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O+ USA announces 10.1-inch Notepad & IntelliPen

O+ USA announces on its Facebook page the Notepad — a 10.1-inch tablet that connects to a dock to double as a portable laptop with Windows 10 OS. It even comes with its own IntelliPen so doodling and sketching on its wide display would not only be possible but also efficient.


O+ Notepad specs:
10.1-inch WUXGA display @ 1920 x 1200 resolution
1.4GHz Intel Z8300 quad-core processor
64GB internal storage
2MP rear camera
2MP front camera
Bluetooth 4.0
Windows 10 OS
7500mAh battery

The O+ Notepad has a local price of Php16,995 and comes with an IntelliPen and a docking keyboard in the package. To know more of its features you may visit their website .


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7 Responses

  1. Avatar for AntiCHinese AntiCHinese says:

    LTE? It means it has a simslot?

  2. Avatar for ernie ernie says:

    where can we buy???

  3. Avatar for INtel INtel says:

    akala ko 2GB RAM lang kaya niya isupport? pano kaya yun, magagamit niya padin yung sobra pa sa RAM?

  4. Avatar for Donimus Donimus says:

    Looked up the proc. It’s Intel atom x5. Slightly lower version. Specs make it better than the surface 3. At more than half the price. Deym too good to be true. Want.

  5. Avatar for Deadmandown Deadmandown says:

    Wow 17k for this they must be on drugs.

  6. Avatar for jkc jkc says:

    what’s the real story behind O+ attaching USA to its name brand? Misleading.

  7. Avatar for NotaSheep NotaSheep says:

    4 GIG OF RAM!?

    10.1 INCH SCREEN!?




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