Nokia X6 and X3 revealed

Nokia X6 and X3 revealed

The new X-series mobile phones of Nokia has now been formally revealed and they started it with the Nokia X6 touchscreen a slider Nokia X3.

Not sure how Nokia will differentiate this from the N-Series or the XPressMusic but these two handsets looked cool (and reminds me of an Ericsson phone before).


nokia x6 x3

The Nokia X6 has a 3.2-inch touchscreen, 32GB of storage, and boasts of 35 hours of music playback. Not really that slim at 14mm but nonetheless looking sexy. It has 3G/HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and a 5MP Carl Zeiss optics.

The Nokia X3 is a slider phone with a smaller 2.2″ screen with a 3.2Mp camera, and Bluetooth but has no 3G or WiFi.

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57 Responses

  1. erikjames says:

    i love the f*cking X6 phone!!! how much would this cost??? is it available here in pinas already???

  2. Rome says:

    Hehehe! I find it weird and funny that Nokia and Sony Ericsson have named their upcoming phones with “X”. Coincidence kaya yun?? Sony Ericsson has X2 and X3, Nokia has X6 and X3! Medyo nakakalito no??

  3. Wow! The X6 looks really nice. I’m just scared of the price it will have in the future…might be too much for me.

  4. Jill says:

    Nokia fanatics will lynch you, sir Abe. The phone reminds you of an Ericsson? Me? Still waiting for that microwave oven on these devices. Smile!

  5. Edgar says:

    This is your 6th review on phones since August 18, if my count is right. Do you have new reviews for stereo systems and home theaters? I have seen some in the previous pages, but mostly on LGs. Any Sony(s) or, Pioneer(s)? TY!!

  6. iSG says:

    Wow looks like we have lots of options this Christmas! And it does look like an old Ericsson phone.

  7. techme says:

    n900 pren para sken! haha

  8. manong says:

    so what’s the big difference between N900 and X6? capacitive display just like iphone! masyado ata npa-aga release ng N900 hehehe!

  9. Joshua says:

    Well as usual.. 3.2MP? then it will be a 14-15k pricetag

    5mp? 20K-30k un lang un

    and megapixels aren’t all that! hmph!

  10. the nokia x6 looks very sleek. also love its features

  11. Chet says:

    The price is somewhere around Php30 – 40k based on direct conversion. I could justify that by the fact that capacitive screens are much more expensive than resistive screens (notice the low to midrange phones nokia’s been releasing: all resistive, save the n97 and n900)

    Eitherway, I’m get my grubby hands on this soon enough.

  12. Chet says:

    *I’ll get

  13. Gams says:

    The X6 has similarity with SE Rachael which is not yet released.I prefer Sony Ericsson X2 than this.

  14. The Nokia X6 phone will cost around P35,000 with taxes, while the Nokia X3 will cost around P10,000.

    They will be both available later this year, probably in time for Christmas.

    More details and features can be found here:

  15. Raven says:

    J0se’s ryt! 35k 4 x6. Ganda kas0 resistive at wlang external mem0ry sl0t and still 5mp cam.
    F0r d x3, prng x versi0n ng 5300.

  16. mrX says:

    Wow! this looks great!

  17. edz says:

    Finally Nokia phone with capacitive touchscreen has arrived.. hehe it X6 will cost 35k

    bibili… diba sabi mo abe sa canon 7D post mo malas ang 6? kaya walang 6D? e ang nokia kaya di ba nila naisip un?

  18. pedro says:

    Me like…me no money…me sad

  19. jdean says:

    yuga, i prefer you post things like this and not post rubbish reviews. i’m just saying and please don’t delete my posts

  20. Louis says:

    Looks like GarminAsus M20 Nuvifone

  21. Allan says:

    New series..
    But nokia has not done yet..
    They launch a new N series..
    The N97 MINI..
    It’s cooler than the original N97..

  22. Allan says:

    The flash lite V3.
    N97 mini conquered the mobile internet..

  23. Allan says:

    Mr. Yuga if you want a new phone complete specification e-mail me @ [email protected]..

  24. Boffill says:

    X6 is far better than X3. Looking forward to more X Series phones. Thanks for this.

  25. Lezuric says:


    last september 4, 2009

    nabiktima ako ng budol budol..
    I lost my N95 together with my 11yo 09182158817 sim.


    now.. magkano kaya ang X6 na ito? I think I want to have one. :D

  26. Mike says:

    Isn’t the ‘X’ for XpressMusic. Both pics of the phones are highlighting the media features of the phones.

  27. EarlZ says:

    The X6 looks nice but for 35,000 its no where remotely worth it for me, id probably wait for a 2-3 hardware revisions and for prices to drop down to sub 22-23k level.

  28. trent says:

    @Lezuric: you can still get that number from smart through sim replacement. you just need to bring your pin/puk slip, affidavit of lost plus php100 i think. try calling 888-1111. sayang naman mga contact mu din pati ung number. gudluck

  29. Christian Eidenert says:

    the x3 is a great phone for philippines because as long as the mobile operators there insist to block unlimited data plans its useless to even have email in your phone. When if ever will they start to follow what is already standard in most other countries for years? Havent the people suffered enough smart? Beware of the price the starting price in EU is 100 euro so it means the price in philippines should land at 5000 pesos. The price 8000 is simply wrong

  30. diego gabriel araga says:

    i wish no replicas or any china phone will come out when x6 is launched here in the there any at this time?about the 35,000pesos,the cost of x6,maybe it will not land at that price maybe between 10k and 20k only.

  31. diego gabriel araga says:

    you can visit the website for the price of what you’s not the exact price when you buy the phone you want in nokia but the price is not too far from nokia’s price..and about the 5mp,i think it will not hit 20k-30k.the nokia 6700 has a 5mp camera but it costs only 16,000pesos and the nokia 6710 navigator is only 17,000.thank you.

  32. Kat says:

    Would you like to grab an X6 NOW? I’m selling it at 45k. :) Be the first one to have it! ;) interested? just send me an email… its [email protected]
    Thanks! ;)

  33. ben says:

    i heard that nokia x6 has it’s baby bro. The 16gb. Mga magkano kya un?

  34. Cza says:

    I wonder how much the X6 might cost? I hear it already has a “little sibling” with only 16 GB of memory on board. I’ve already purchased a 5800 XpressMusic and I don’t exactly plan on letting go; however I want to gain an idea as to what this brand new XpressMusic device might have in store. :D

  35. gab says:

    Hndi pa nga narerelease ung X6 dto sa pinas pero may nakita na ko kagad na mga china phones nito. 5000 or less pesos. go for orig!

  36. Kat says:

    hi I’m selling original nokia X6(16Gb) at 34k.. :)Be one of the first owners of X6 while its not yet out here in the Philippines.. :) Interested? just send an email to me.. [email protected]… Thanks! ;)

  37. rhylai says:

    @ KAT: Ang mahal masyado ng Nokia X6 mo ah! e 22K + lang yan sa Nokia e!

  38. Rico says:

    @rhylai: nakita m n ba ang price n yan s Nokia store mismo?

  39. rhylai says:

    Stall ng Nokia. Kaya for sure ganyan din sa mismong store. :)

  40. rhylai says:

    Stall ng Nokia. Kaya for sure ganyan din sa mismong store nila. :)

  41. reniel says:

    how much for the nokia x6?

  42. atenista says:

    ganda nito,,,
    first capacitative TS of nokia…
    magkano kaya to sa nokia center?

  43. rhylai says:

    Ranges from 21-23k yung Nokia X6 (16GB).

  44. bandejo says:

    Got mine at a nokia store last week for Php 23,500 for the 16gb black

  45. webclone says:

    got me a new nokia x6, great phone love the features….3000+ RMB price here in china, how much kya in pinas?

  46. me says:

    just got one today, wasn’t expecting to buy it. it cost around P19,000.

  47. v3xat10n says:

    nice phone… actually my dream phone was x10 from sony ericsson, tapos nabasa ko adroid 1.6 lang at hindi available ang upgrade… and the hardware doesnt support multitouch… so i’ll wait for a new phone to come… kelan kaya ang release ng Samsung Galaxy S? kung titingnan nyo ang specs, the best sya. talo pa ang X10… by the way, sorry po kung out of topic.. heheheheee… yeah i like x6 kaya lang i dont like nokia. hehe made of cheap plastics….

  48. Louie says:

    t______t I’m goin’ to buy that X6 last month… unfortunately my mom took my money back….she said that it’s not worthy to buy a new one (i lost my N95 8gb last year).
    Though this phone is really good… there is a 16gb and a 32gb version…. 16gb is 19,750 here in Balanga,Bataan. 32gb is not yet available…
    But if you are not yet convinced ’bout the features…wait until the Nokia N900 is released here in the Philippines. Much better specs than the N97…

  49. josh_nontech says:

    @ Louie: dude, n900 is already released in the phil.. just looked one up at Robinson’s galleria (Nokia Center) last march and it really looks nice.. features are great as well, but the only thing that turned me off was the fact that you have to use the qwerty keys to type a text message… hassle… i think that sucks… X6 from Rob is around 17000-18000, maybe less come this second quarter… as for me, i’m waiting for the rumored N8-00 (supposed to be next in line to the N900, Nokia’s flagship unit for 2010) but i’ll be buying this phone as well…

  50. Mhaine says:

    Hey, guys. Can someone tell me which is better- Nokia X2 or X3? Thanks.

  51. ishi says:

    17,500 nalang ang X6 sa ibang stores.

  52. clark says:

    is a very nice phone

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