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Previous Huawei smartphones might not get future Google software updates

Huawei’s general license, which temporarily exempts the company from partnering with American companies, has recently expired. This leaves a vague future to previous Huawei smartphones with Google Mobile Services.

Huawei Logo Yugatech • Previous Huawei Smartphones Might Not Get Future Google Software Updates

A trade ban previously imposed by President Donal Trump prohibits the Chinese company to integrate US technologies on its devices. The temporary general license, however, allowed Huawei to receive software and security updates on its devices from US partners.

The Commerce Department of the US also said that the license was meant to help rural telcos provide services while they find new suppliers and replace their existing Huawei equipment.

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With its expiration, remaining Huawei smartphones with Google Mobile Services might not be able to receive future software updates. Based on GSMArena’s report, there’s also a small possibility that users might not enjoy the latest versions of Google apps on older Huawei smartphones manufactured from May 15, 2019, backward.

According to the report of Washington Post, Huawei smartphones manufactured before May 2019 were still able to receive security and general updates before the US trade ban.

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A representative from Huawei  said on a Washington Post report that the company is “monitoring the situation and assessing the potential impact.”

Source: Washington Post, via GSMArena

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1 year ago

I’ve been keeping watch with this Huawei-US issue since I’m very interested in buying a Huawei phone with Google Mobile Services (like Nova 5t) so this information is really useful for me. But I also stumbled upon this article: www.cnet.com/google-amp/news/huaweis-older-android-phones-will-continue-getting-software-and-security-updates/. I really trust yugatech and I’m a fan of your reviews but the linked article is more recent than this one so maybe there are updates to this issue that you can cover?

I also noticed the use of “might” in this article. Is a more accurate and exact article regarding this matter in the works?

Excited for more Huawei updates and content from Yugatech ??

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