This Nokia 3310 costs Php125K, and here's why

This Nokia 3310 costs Php125K, and here’s why

If a Php2,490 Nokia 3310 is too cheap for your tastes, why not try this one out? A Russian company has just revealed a commemorative edition of the Finnish brand’s nostalgia-filled bar phone that costs quite a fortune.


The Caviar Royal Company has made the Nokia 3310 more glam by adding in dashes of gold plates with Trump’s and Putin’s faces to commemorate their first meeting at the G20 summit in Germany. It also features titanium steel with a distinct Damascus pattern.

Besides the noticeable differences in the casing, nothing’s changed inside — it’s still the same Nokia 3310 (2017) we used to look at. The customization puts it on the market at a whopping 149,000 rubles or roughly Php125,000 each. If you like one with figureheads on your phone, then this one may be for you.

Source: Caviar

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    I hope you won’t go this route Yugatech. The title of this article is exactly the template of those click-bait websites with their “click-baity” titles.

    I sincerely hope i won’t read in the future titles like this:
    These are the top 7 mid-range smartphones for December 2017. Number 5 will blow your mind!

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