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Top 10 Places to Use Your New Paypal Account

Now that we’ve finally tasted the full potential of the globalized economy, thanks to Paypal going full-circle, I’m hopeful that e-commerce in the Philippines would flourish in whatever way, shape or form and Filipinos would start shedding their paranoia over online transactions.

Here’s my Top 10 list of where you can use your new Paypal account:

Text Link Ads – before, you can only request for cheques via Registered Mail and that takes about 25 days to arrive in your local post office (assuming that it doesn’t get lost along the way).

Chitika – this used to be the buzz last year but after several re-alignments, bloggers started dropping it off their list. Still, for those very few who are still using it, they’d be able to get whatever small amount of revenue they had floating in there. Just got my $32.58 from there the other day (and that’s for the whole year of 2006).

Feedburner Ad Network (FAN) – after joining FAN over 7 months ago, I wasn’t really abl to receive anything from them since only payment option was Paypal. The earning wasn’t that significant, and ever since Google bought them 4 months ago, no advertiser has since been coming back. Still, I was able to recover my payments from them thru Paypal.

AdMob – since I signed up for AdMob, I realized I had over a thousand visitors viewing via WAP. The additional $2 a day on average goes to my Paypal account too.

Kontera – their minimum payment is $100 so you don’t get paid if you haven’t accumulated that much. But with Paypal, they transmit your revenues at the end of the month whatever the amount is.

Pay Per Post – I don’t have an account here but I know they only accept Paypal too at the start.

ReviewMe – this service is owned by the same company handling TLA (see #1)

Clicksor – an PPC alternative, Clicksor is one of the earlier direct competitor to AdSense

Bidvertiser – I saw a pic of Retz holding a six-figure cheque (PHP) from Bidvertiser before so looks like these guys are paying good money. That’s after he got banned from AdSense.

Revver – yup, you can make money from your videos too.

The best thing is, you can now easily get donations from your readers using your Paypal account. Ain’t that neat?

P.S. Some of the links are my affiliates.

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Avatar for Abe Olandres

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. He is one of the pioneers of blogging in the country and considered by many as the Father of Tech Blogging in the Philippines. He is also a technology consultant, a tech columnist with several national publications, resource speaker and mentor/advisor to several start-up companies.

14 Responses

  1. Avatar for jackstone jackstone says:

    If you are going to pay per review opps, I suggest that you drop the google adsense. Google doesn’t want paid post with adsense served blogs.


    now i’m not all hyped up about paypal opening in the philippines, what with their faulty Terms of Service, where they take ADVANTAGE of your rights and protection from the law concerning your credit cards ,

    i had hoped more Filipino bloggers would be more aware of this…

  3. Avatar for SlackeR SlackeR says:

    can we now recieve payments/money a friend tried to send me like $25 last month and he was unsuccessful

  4. Avatar for entrepreneur success entrepreneur success says:

    With paypal’s new option to paypal members in the Philippines I’m also hoping that there will be more chance for us to earn more online.

  5. Avatar for DesignPinas DesignPinas says:

    teehee. this might be the start of me doing blog stuff again.

  6. Avatar for dexter dexter says:

    That is a good earning tip.. Did you know that Paypal SIte is offline ..Is it because of the bulk of online marketer from Philippines and India

  7. Avatar for aCantos aCantos says:

    I’m thinking of Paypal donations and use it for Bloggers Charity Activities…

    I need your opinions and your support….

  8. Avatar for mr nice ash mr nice ash says:

    I’m thinking of Paypal donations and use it for Bloggers Charity Activities…

    I need your opinions and your support…

  9. Avatar for marhgil marhgil says:

    @Miguel.. yup, we have Paypal balance now. You’ll only be charged on the credit card if you pay for something and your Paypal balance is zero.

  10. Avatar for Miguel Miguel says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I forgot all about my Text Link Ads account.

    So, is Unionbank EON the best way so far?

    I don’t know yet how my credit card assigned to PayPal (Equitable) handles incoming money – advance payment/credit?

    Could you guys tell me something – because my PayPal account is locked and I didn’t bother opening it. (Locked because I forgot my password while I was abroad.)

    Do PayPal PH users now have an account balance? Meaning: when you buy something, it comes from your balance, and you load it separately. With the old setup, when you buy something it gets charged to your credit card right away.

  11. Avatar for sylv3rblade sylv3rblade says:

    hmmm…. I’m still waiting for my site to be approved by ReviewMe 90 days daw ung minimum blog age kasi same goes for PPP pero theres some negative review with PPP on quality of content. I’m still waiting for reply on SponsoredReviews. Mukhang dun na lang ako.

    For the moment TLA is the best money maker for me.. I got 6 refers (or was it 9 o.O) last month and 2 more this month going at $25 each. Cashing in the first check was a pain though

  12. Avatar for marhgil marhgil says:

    I’ve been in Kontera since February and just reached my first $100 last month. I want them to send it via Paypal so that I can test the withdraw feature but I can’t find the page where to set it. Their FAQ says they only pay via check.

  13. Avatar for Gsas Gsas says:

    Yugatech is like the best Filipino Publisher-friendly website there is, thanks to posts like this one.

    Kudos to you Abe. Salamat!

  14. Avatar for Arnold Arnold says:

    Add ko lang, similar sa ReviewMe, SponsoredReviews sends payment via PayPal only. It’s another good money-making opportunity if you are into pay-per-review thingie. =)

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