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Sony confirms the end of Xperia Z series

Sony has confirmed that it is discontinuing the Xperia Z series, paving way to the Xperia X as the new flagship lineup.

Sony has just recently unveiled the Sony Xperia X lineup at the MWC 2016. While some were impressed, others were speculating that Sony is putting the Xperia Z series to rest. Looks like we have confirmation based on the statement received by Xperia Blog from Sony Mobile.

“The Xperia Z line has reached its culmination – Xperia X series represents a new chapter and evolution of our product strategy. Whilst the Xperia Z series was all about bringing the best of Sony’s advanced technologies to smartphones, Xperia X series is based on bringing smart, adaptive Sony user experiences across camera, battery performance and hardware / software design.”

And just like that, the Xperia Z series, which started in 2013, is no more. It’s time to embrace Xperia X from now on.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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5 Responses

  1. SpiderWak says:

    They cut down the battery capacity.. Ugh

  2. Yan says:

    Aw :( lower battery, not waterproof, no compact version. This isn’t what a Sony flagship is.

  3. Easy E says:

    Because the sony flagship you once knew won’t sell.

  4. Smokescreen says:

    So flagship now means downgrade.

  5. DevilLpaO says:

    The Xperia X Performance is the closest thing you can have for a flagship but it’s not 4k. It’s still ip68 certified though.

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