It's Official: Samsung Galaxy S2 at Php29,990

It’s Official: Samsung Galaxy S2 at Php29,990

So it looks like we got the suggested retail price of the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S2. We got word from Samsung Philippines that the SRP of the handset will be pegged at Php29,990.

However, this retail price might be the SRP for a pre-paid kit with Globe which will have exclusive rights to sell the handset for a limited time (probably a month or two just like the first SGS).


No word as to the official release date but I guess Globe and Samsung are still coordinating the date. Samsung PH says it’s definitely this June.

A tip from one of our readers tells us that the Samsung Store in SM North EDSA already has stocks but is selling it silently since the launch date is not yet official (of course we can’t confirm this).

Read our full review of the Samsung Galaxy S2 here.

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131 Responses

  1. Jonathan says:

    Wow! I just read your previous post saying others sell it for 38k.
    This is bad news for those who already bought them LOL. Good news for me who decided to wait instead of buying the LG 2X.
    Totally worth the wait i should say. Justifiable price too

  2. mememe says:

    woot woot!!!

  3. arnold says:

    I’m definitely getting this phone. BTW, most of the stores in Cyberzone (Megamall) have the teaser about the Samsung Galaxy S II Coming Soon. Does this mean that those stores will be able to sell them even if Globe is the exclusive distributor? Will those units be locked to Globe or not?

  4. Chickie says:

    nice.. Yugatech does it again.. :) thanks for the info…

  5. bOKz says:

    wow!! so how can i buy “silently” in sm north?

    thanks sir for the info!

  6. van says:

    Yes! how do you buy it silently? i just called my mom and asked her to check if it’s available in sm north, it’s not yet available daw.

  7. symdroidios says:

    hintay na lang ako ng one year, baka magiging 19K na lang yan.

  8. Dean says:

    daymmnnn… bought my SGS for 32k! urghhhh!! 0.o

  9. Paolo says:

    @Dean Where?

    Someone from MobyShop in SG emailed that the expected price there is SGD900-1000. Might as well buy here. Ano kaya to, middle of June?

    • Dean says:

      At some cellshop at SM Fairview last december 2010.. although that time, sgs was priced within the range of 30-32k.. i could have just waited for sgs2… way, way better specs but sold cheaper… sgs is selling mostly under 25k these days.. depreciated too fast. never expected it… x.x

    • Paolo says:

      Wait, haha I misread your post. I thought its SGSII. Let’s just wait for this new one.

  10. LuigiMD says:

    Hey bought mine last May 30th for 37k. Huhuhu… At least openline and i’m ahead of everybody else by a few weeks. Haha.

    • nexusboy says:

      that’s 8,000 pesos premium for being ahead in just a few days. at least its openline.

    • LuigiMD says:

      Wrong math. Php7,001.00. ;-)

    • LuigiMD says:

      Oops. I thought Php29,999. So it’s Php7,010.00. Hehe.

    • hehe says:

      bro… hindi rin. 7k din yun. hehe

    • LuigiMD says:

      That’s the point. I have it with me NOW. That’s the premium that i paid for. When will this arrive in the Philippine shores? Who knows for certain? In the next coming weeks, good for you. Good for me still.

      All i’m saying is, i didn’t regret that ~7k that i paid for. ;-) It’s all relative.

    • rich says:

      i can sense sir luigimd has the money to burn so i dont think he has any regrets.

      gusto ko din yan! san nakakabili ngayon? as now na?

    • LuigiMD says:

      Hmm. Looking at that perspective, it didn’t sound good. :-)

      I didn’t regret my purchase simply because the SGS2 is such an amazing device. You may call it magical because you will wonder where it draws its power from such a thin form factor.

      I will regret a 50-peso purchase if it doesn’t deliver what it is intended to do.

  11. nexusboy says:

    This is so much better! it’s the same company that created the Samsung NEXUS S but dont like the design. i don’t understand why Nexus S is not as beautiful as the S II in physical aspect :(

  12. Night says:

    The price is good news for those looking to purchase this phone and to those waiting for HTC sensation. Almost sure na ganyan din siguro price ng sensation to be able to compete. Win win for the consumers.

  13. bmc says:

    Magiging openline kaya to sa Globe(ung prepaid kit)?

    • rporter says:

      Don’t worry if it’s openline (unlock) or not. if you have the phone already just download Galaxy S2 SIM Unlock app from the android market and you can unlock it for free.

  14. netviper says:

    Wow best buy for this phone, hopefully this week available na.

  15. Lrae says:

    Is this the variant of SGS II where you get dual 1.2ghz exynos proc and super amoled +?

  16. Vin says:


    Is it possible to acquire a new phone in globe if you have existing postpaid plan?

    • ofwinsokor says:

      halos ganun din ang presyo dto sa Sokor,same lang sila ng iPhone 4 pag bibilhin mong walang kontrak pero mas flawless parin ang touch capacitive ng Apple kaya mansanas nalang ang binili ko.

    • Mike says:

      Apple is no match to Samsung when it comes to latest and greatest specs. Samsung has bigger resources in hardware and leader in innovations.

    • yuga says:

      @vin – yup, either as a new postpaid line or a prepaid kit.

    • Vin says:

      Nice! that’s a good news.. Thanks Yuga!

  17. jooms says:

    waw ang mura!!!!!!!!!

  18. razorous says:

    Yey! Any details on the price of SGSI?

    • Pepito says:

      Samsung galaxy S (super amoled) sells for 23k and the slcd version is around 17k

  19. Pepito says:

    Yup my friend does have the screen problem too. Saw the thread at xda at whoa 28 pages already of people having same screen issues. Tsk tsk tsk this is bad, i was planning to get one. I thought my friend’s problem was just an isolated case. Oh well, i guess i have to wait a little longer. Id hate to get one and then Samsung orders a recall LOL.

    • mikey says:

      i don’t have the yellow tint issue on mine, just saying. it’s not on every phone.

    • Paul says:

      Mikey youre very lucky. My friend has this screen failure too. And i read at GSMarena that even they have tested their handset

      Sayang i wanted this one. So maybe upon buying we ask to check the screen first. They say that to check you have to enter one website dedicated for checking the screen. LOL. and so i heard. im gonna check first before buying. sayang din lang pag narecall. sakit sa ulo ahahaha

    • LuigiMD says:

      Not sure if you can test since the unit is sealed. The battery is not installed. You have to remove the wrapping on the back and carefully remove the back lid. Also, upon boot, quick setup comes up. In order to bring back that state of fresh install, you have to wipe everything. So that means, you will need to agree to buy the phone and then you can test. And it’s up to you and the merchant if they will allow you to test other units too.

    • LuigiMD says:

      None on my end too.

    • Supes says:

      Mikey, it can only be seen under certain lighting conditions. Dapat daw dark lighting, then set the brightness to very low, then use a grey background. After a long hard look, you’ll see that the left side of the screen is either yellowish, or darker. Nobody has posted a picture of a model without this problem, even gsmarena, engadget, and many other top tech sites have confirmed this.

      although some lucky people can’t see this, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Not discouraging others, like i said, i’m buying one pa rin. But just thought people should know before buying 1.

    • LuigiMD says:

      E sa wala nga eh. Bat mo pinagpipilitang meron?!

      The point is, sa yo na rin nanggaling, it can only be seen in certain lighting conditions and brightness setting. So, how frequent does that happen in your daily use of your phone?!

      Let’s say for a fact that those SUBTLE yellow streaks are there on EVERY phone. Would you come looking for it and stare at a gray screen at the lowest brightness level on days end?

      You all have your arguments. You say you want this, you want that. You don’t even have the device yet and you’re turning around?!

      Anyway, all up to you who get turned off by this supposedly very indiscernible defect. Excuses lang yan.

    • Supes says:

      Pre, galit ka? relax ka lang, kung masaya ka sa purchase mo good for you. My point lang is some people will just look for the yellow streak, without knowing that it only comes out on certain lighting condition and brightness setting. I’ve been following XDA forums since February for this phone, because I want to get one, and I’m STILL getting one.

      Indi ko pinagpipilitang meron, nagbabasa ako ng iba’t ibang forums at na confirm na ito ng top tech sites like gsmarena, endgadget, pocketnow, online social media, etc. Some people might purchase this and regret after seeing that the problem DOES exist, sayang ang pera, indi barya ang 30k. This is a high end phone. My post was for INFORMATION lang, and it was intended for Mikey, not for you, masyado kang galit. Siguro dahil nabili mo yung sayo ng 7k more.

      Oo na nauna ka na ng ilang linggo samin, ang galing galing mo, masaya ka na?

  20. Biggs says:

    Taena, paps! Kaggagaling ko lang sa Samsung store sa ShoeMart North EDSA at natawa lang yung manedyer mismo nang ipakita ko itong site sa kanya!!! Stir naman yang “secret sale” kuno na yan! Pambihira naman oh!!!

  21. MIke says:

    Damn Globe! meron na silang Iphone pati SGS 2 sa kanila pa din

  22. Admiral Kent says:

    all this time i thought only N8 suffers the screen problem. ano ng bibilhin ko ngaun? basic phone na nga lang. Pinag-ipunan ko pa naman itong SGS 2

  23. Mikhail says:

    Wow this is very tempting! But i still have the patience to wait for the next nexus with ice cream sandwich. I’ll keep myself isolated for a while, though i’m still drooling he he.

  24. i wish it has the look of the Samsung Wave S8500 but on a 4.3inch screen. i just don’t like plastic.

  25. Grover says:

    for GSXII users you can go to that site to check your screens and find out if you have the screen defects. Its a natural grey background so you can check if you have those yellow streaks

    No wonder why the SLCD variant of the GSXII has been leaked lol.

  26. bOkz says:

    sure bang meron ding yellow screen problem yung mga units na dadating dito satin? or baka sa unang production line lang yun?

  27. tech says:

    nothing to be excited about yet, since the article does not mention how big the phone is, 16 or 32gb.

    if it’s 32gb then, great! :D

  28. marco says:

    ther is an issue with the screen of the sgs 2. Ewn ko lng kung pati mga new units ngayun eh affected. Ther is a yellow spot sa left side ng screen nya. Mapapansin lang xa under low light settings ang dim surroundings..

  29. Denz D. Naitawei says:

    First the yellow screen issues, then the camera’s pink dot issues plus those system sounds that can’t be silenced. I was really looking forward for this phone but the issues that are coming out makes me want to hold on for the next iPhone.

    • bOkz says:

      Sir can you elaborate on the pink dot issues and system sound you said?

      Source? i might have missed this and will be a real deal breaker

    • Denz D. Naitawei says:

      My friend (from UK) said that the camera software is quite buggy at the moment. In one of the android forums he went, it was said that the auto white balance setting is too slow to keep up with the surroundings that’s why it produces the pink spot. And he has yet to try the white balance setting and put it to manual. He also said that the camera clicks can’t be silenced as well as when you try to open the camera app. He also doesn’t like the wi-fi settings of his phone as well as his e-mail settings. He switched from an iPhone 4 so he probably expects everything to work nicely out of the box and that the settings can be easily changed according to his liking.

    • Paolo says:

      As far as I know sir, some countries have privacy laws to prevent voyeurism. That’s why the camera sounds can’t be turned off.

    • Denz D. Naitawei says:

      So no more sleeping-at-work and tulo-laway-sleeping pix? Hehehe

    • boy says:

      sigurado naman maaayos’s not practical to buy this phone this early. but nevertheless, this phone is a beast! for sure a magical fix for this issue is on its way

  30. Proven Identity says:

    Hello everyone, i just want to ask anyone of you if it is really worth switching from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S2? Kasi medyo naghehesitate ako kasi nasanay na ko sa iPhone, pero gustong gusto ko talaga tong fone na to.. For sure maninibago ako, ayaw ko lang kasi na magsisi ako sa huli. Pero sobrang gusto ko ng specs ng phone na to. Thanks!

    • Denz D. Naitawei says:

      As what my friend had experienced, you got to learn how to tweak daw if you want to experience an iPhone-like easeness of basic functionality on Android. You should be ready and be well-informed on how to tweak if you go Android coming from iOS and invest time on the initial tweaking of your settings according to your liking (well that usually happens if you shift from one platform to another). Tweaking is what makes Android more customizable and feature-rich. For some, it’s what makes it interesting and fun. For others who can’t be bothered or got no time, it’s what turns them off.

    • Zo says:

      Yes. Tweaking is what actually makes droid stand out from other operating systems. But it’s not a dire necessity mind you :)

      Experiencing both right now, I’d say iOS is really a straightforward platform, you just need a couple of hours to get used to it and your done.

      Droid on the other hand will surprise you in more ways than you’d expect from its features, usage, etc.

      I guess the biggest difference for me between Droid and iOS is that I feel more in control when using a droid device. The options menu feature on droid really works wonders for me.

      iOS does have the upper hand on being more snappy and fluid, and really its just so easy to use.

      Now, is it worth to switch…it really is all up to you :) I tried my best not to show you what i think are the negative things about both platforms but instead gave you their highlights, happy choosing, and may the force be with you :p

  31. aa1372 says:

    may balita na ba kung kelan siya magiging available sa GLOBE POSTPAID? approved na kasi ang application ko, pero sabi ko aantayin ko yung SGS2?

    • Vin says:

      Pwude palang mag apply na walang certain phone na pinipili? Anyway Congratulations :) Naalala ko lang sarili ko nung time na naapproved din ako sa Globe hehe

  32. karl says:

    for sure ung 29990 is the 16gb SGS2. ung 32gb maybe about 33990+. can’t wait for this phone!!!

  33. Name: den says:

    Samsung MOA said that it’s definitely going to be available by 3rd quarter of June kc nga ni-launch na daw yesterday dto sa pinas yung SGS2 pti 10.1 na tab. Around June 23-25 and they said that the SRP would be around 35K daw. They didn’t mention din that it’d be tied up to Globe, actually they have posters or kung ano man tawag dun showing S2 coming soon.. So I think once it hits the market it’ll be available on any outlets.

    • aa1372 says:

      nye? 29,990 o 35K? :(

    • LuigiMD says:

      35k because it’s openline.

    • Mitch says:

      i emailed samsung ph regarding this one. sabi nila last week of june pa daw ung launching, tapos there is no announcement regarding the SRP….

    • Denz D. Naitawei says:

      Was already quite sold with the 29k + price range, ready to disregard issues. But at 35k, I’m now more inclined to wait for the next iPhone (or any other new smartphone) and see which ones a better pick.

  34. Koks says:

    Which one is better, iPhone4 or SGSII?

    • Chris says:

      Oh, and for those wanting to know if the SGS2 is better than the iPhone4…. i definitely think that the SGS2 is way better. I’ve been playing around with the iPhone for a long time and I even own an iPod touch with lots of purchased apps but I still think Android wins over the iOS in terms of features. The SGS2 only furthers strengthens the appeal for Android because of its super smooth speed and eye candy (not to mention the big beautiful screen).

      Yes, the iPhone is very easy to use and very straightforward and if you’re the type of user who has no time (or has difficulty) in learning the ins and outs of a new OS, then the iPhone is definitely for you.

      I have a lot of friends who get frustrated with the Android because they find it hard to use and don’t know what to do most of the time. But then again, they aren’t the techie types and usually don’t know what the difference is between a dual core processor and a single core one.

      I guess Android appeals more to the techie users who appreciate all the features that is given to them and doesn’t mind tweaking a few things here and there and seeing where it can get them. And if you’re like me, you get obsessed with getting the most out of your phone and flash it with various firmwares and custom ROMs until you find the perfect one and when you do, you sigh contentedly with your fully organized homescreens and think to yourself that this is the best phone ever.

      Oh, and coming from a Galaxy S to the S2, the S2 is sooo worth the upgrade. The iPhone4 and SGS now seem too puny to look at after playing with the S2. I love it!

    • LuigiMD says:

      Totally agree. Had it for a week na. Transferred my SIM to na from my iPhone4.

      Screen is so gorgeous. Everything is sooo fast especially the browsing experience. I love the way i’m able to control [almost] every aspect of the OS, which is totally non-existent in iOS4. Steve Jobs wants to keep control to himself and not to the users of the device. That’s what turned me off.

      Can’t wait for Tab 8.9 in Honeycomb. ;-)

  35. oyo says:

    I have the SGS1 and the battery drains before a day end, and i have to shut the 3g off to keep it last longer. U’ll need a wall socket everyday for that. I also get billed extra when the apps im using connects to the net even if im not using it. It’s so sluggish opening kindle and other apps. But it’s camera is perfect for taking still and moving videos with lots of memory available to fill. I just hope those issues are resolved with this new SGS2 phone. or just get an iPhone.

    • den says:

      my bf is using SGS1 and he doesn’t have any problems w/ the battery life. U just need to download the “task killer” or “watch dog” i guess is the name of the app so that it would automatically shutdown unnecessary apps running on ur background. :)

  36. Koks says:

    I have an iPhone4 just wondering which phone is better mine or the SGS2. Any thoughts on this is greatly appreciated before I switch to SGS2. Thanks.

    • LuigiMD says:

      I have both and i love SGS2 more. Planning to sell my iP4 soon.

      Which is better? Better is a relative term and it really depends on what you do. I’ve been using iOS for 3 yrs yet i turned to Android recently and instantly fell in love with it.

      As for the hardware, SGS2 is a newer phone and thus have much better specs [except for the pixel density]. Super AMOLED+ is such a joy to look at and colors are quite bright at any angle.

      You should do your own research and decide for yourself which is better for you. Switching to a new platform isn’t always a happy ending for everyone.

    • aasg31 says:

      if ever how much u r going to sell ur iphone4? and how long you been using it???

    • LuigiMD says:

      Go to and look for it there. It’s not appropriate to discuss it here considering this is all about the SGS2.

    • Supes says:


      I don’t have a SGS2 yet, but I’ve read countless reviews already, and based from what I’ve read, hardware wise, specs wise, the SGS2 beats the IP4 hands down. As it stands right now, review sites are mostly very positive with the SGS2, and some are claiming that it’s the phone to beat for now. It’s that good.

      In saying that, you have to consider din that you are coming from IOS, and the SGS2 uses Android. So kung ok lang sayo to switch, and kung wala ka naman masyadong apps sa IP4 mo then I think it’s fine. Kung marami kang apps sa IP4 mo, sayang yung apps, unless willing kang bumili uli ng Android versions.

      Another thing to consider is that indi pa na uutilize ang dual core sa smartphones masyado. Very few apps take advantage of the dual core processor, so sa ngayon, the IP4 is more than enough, but as time goes by, it can only get better for the SGS2 and mas future proof na sya.

      The SGS2 is a beast, and I can’t wait to get mine. :)

  37. LuigiMD says:


    Cool lang dre. Ikaw pala galit eh. Magbasa ka ngang maigi, i said i didn’t regret my purchase kahit mas mahal ng 7K. And also, the way you write, you contradict yourself many times so you have to defend what you say. Hehehe. Kakatawa.

    Yup, masaya ko talaga kase one week ko ng napaglalaruan tong phone. And i discover a lot each day. Samantalang ikaw and the others are busy looking for faults even without the phones in your hands. You know what i’m saying? Labo di ba?

    Maybe you’ll realize everything when you actually own the phone and find out that you were wrong about it.

    Your name should start with a K. Hehehe.

    • bmc says:

      Saan nyo po nabili unit nyo? May nakabili na po ba dito sa Expansys Southeast Asia going to the Phils?

    • Supes says:


      Actually ikaw ang defensive, since mga posts mo sa taas, dinedefend mo na yung phone na pagkamahal mahal mong nabili. From convincing yourself na sulit sya at 7k more because you got it early naman compared to us na mga nagiintay, to attacking my reply to another person confirming lang na this issue does exist based from the many sites I’ve read. You’ve been defending this phone like it’s Heaven sent, di mo matanggap na may totoong issue sya.

      A number of us posted about this issue here in this blog, like Pepito and Paul, indi po kami fault finders. Once mag release si Samsung ng official statement about this problem, tignan natin kung anong sasabihin mo. It’s only a matter of time, dahil nasa mga news sites na yung issue.

      At isa pa, I didn’t contradict myself. In fact, ikaw ang magbasa ng mabuti sa post ko at post ng ibang tao. I’ve always said matagal ko na iniintay itong phone na to, at bibili ako, but I’m not blinded by the fact na porke gusto ko yung phone, perfect na sya sa paningin ko. Kung may issue sya, aaminin kong meron, at kung makakatulong ako sa ibang tao by confirming that this issue does exist, gagawin ko. Indi tulad mo na galit ka sa mga nagsasabing may issue sa pinaka mamahal mong 37k na cellphone. In fact, other issues I’ve read include overheating (especially while playing games), na mainit daw talaga hawakan, at GPS issues, wherein mabilis daw mag lock, pero yung accuracy medyo questionable dahil tumatalon. Again, these are from posts of users who actually have the phone.

      Kung masaya ka sa phone mo at perfect ang nakuha mong screen, good for you. But that doesn’t change the fact that this issue EXISTS on other phones and there’s a big chance that it does on yours too, indi mo lang makita. I suggest i try mo yung ginagawa nilang settings, kunan mo ng picture, at i post mo sa internet yung screen pic mo para makita natin yung sayo kung meron o wala.

      Also, since you resorted to attacking the person’s name, then I would suggest na dapat sa name mo, tanggalin mo yung unang “i”. Napamahal ka kasi ng 7k. Hahaha.

    • Supes says:

      Guys, for reference lang to those who want to know more about the screen issue:

      some pics from users who posted:

      also, the severity of the yellow tint/darkening issue depends per phone, some are very noticeable, some are almost unnoticeable, some hopefully wala talaga, but wala pa pong screenshot na lumabas na wala daw so far. They’re “speculating” it’s a defect of the SuperAMOLED Plus screen kasi 1 side lang ang tinatamaan at indi daw software issue ito. 1 user from XDA forums changed his phone 5 times, and all 5 phones have the same issue.

      For some people like me, it’s not really a deal breaker. But again, I’m posting lang for information. Kasi sa Pilipinas, indi uso ang sinosole yung bili. Indi tulad sa ibang bansa na pwede mong ibalik basta basta, dito mas mahirap mag sole. It’s all about making an “informed” purchase.

    • Tempest says:

      Duh! Yeah right. :p

      The iPhone 4 has yellow tinting back then and Apple said that it will go away. What happened? It still sold like hot pancakes. Because people focused on what’s good and not what you’re doing right now with those long repetitive and longwinded posts about defects here and there.

      If you really want one, THEN GET ONE! What’s stopping you?!

      I dare you!

  38. Zo says:

    heard that samsung ang globe are planning to release it on the 3rd week of june pa.

    heard from someone connected to samsung. i’m kind of going with this one, i really think third week of june pa toh lalabas. :p

  39. Mike says:

    Wow! finally the Samsung Galaxy S2 is going to be released and the price is not that bad too! I’m definitely going to get one as soon as possible. :)

  40. Chris says:

    Aw just bought mine for 36k in GH. hehe.. but that’s ok. I really couldn’t wait.

    • Charles says:

      where in greenhills? =)

    • Chris says:

      In the cellphone tiangge area. I think it was the last unit though because I asked if they had another unit and they said that it was the last piece. But you never know.. I generally don’t trust the people there so much.

    • LuigiMD says:

      Yeah, same area in Ghills. When i got mine, there were still around 7 to 8 boxes. 24 hrs later, ubos na raw. I trust ung pinagkuhaan ko naman. So he says meron daw ulit this weekend. He promised to let me know when the Tab 8.9 is available. I’m also getting that.

    • bmc says:

      How’s the warranty? Included po ba sa package? Tnx

    • LuigiMD says:

      No warranty. That’s the risk. Even the ones sold in Amazon have no warranties [also unlocked].

      Initially, there’s a 3-day factory defect replacement. So in those first 3 days, try to make the most of your device.

      In my case, i never had any problems at all.

  41. redhdw says:

    kailan ba talaga ito ibebenta?

    bakit kasi exclusive pa ito sa GLOBE? eh ang bagal naman nila!Pinagsawaan na ang S2 sa Europe at US nung April at May, wala pa rin ito sa Pinas! JUNE NA! lalabas na lang ang S3 di pa nila nire-release ito? LOL

    1 month na exclusive sa kanila, para saan? para sa pinaglumaang phone? lol

  42. Dan says:

    Thats right Pag labas ng gs2 may mga bago na wahaaha badtrip tlga Pero wall tayo magagawa business is business

  43. Lrazo says:

    Ano ba yan may 1month exclusivity pa nalalaman ang globe tagal ko na inaantay to hehe Tapos baka may issue pa na yellowish thingy sa screen mga units dadating satin tsk tsk Meron na kaya sa SG? Andun kasi parents ko nagpabili ako sana meron =)

    • Lrazo says:

      @ chris – Kamusta naman yung unit na nabili mo sa GH? Wala naman defects? Pano yan wala samsung warranty nakakatakot =) Anyway may nakita ka na cases for sgs2?

    • Paolo says:

      No units for sale here yet. But there are some demo units that you can try out. I’m also excited and already bought a case. Haha!

    • Lrazo says:

      @ paolo – San mo nabili yung cases? Papabili na rin ako diyan sa SG haha! Haaaay sana by july meron na unlocked sgs2 na available dito sa PH wag lang yung mga gray units.

    • Paolo says:

      Bought mine in Far East Plaza. Pero may shops sa Funan, VivoCity, and Plaza Singapura na may carry din. Tanong mo lang usually yung seller. Hindi rin kasi lahat meron.

  44. bongskie says:

    Meron daw ulit next week sa GH

  45. Mike says:

    any updates on the release date samsung galaxy s2 here in the philippines?

  46. dan says:

    thats right sa june 27 na yung launch nya and it will be @ plan 3799. Mahal, sana naman meron sila prepaid kit.

  47. Lrazo says:

    OT: How about the galaxy tab 10.1 and 8.9 when kaya release date dito sa atin mga magkano kaya yung Wifi only model? And another question 8megapixel ba talaga ang rear cam? Sa iba kasi 3megapixel lang eh.. Im kinda confused..


  48. joey says:

    bibili ako niyan mabilis daw yan

  49. rain says:

    does anybody know when the 64gb version is gonna be released?

  50. tonex13 says:

    tanong lang po sa mga nka bili na, yung 29,990 ba eh openline na?, tsaka 1.2ghz ba ang proc speed?,

    • nhazh says:

      ahm ou open line na
      pahanap lang aq ng bi2li ng sg s2 1week used palang ahh e2 no. q 09103008986 tga tagytay txt me nlng po f cnu may gus2, , tnxx

    • nhazh says:

      la pang mem. card 1 week used palang txt me nlng tol f gus2 nyu 09103008986
      mess nlng kayo sa fb ku pag may gus2 tnxxx

  51. razorous says:

    Samsung launches 32GB, class 10 microSD memory card | -This means that your Galaxy S2 has the perfect companion for its 1080p capable camera.

  52. bplac says:

    can somebody please tell me how long can the battery of sgs2 last for the ff:

    talk time: up to __ hours on 3G
    up to __ hours on 2G
    standby time: up to __ hours
    internet use: up to __ hours on 3G
    up to __ hours on Wi-Fi
    video playback: up to __ hours
    audio playback: up to __ hours

    hehe thanks.

  53. jugs says:

    Makakabili d akop nyan….

    mas maganda daw yan sa iphone 4s.

  54. ian laysa says:

    mag kano po ang SGS2 pag sa plan cia kinuha and ilang months or days po bago makuha ung gadget tnx po

  55. tina says:

    ang ganda.. :) parang ihone lng din eii,, meron na ko,, thankSSSS

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