Sony Vaio X Ultraportable

Sony Vaio X Ultraportable

Just when you thought it could never get any thinner, Sony is still slicing off a couple more with the new Vaio X — a 0.55 inch ultraportable laptop that weighs just 1.5lbs.

Made of carbon-fiber, this precious notebook will surely cost more than the already-thin Vaio TT with a similar 11.2″ display. See video below.


Sony may use an Atom processor to bump up battery life but they could still go for a faster or more powerful CULV processor.

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10 Responses

  1. watdapak says:

    im sure ginto ang presyo nyan :D

  2. I never really liked the Vaio line! Haha! Sentiments of my wallet.

  3. @watdapak
    hahaha… oonga.. :P

  4. Ardz says:

    Vaios are actually cheaper in other countries when compared to the pricing here in the Philippines.

  5. jill says:

    Higher prices here, yeah. Maybe trying to recoup some investment. But actually, I like the Sony brand. Their products are of good quality and they have excellent after-sales. The only drawback (if you can call it that)is that you have to lug your equipment to their own service centers which are really far in between. Even so, that is also an assurance that you’ll get the right people and spare parts for it.

    Personally, Vaio is too rich for my blood. Other items of the brand maybe, but not a laptop.

  6. A first? 1.5lb and carbon fiber that is..

    @Ardz: almost all products are expensive than other countries, basically coz bagsakan tayo nang products.

  7. Edgar says:

    Their tagline “ no other” says it all, and higher prices (in this country at least) definitely ensures that. But to be fair, Sony is a great brand.

  8. Mikko says:

    Did anyone else notice how that thing bended when the girl opened the lid?

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