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Dine In

As this is one of those rare week-ends that I had some time for myself to bum around, I decided to invited some of my badminton buddies for dinner and maybe a bottle or two.

dine in

Raffy, Joeyboy and his friend Niel (who was apparently a fellow Ilonggo) had a great time digging into the Ziti Arabiata (my own simple, quick and easy version) and toasted focacia bread & cheese. A bottle of beer was in order but they liked my iced tea a lot so we skipped it.

To cap the evening, we watched Jan Dara with the forward remote on-hand.

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3 Responses

  1. KeikO says:

    Haller yuga frendz!!!

  2. Spiderman says:

    Thanks for the sumptuous dinner Yugababes! Brrrrp!

    Next week ulit! (Abusado! hehehehe!)

  3. yuga says:

    tehehe.. :p Sa uulitin. Kayo naman ni joeyboy magluto sunod…

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