Wanting a new Phone: Nokia N3230

Wanting a new Phone: Nokia N3230

nokia 3230
Nokia 3230


1.3 megapixel camera
E/GPRS, Bluetooth, IR, USB
Customize your muvees with Movie Director
XHTML browser for browsing
65,536-color screen
Push to Talk with dedicated key
Expandable memory (32 MB RS MMC card included)
New multiplayer games over Bluetooth wireless technology
Instant messaging with Presence contacts
Multimedia messaging
Customizable color themes

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24 Responses

  1. Sassy says:

    Ako din, yan ang gusto ko. :)

  2. Sassy says:

    baka may buy-one-take-one; buy mo yung one, akin yung free. hehehehe

  3. yuga says:

    Cge, akin na yung pera! :D

  4. ajay says:

    Hi Yuga. Am currently testing the Nokia 6230i…ang ganda rin. am in love with it, especially the radio. 1.3 megapixel rin with MP3 and 32 mb card..di ko pa natitinker ang ibang apps..oh well

  5. yuga says:

    Yeah, I have been amazed by the N6230 model. It was on top of my list actually, until the N3230 came into the picture. :D

    What’s the “i” for? Any difference?

  6. Sassy says:

    Re # 3. Ikaw ang bibili–pera mo!

  7. ajay says:

    the difference is the camera… 1.3 na and Push to talk technology which enables you to use the phone with a group of persons, like a walkie talkie;)

  8. yuga says:

    I just got myself a new N6230. When I came up face to face with the N3230, we didn’t really hit it very well.

  9. neri says:

    Hala si ge inaway kamo!!!! basta ang parte ko d lan pagkalimtan!!!
    miskan ano lng nga phone basta may laod kg signal!!!

  10. tsuki says:

    ako rin gus2 koh…kc my mp3 my radio pa!

  11. Beboy says:

    I like that cellphone model… maybe i could part of this… Cool site aha!

    Filipinos born Filipinos…..

    Guys it’s to you who got that…


  12. sai says:

    i am planning to get me a N3230 but i have doubts since the nokia website for N3230 mentions the radio function via the internet. i am left with this dead end question: would the unit still deliver radio signals to the user without using the internet?

  13. minor says:

    comment ko lang sa N6230i kasi im using right now, hindi masyado maganda ng music player app nito, at kahit sabihing 1.3 ang camera nya pagdating sa video hindi ganun ka clear, pero the best ang Golf Tour nya hehehe at ang mga icon nya animated, where i can buy 512MB mmc?

  14. Jeffrey says:

    Dude… I already have a N3230, its a cool phone kaso the one i bought got broke agad in less than a week. Dinala ko agad sa nokia care and they say palitan yung ui board (top board) pero nung pinalitan nila di daw nag-ok nad sira na yung mainboard and its irrepairable… dinala ko sa greenhills, they also changed the ui board at nag-ok. They even commented na medyo sirain yung fone na ito.

  15. yuga says:

    @ minor

    yeah, mono lang yung mp3 player nito, sayang nga eh…

    @ jeffrey

    Mine’s almost 3 months old already is been banged up many times. Works still fine pa rin. Maybe you just got the bad stock.

  16. cool says:

    this is a loosers site!!!

  17. c2 says:

    @ cool

    loosers? don’t you mean losers? you can’t even spell right dumb ass! go find yourself another site to make fun of!

  18. jo says:

    ang bigatkaya nya!!! lang hya naloko ako dunah…mas gustoko na ang K800ior N70i

  19. mike says:

    mga panget kayo. kamukha nyo ang fone na to… parang voltron ang 3230

  20. toink says:

    …i have my n3230 2yrs na …quality hanapin nyo hindi arte..

  21. luigi says:

    magkano N3230 nyo?

  22. butoy says:

    n3230 din fone ko 3yrs almost! at tulad ng sinabi ni yuga hindi sya basta basta natitinag sa laglagan.quality ng cam lens neto ang nagustuhan ko.hindi burry khit gumagalaw kinukunan ng pic.:)

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