What we hunger for in a "Dream Phone"

What we hunger for in a “Dream Phone”

What is the best phone around? What is your dream phone? Read after the break as you will get a preview on what we, the YugaTech team, dream of.

Everyone has a phone that they dream of, but not everyone has theirs. Sometimes, it doesn’t even exist as no company would pursue on making it come true. The industry is growing fast and several companies are taking different paths to further goals. Some of them might think that physical keyboards are the future while some of them bet on phones with larger displays.

The whole YugaTech editorial tam “virtually” sat and and discussed what they wanted in a superphone (we wanted to just call it a dreamphone because some ideas aren’t that commercially doable as of the moment).

Abe’s Dream Phone

Sir Abe wants an all-glass phone with the edges curving fluidly like an infinity pool. Running Android, his dream phone features a back-to-back display at 5-inches.

Sir Abe's Phone 2

The display on the back won’t be a touchscreen, but he wants it to be perfectly customizable so that it can display any window or app that you assign it to by a single swipe of a finger– could be a map, calendar, clock, or Twitter stream (incidentally the back-to-back concept was demonstrated with Yota Phone at CES).

Sir Abe's Phone

For now, we don’t think we can have such a phone as this one. We’re almost there as Gorilla Glass 3 pushes us closer to this sleek form factor, along with the industry going in for 5-inch phones.

Nevertheless, the combination of a bendable LED, Gorilla Glass 3 and the concept done on the Yota phone can make this possible in the future.


Louie’s Dream Phone

Louie’s ideal phone tries to solve the tablet-phone dilemma. Many have attempted to combine the form factors to create one all-around device – some in the form of “phablets”, while some in the form of something like the PadFone.

Louie's Phone

The idea here is simple. He wants to have a phone with almost no bezels, so that whenever he needs the extra screen space, he can just slide out the lower part to transform it into a tablet.

Louie's Phone 2

It’s a very good idea if I may add. However, this will give birth to new aspect ratios for displays which will need a lot of optimization. For Louie, it’s about having the choice of portability and functionality.

Bob’s Dream Phone

When selecting a phone, I always want it to come with a good camera. I’m no professional photographer, but I am very passionate about capturing moments. I’ll have to say I want a phone with a great camera sensor – I might even say that I want a mirrorless camera that works as and is as slim as an Android phone.

Bob's Phone

Other than that, I don’t want any more gimmicks. I just want something with a fairly large screen, a good app selection, a functional OS, a good camera and a large battery. I modeled my phone after Sony’s designs as I think they’re the ones who are nearest to making my dream phone come true.

According to Louie, one our senior editors here, your phone is the extension of your personality. I think majority of us would believe in this, and this is why some of us would argue while deciding which phone is the best. There is no best phone, but there is a best phone for you!

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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27 Responses

  1. Benchmark says:

    dream phone kamo…

    Form factor ko yung motorola droid razr, pero kasing tibay ng 5110 na kahit itsa mo, ayos pa din….unbreakable yung screen…then at the back, may solar panel for alternative charging.

    then yung mga components nya, upgradable ala desktop PC. :)

  2. Ben says:

    Optimized Android running natively on Iphone hardware with a batt of a Moto Droid

  3. Bob-o says:

    Napaka walang sense ng nga article nitong writer na to, Bob Freking. Sir yuga do something about this. Tingin ko sa kanya yung parang taong trying hard lang magpaka techie. Zzzzz. Dork! :))

  4. edisson says:

    So this was it. I was wondering my whole life what was that phone xD

  5. di says:

    S3’s specs + Lumia 920’s Puremotion & body+ 808 Pureview’s camera + Razr Maxx’ battery + iPhone 5’s slimness + WP8 & iOS’ apps.

  6. someone says:

    Mine would be to have almost every part of the phone “upgradable” (cpu, ram, display, internal storage, OS, and housing).

    • noone says:

      lahat ng phone ngayon ganyan na. bibili ka lang ng masbagong version nung phone, upgraded na lahat yan.

    • someone says:


      not exactly. Best example would be like sa PC. You only buy what you can and upgrade the parts later on. If I want my phone to take decent pics, I only need to replace the lens, not the entire phone.

    • Bob Freking says:

      Looking forward to that as well. I also imagined a future once, where we have tablets with no operating systems – the instance where you have a choice on what you want.

      But I guess it’s far from happening since packaging internals into slim bodies really needs some engineering magic, and imagine the fragmentation it will cause. Good idea by the way.

  7. A dream phone for me would be a phone with a premium specs and build for a dirt cheap price. Also it would come in with a high-capacity battery for long usage. Mobility isn’t very mobile if you need to charge frequently. Sana gumawa na ng battery packs ang Motolite para ang battery ng phone ay “Tumatagaaa~aal!”

  8. XiphiasGladius says:

    Design: (Black)Sony Xperia Z like
    Screen: 5″ FHD SLCD2/FHD IPS
    Battery: 3000+ mAh
    Camera: 13mp Exmor RS
    Processor: Snapdragon 800
    OS: Android: Key Lime Pie
    ROM: Paranoid Android

  9. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    phone desinged as an armbrace

    -inner side (facing the body) holds a reinforced 5~6in IPS screen with 2 capacitive buttons and physical home button
    -outer side (watch side) is a 2.8-3.5 in e-ink reader screen for displaying time & quick reading sms/txt.
    -inner part is designer to introduce airflow without the user noticing heat being generated (battery packs are mounted on the outerside beside the e-ink screen, antenna & speakers
    -has 2 bluetooth interface to provide connectivity to 2 bt devices at the same time (usually for headset & for transfering/separate input device)
    -shock/water resist
    -comes with a pair of 2000mah replaceable batteries mounted on outer part with an internal battery present to provide hotswap functionality

  10. Anon says:

    My dream phone using the current gen technology:

    Body – IP57 certified – dust,shock and water resistant
    – Water proof up to 1 meter and 30 minutes

    Display – SuperLCD3 4.7″ (do not want 5″ phablets), 16M colors,Gorilla Glass 2, Oleophobic coating.

    Memory – 64 GB internal,expandable up to 64GB,2GB RAM

    Camera – Nokia Pureview 808 Camera

    OS – Latest JB.

    Chipset – Tegra 4

    Battery – 4160 (from Cloudfone Thrill 430x)

  11. jay says:

    – octa-core processor running at least 3.0 GHz
    – dedicated videocard at least 2GB
    – at least 16 GB RAM
    – at least 128 GB internal memory
    – expandable memory up to 1 TB
    – HDMI, USB 3.0 and Thunderport ports
    – 5-6″ shatterproof, fingerprint-proof surround glass with no bezel
    – 42 MP autofocus long-zoom wide angle camera
    – 25W stereo speakers. better if 7.1
    – battery life 3-4 days under continuous 1080p – video playback
    60 day standby life
    less than 8,000 pesos

    libreng mangarap

  12. @yugatech
    please write about “Android Mini Pc” a.k.a “PenDroid”, “SmartStick”, “Miniand”, “Android TV Stick”..^_^ For sure magboboom ito in the coming months! =)



  13. metre9dmt says:

    my dream phone:

    – military grade shock-, water-, dust- and scratch-proof

    – 5-inch HD touchscreen with qwerty keypad

    – 4G (3G/3.5G is a compromise), WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC

    – 5-day battery life and replaceable battery

    – any operating system as long as i can edit and save document files, view pdf files, play music and video files, add and remove apps easily.

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