly starts reboots every minute after that.

    This is the bad part acquiring a shiny new toy. Not just this phone, but pretty much every computer, mobile phone, processor, motherboard, video card and hard drive I have bought. It ever gives up on me in the first seven days, or runs the length of a warranty without any issues. In the past decade or so I have had to ask for the replacement six electronic devices within one week from purchase. During the same period, I have only two claims under warranty.

    It would be nice if manufacturers spent more time doing quality control checks of their items before releasing them from the warehouse. But in todays world, with growing competition, and with high tech gadgets costing less and less, I guess this is the price we pay for more affordable products. An entry level laptop, cost one-fifth of what is used to a decade ago. The most expensive smartphone today costs less that a mobile phone twenty years ago (yes I am that old). This is even without factoring inflation or value of money.

    So, in short I understand and am willing to live with the inconvenience. So today, I headed back to back Smart Communications at the Mall of Asia. To my surprise the the unit is working fine so I thank them for their time and leave. In the parking lot, I make a phone call to inform my office I am on my way back. When I end the call, the phone reboots again. I take the unit back to Smart Communications and this time they get to observe the continuous rebooting. In three minutes they give me a letter to take to the Nokia Service Center two doors away for a certification for replacement. I was happy enough for the quick action.

    So I head of to the Nokia Service Center where they examine the unit and observe that it is continuously rebooting. They tell me they want to open the unit to make sure I did not tamper with the unit and that would take at least an hour. Now add to that the time I spent in line waiting for a customer service representative to be available, and that I will have to again wait in line for the release of the unit, this will take about two hours or so. The time is a serious inconvenience, but what was worse was really insulting statement that maybe I tampered with the phone.

    I explained to them that I have had the unit for less than a day and that the warranty sticker is intact. They explain to me that the warranty stickers can be removed and re-applied. It seems so easy for a Nokia customer service representative to accuse a customer of possible fraud. I asked to speak to the manager, and his response was to expedite the certification. Really, now that is besides the point I am no longer concerned about the unit, an apology for the insult would be nice. But the people at Nokia’s service center do not seem to comprehend that. Maybe they are used to treating their customers as people who cannot be trusted. That really is a great way to build brand loyalty, treat your customers like criminals.

    Every other company I have returned a unit to a day or two after purchase, checks that the warranty stickers are intact, inspects the unit for physical damage and replaces it. This usually take 10-15 minutes.

    When the certification comes out, the recommendation says for “software upgrade and parts replacement”. Smart Communication has a seven day outright replacement policy, followed by the one year Nokia Care warranty. Despite the Nokia Service Center recommendation, Smart Communications is willing to give me a brand new unit on the spot. Smart Communication customer service handled the situation in a manner which I find more than acceptable.

    The problem is, I really do not want a Nokia anymore. Not this phone in particular. Any Nokia, now and for the remainder of my life. They are not the only manufacturer of mobile phones, but they seem to act like it. I explained to the Smart Communications representative that I will take any phone, just not a Nokia. She seem to understand and offers me a Samsung Galaxy Tab. I do not really want a tablet, but that is the only other unit they have at my plan right now, and really I don’t care. She checks for availability and informs there is none on stock right now, I tell her I am willing to wait. She checks my account and tells me the Tab is Php500 less than the N8. I tell her I am willing to waive that. I also bought a case for the Nokia N8 and that is another small useless expenditure.

    What is a small loss in cash compared to accepting a unit from a manufacturer which treats its customers this way? As for Smart Communications, they handled the issue as well as I would expect anyone to handle it. Maybe I was a bit too thin skinned. I don’t know. They really just got to me.

    Even if I do not want a tablet, I would rather send my pesos Samsung’s way than to Nokia. I guess it might not only be Apple’s iOS and Googles Android cutting into Nokia’s sales.

    If anyone is in the market for a Galaxy Tab or a silicon case for an N8, please tell me. I have a couple of things to dispose off. Maybe I can buy a nice Samsung, Blackberry or HTC with the proceeds. Just not a Nokia. I am done with that brand for good.

  179. molbal says:

    I have bought it. So f*cking cool :D The best phone i have ever tried :D

  180. arj says:

    i regret of buying this nokia n8. it’s good at first yet still, reboots itself when watching some movies. or it either hangs by itself and reboots again. too, too bad, i do also want to switch. not only that, microsoft’s partnership with nokia will dispose symbian phones soon

  181. manix says:

    yes it is sad, when all along i was rooting for nokia to continue its development in the symbian environment.

    how bout you N8 owners out there, how do you feel now? this phone’s just been out in less than 2 quarters, and the system is already being dumped by nokia themselves.

  182. henrymil f. anderson says:

    sir may i know if theres a store that sells motherboards for nokia n8.. if theres one please let me know,,my motherboard needs to be replaced and nokia center will not accept it because somebody repaired it before. thanks and godbless..

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